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  • Rise of Byzantine EmpireJustinianByzantine Ruler

  • 476 CE Western Roman Empire falls.Of little consequence to Eastern Empire which was thriving and growingUnique location: defenses of Constantinople protected it from invasions, along major trades routes, supremacy of Emperor, no single powerful religious ruler like a PopeRise of the Byzantine Empire 5th Century

  • Once of the most successful and powerful of all Roman/Byzantine EmperorsWanted to regain Italy and North Africa from the Goths and VandalsEnds up conquering Italy, North Africa, Sicily, Greece, Armenia, Persia and building a new empireCreated the Justinian Code-Was created as single uniform code Justinian (527-565 CE)

  • Corpus Juris Civilis--Codification of law under Justinian, becomes the basis for modern law and Orthodox/Catholic law wCodex--organized list of Roman law and Byzantine law codeDigests--important responses that set precedentsInstitutes--a manual for law studentsNovels--compilation of decisions during Justinians timeJustinian

  • Saw himself as both priest and kingHis growing power in Constantinople puts the Eastern Christian Church in greater conflict with the Western Christian ChurchJustinians Building Programs included Baths, Aqueducts, law courts, schools, palaces, and hospitals. Justinian

  • Great Schism1054 CE The Eastern (orthodox Church) and the Western (Catholic Church) break apart


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