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  • Street Photography: Nicolas Alejandro

    Created by: Rip Bains

  • Joe Newman on Nicolas Alejandro

    In an article featured in the Huffington Post a few months back, writer Joe Newman discusses the work of street photographer Nicolas Alejandro. !


    Alejandros work centers on candid, action portraits taken of strangers on the streets of Buenos Aires.

  • Up Close and Personal Newmans discussion focuses

    on one picture in particular of a young woman. !

    He claims that what makes this photo intriguing is that the proximity to the subject gives it the necessary intimacy to fascinate the viewer. !

    He claims that by getting into the womans personal space, Alejandro has allowed us to feel a personal connection to her.

  • Snapping Subjects Alejandro snaps picture with a fairly

    wide-angle lens, so he tends to move right up on his subjects. !

    He also never asks permission to take a picture of anyone, apparently believing, as Newman puts it, its better to ask forgiveness than permission.!

    Alejandro says that if a person realizes that they have been photographed and are unhappy about it, that he deletes the picture. !

    However, most people will allow him to keep it despite any encroachment they feel.

  • More About Alejandros Photography Despite having only been

    interested in photography for over the last two years, Alejandro has really given his all to prowling the streets of the city with his Olympus OM-D E-M5 looking for the next shot. !

    He has published some of his exquisite work in an e-book entitled Passenger Train. !

    Alejandros fearlessness with approaching his subject is only matched by his eye for light and composition.

  • Check Alejandros Flickr stream , or check out the original article on the Huffington Post.