ring the bells for the dar schools september 27, 2005 anan harmon chapter glen ellen illinois

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Slide 2 Ring the Bells for The DAR Schools September 27, 2005 Anan Harmon Chapter Glen Ellen Illinois Slide 3 We have two DAR Schools Kate Duncan Smith DAR School Tamassee DAR School Slide 4 And Four Approved DAR Schools Berry College Slide 5 And Four Approved DAR Schools Crossnore School Slide 6 And Four Approved DAR Schools Hillside School Slide 7 And Four Approved DAR Schools Hindman Settlement School Slide 8 Two American Indian DAR Approved Schools Bacone College Chemawa Indian Preparatory Academy Slide 9 Berry College: Educating the Head, Heart and Hands of our Students In the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Northwest Georgia, Berry College was the first DAR approved school. The founder of the school, Martha Berry was a dedicated member of DAR. Slide 10 Martha McChesney Berry 1866-1942 "The best way to help anyone is to give him a chance to help himself." Slide 11 Berry College In 1902 Martha Berry founded a boys school. She then added girls in 1909 Slide 12 Berry College In 1926 a junior college was established. By 1972 Berry College was a 4 year college with a graduate program. Slide 13 Crossnore School: Education is the Best Way for a Child to Rise Above his Circumstances In 1913 Drs.Eustace and Mary Martin Sloop started a school in the mountains of western North Carolina. They wanted to break the cycle of poverty, moonshine and child marriages of the mountain families. While preserving the ancient crafts and traditions. Slide 14 Crossnore School A teacher from Illinois, Betty Bailey suggested to Dr. Sloop that she contact the DAR In 1924 it was placed on the approved schools lists DAR Cabin Slide 15 Dr. Mary Martin Sloop I honor the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution and will be forever grateful for how they bent to the task in our earliest years, and how they still hold us aloft today. except from Miracle in the Hills by Dr.Mary Sloop Founder of the Crossnore DAR Chapter Slide 16 Crossnore School Without the help of the DAR we could never have served the boys and girls of our mountain section to the extent that we have in the three decades since Berry Bailey hit upon that wonderful idea. Slide 17 Crossnore School Miracles in the Mountains Crossnore Academy Youth Clarification Family Clarification Emergency Care Residence Preparation for Adult Living Respite Care Daycare After School Care The Weaving Room and Gallery Slide 18 Hindman Settlement School Founded in Kentucky in 1902 At first Hindman provided all the educational programs in the area Slide 19 Hindman Settlement School Today the school works with students having a learning difference/dyslexic characteristics. Slide 20 Hindman Settlement School Summer Programs After School Tutorials Library and Bookmobile 4-H Program Appalachian Life and Culture Programs Artists in Residence Author in Residence Community Education Clothing and Food for the Needy GED Slide 21 Hindman Settlement School Mary Stone, one of the founders of the Hindman Settlement School was a DAR member. Slide 22 Hillside School Founded in 1901 in Marlborough, MA Slide 23 Hillside School Founded in 1901 by Charlotte Drinkwater and Mary Drinkwater Warren In 1925 became an approved DAR School Hillside School is a boarding school for 5th-9th grade boys. Slide 24 Hillside School The DAR has truly formed a "noble partnership." In addition to offering generous donations, Daughters regularly come to campus to work on behalf of the boys Slide 25 Hillside School Cool Campus The Assabet River flows through the Hillside Schools 2200-acre wooded campus, which has its own spring-fed pond, a working farm and 4 acres of athletic fields. Slide 26 Kate Duncan Smith DAR School The Gem of Gunter Mountain KDS is a privately owned, public school, for kindergarten through high school funded by the DAR. Slide 27 Kate Duncan Smith DAR School Louise Willson Jacobs Building Slide 28 Kate Duncan Smith DAR School This was an appropriate and lasting gift of the Old Elyton Chapter, the chapter for which Mrs. Kate Duncan Smith was regent. KDS campus has so many reminders of the strong bond with the DAR including the Pennsylvania Water Tower which rings out on the hour. Slide 29 Kate Duncan Smith DAR School The KDS Greenhouse was constructed in 1991-1992 as the Alabama State Regent's project in honor of Mrs. Betty Swenson, State Regent, 1991-1994. Slide 30 Kate Duncan Smith DAR School Striving for Educational Excellence Florence H. Becker Recreation Hall named in honor of President General of NSDAR Built in 1937 with vertical logs cut from Gunter Mountain forests by the community and funded by DAR. Slide 31 Kate Duncan Smith DAR School Dedication Day KDS Executive Director Charles Edmonds, Jr., National School Chairman Mindy T. Kammeyer, and President General Presley M. Wagoner visit between Dedication Day activities in October 2004 Slide 32 Tamassee DAR School Blue Ridge Mountains of SC Established in 1919 by the Daughters of the American Revolution in South Carolina, Tamassee was adopted at the 29th Continental Congress as a National Society DAR project. Every state, and some outlying possessions, have made contributions toward the growth and maintenance of the School.