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Introducing Riley Blake Designs 2015 Spring/Summer Catalog. See our new designer fabric lines.


<ul><li><p>Spring/Summer 2015 </p></li><li><p>About Riley Blake Designs </p><p>Riley Blake Designs is an innovative fabric manufacturer based out of Sandy and Alpine, Utah. In 2008, having worked in a family-owned wholesale fabric business, Bret &amp; Cindy Cloward recognized the need for exciting new prints that offered a more sophisticated style </p><p>for fashion-forward sewists. Inspired by local and international artists, they design fabric lines with vintage sensibilities and modern attitude. Their fabric reflects an elegant feel for </p><p>color, vibrant but with restraint, resulting in versatile prints for quilting, clothing, or home dcor. </p><p>Riley Blake Designs colorful fabrics include cottons, flannels, sparkle cottons, home dec, </p><p>knits, and laminates in a range of designer and basic prints. Their coordinating Sew Together line consists of a bevy of complementary buttons, ric-rac, ribbons, lace and project kits.</p><p>Riley Blake Designs sells exclusively through independent retailers and quilt shops in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, and Asia.</p></li><li><p>CONTENTSSpring/Summer</p><p>Designer Fabric Collections</p><p>8-17 Assorted Designers Assorted Collections Now18 RBD Designers Dinosaur January20 Lila Tueller Halle Rose January22 RBD Designers Surfin' Cats January24 BoBunny Sew Charming January26 Melissa Mortenson Derby Style January28 Carina Gardner Wiltshire Daisy February30 Design by Dani Summer Celebration February32 Bella BLVD Military Max February34 Lori Whitlock Fine &amp; Dandy February36 Doodlebug Designs Sweet Baby Girl March38 Samantha Walker Rodeo Rider March40 Emily Taylor Designs Floribella March42 RBD Designers Pieces of Hope 2 March44 Natalie Lymer Saltwater April46 Lori Whitlock Play Ball April48 Assorted Designers Designer Novelty April50 The Quilted Fish La Vie Boheme April</p><p>Page Designer Collection Availability</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>CONTENTSSpring/Summer</p><p>Designer Fabric CollectionsPage Designer Collection AvailabilityPage Designer Collection Availability</p><p>52 Bella BLVD Halloween Magic April54 Deena Rutter Happy Haunting May56 Zoe Pearn Summer Song 2 May58 Doodlebug Santa Express May60 My Mind's Eye Postcards to Santa May62 Kelly Panacci Inc. Little Flyers June64 Carly Griffith Merry Matryoshka June66 Chelsea Andersen Parisian June68 Tasha Noel Vintage Market June70 Lori Holt Modern Mini June72 Lila Tueller Extravaganza July74 Melly &amp; Me Flutterberry July76 Doodlebug Designs Happy Camper July</p><p>Sew Together EmbellishmentsPage Designer Collection Availability</p><p>80 Riley Blake Designs Ribbon Now81 Riley Blake Designs Pom-Poms, Cording, Ribbon Now82 Riley Blake Designs Ric-Rac, Crocheted Lace Now83-85 Riley Blake Designs Tubed Buttons Now86 Riley Blake Designs Ruler &amp; Ruler Sets Now87 Riley Blake Designs Project Kits Now88-89 Assorted Designers Aurifil Thread Collections Now</p><p>4 </p></li><li><p>Page Designer Collection Availability</p><p>Knit Fabric Collections</p><p>92 Mod Kid Exclusive Knits Collection October93 RBD Designers 2015 Knits October94 Lori Whitlock Oh Boy November94 Kelly Panacci Happy Flappers November95 Riley Blake Designs Solids November95 Riley Blake Designs Holiday Anchors Now96-97 Riley Blake Designs Stripes Now98 Riley Blake Designs Houndstooth Now98 Riley Blake Designs Small Dots Now98 Riley Blake Designs Chevron (tone-on-tone) Now99 Riley Blake Designs Small Chevron Now100 The Quilted Fish Cottage Garden December100 Melly &amp; Me Wildflower Meadow December101 RBD Designers Dinosaur December101 Scott Jarrard Year of the Ninja December101 Deena Rutter Roots and Wings December101 Tasha Noel Vintage Market December 102 My Mind's Eye Just Dreamy 2 December</p><p>Home Dec Fabric Collections</p><p>106 Patty Young Patty Young Home Dec February107-109 RBD Designers &amp; Lila Tueller Home Dec Basics Now110-111 Assorted Designers Designer Home Dec Now - Feb/March</p><p>Page Designer Collection Availability</p><p>5</p></li><li><p>Quilted Cotton Fabric Collections</p><p>Basics Fabric Collections</p><p>114-117 Riley Blake Designs Double Sided Quilted Cotton Now</p><p>120 RBD Designers 2015 Sparkle Now - Jan122 RBD Designers 2015 Basics January123 RBD Designers New Coordinating Basics February124 Riley Blake Designs Gingham, Dots Now125-131 Riley Blake Designs Dots Now132-139 Riley Blake Designs Chevron Now142 Riley Blake Designs Stripes Now143 Riley Blake Designs Wave Now144 Riley Blake Designs Houndstooth Now145 Riley Blake Designs Hexi Print Now146-147 Riley Blake Designs Quatrefoil Now148-149 Riley Blake Designs Damask Now150 Riley Blake Designs Cream/White/Black Basics Now152-153 Riley Blake Designs Solids &amp; Shades Now154 Riley Blake Designs Yellow Basics Now155 Riley Blake Designs Green Basics Now 156 Riley Blake Designs Blue Basics Now158 Riley Blake Designs Orange Basics Now159 Riley Blake Designs White/Cream/Tan/Brown Basics Now160 Riley Blake Designs Purple Basics Now161 Riley Blake Designs Pink Basics Now162 Riley Blake Designs Red Basics Now163 Riley Blake Designs Gray/Black Basics Now164-167 Riley Blake Designs Fabric Precuts Now168 Riley Blake Designs Christmas Basics Now 170-177 Riley Blake Designs Holiday Banners Now</p><p>Page Designer Collection Availability</p><p>Page Designer Collection Availability</p><p>CONTENTSSpring/Summer</p><p>6 </p></li><li><p>DESIGNERFabric Collections</p><p>Stay Connected!</p></li><li><p>by Samantha Walker</p><p>100% Fine Cotton &amp; Flannel options</p><p>100% Fine Cotton</p><p>100% Fine Cotton, Flannel &amp; Laminate options</p><p>Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable Now</p><p>Design by Dani</p><p>by The Quilted Fish</p><p>8 </p></li><li><p>Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable Now</p><p>100% Fine Cotton</p><p>Girl Crazy Designer Fabric Collection Surprise Designer Fabric Collection</p><p>Fly Aweigh Designer Fabric Collection</p><p>by BoBunny</p><p>ProjectIdeas</p><p>9</p></li><li><p>by Lori Whitlock</p><p>by Lori Whitlock</p><p>by Pink Fig Design</p><p>by Cinderberry Stitches</p><p>100% Fine Cotton &amp; Flannel options</p><p>100% Fine Cotton &amp; Panel options</p><p>100% Fine Cotton &amp; Laminate options</p><p>Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable Now</p><p>10 </p></li><li><p>Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable Now</p><p>100% Fine Cotton</p><p>100% Fine Cotton</p><p>100% Fine Cotton</p><p>by BoBunny</p><p>by Lesley Grainger</p><p>by Bella BLVD</p><p>11</p></li><li><p>100% Fine Cotton &amp; Flannel options</p><p>by RBD Designers</p><p>100% Fine Cotton &amp; Flannel options</p><p>by Doodlebug Designs</p><p>100% Fine Cotton</p><p>by Sue Daley</p><p>Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable Now</p><p>12 </p></li><li><p>100% Fine Cotton</p><p>by Fancy Pants Designs</p><p>100% Fine Cotton, Laminate &amp; Panel options</p><p>by Lori Holt</p><p>100% Fine Cotton &amp; Flannel options</p><p>by Lori Whitlock</p><p>Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable Now</p><p>13</p></li><li><p>100% Fine Cotton &amp; Panel options</p><p>by Carina Gardner</p><p>100% Fine Cotton &amp; Flannel options</p><p>by Kelly Panacci Inc.</p><p>100% Fine Cotton</p><p>by Marin Sutton</p><p>Designer Fabric CollectionsAvailable Now</p><p>14 </p></li><li><p>100% Fine Cotton, Knits &amp; Laminate options</p><p>by The Quilted Fish</p><p>100% Fine Cotton &amp; Laminate options</p><p>by My Mind's Eye</p><p>100% Fine Cotton &amp; Knit options</p><p>by Deena Rutter</p><p>Designer Fabric CollectionsNovember</p><p>15</p></li><li><p>100% Fine Cotton, Flannel, Knit &amp; Laminate options</p><p>by My Mind's Eye</p><p>100% Fine Cotton, Flannel &amp; Knit options</p><p>MeadowWildflower </p><p>by Melly and Me</p><p>100% Fine Cotton &amp; Knit options</p><p>by Scott Jarrard</p><p>Designer Fabric CollectionsNovember/December</p><p>16 </p></li><li><p>Santa Express Designer Fabric Collection</p><p>Trail Mix Designer Fabric Collection</p><p>Primrose Garden Designer Fabric Collection Happy Flappers Designer Fabric Collection</p><p>Snapshots Designer Fabric Collection</p><p>ProjectIdeas</p><p>2014-2015 Riley Blake Designs | | 801.816.0540 17</p></li><li><p>C4160 F4160 Cream Dinosaur Main</p><p>C4160 F4160 Blue Dinosaur Main </p><p>C4160 F4160 Green Dinosaur Main</p><p>100% Fine Cotton, Knit &amp; Flannel</p><p>C4161 Cream Dinosaur Patch</p><p>C4162 F4162 K4162 Cream Dinosaur Toss</p><p>C4163 F4163 Orange Dinosaur Stripe</p><p>C610-90 Brown LeCreme Small Dot</p><p>C200-02 Cream</p><p>C4161 Blue Dinosaur Patch</p><p>C4162 F4162 K4162 Blue Dinosaur Toss</p><p>C4163 F4163 Blue Dinosaur Stripe</p><p>C610-20 Aqua LeCreme Small Dot</p><p>C200-70 Tangerine</p><p>C4161 Green Dinosaur Patch</p><p>C4162 F4162 K4162 Orange Dinosaur Toss</p><p>4163 F4163 Multi Dinosaur Stripe</p><p> C610-60 Orange LeCreme Small Dot</p><p>C200-49 Apple</p><p>Available January </p><p>2015</p><p>Riley Blake Designer Fabric Collections</p><p>C - Cotton, F - Flannel, K - Knit Options18 </p></li><li><p>10 Yard Case Pack CP10-4160-12 </p><p>Pre-order only</p><p>15 Yard Case Pack CP15-4160-12 </p><p>Pre-order only</p><p>Free Store Display SD-4160</p><p>P04</p><p>5 - I</p><p>NSI</p><p>DE</p><p>OR</p><p>OU</p><p>TPO</p><p>CK</p><p>ETS</p><p>FREE Quilt Project Sheet: Dino Mania | Quilt Size: 48x 55</p><p>Get a free Store Display with an order of a 10 or 15 yard case pack featuring a boy pants pattern size 5 called, The Inside Or Out Pocket Pants by Fishsticks Designs. What a sweet way to have a ready made display for your store!</p><p>5-Inch Stacker 5-4160-12</p><p>10-Inch Stacker 10-4160-12</p><p>Rolie Polie RP-4160-12</p><p>Fat Quarter FQ-4160-12</p><p>1 Yard 1YD-4160-G-4 1YD-4160C-4 1YD-4160B-4</p><p>10 Yard Case Pack CP10-4160-12</p><p>15 Yard Case Pack CP15-4160-12</p><p>Free Store Display</p><p>Precuts available for the Dinosaur collection</p><p>Yardage for Quilt Top &amp; Binding</p><p>2014-2015 Riley Blake Designs | | 801.816.0540</p><p>C4161 Blue Dinosaur Patch1 Panel</p><p>C610-20 Aqua LeCreme Small Dot 1/2 yard</p><p>Binding 5/8 yard | Backing 3 yards</p><p>C4162 Cream Dinosaur Toss 1 1/4 yard</p><p> C200-70 Tangerine 7/8 yard</p><p>PRE-ORDER ONLY</p><p>19</p></li><li><p>C4180 Gold Halle Main</p><p>C4180 White Halle Main</p><p>C4180 L4180 Teal Halle Main</p><p>100% Fine Cotton &amp; Laminate</p><p>C4181 L4181 Gold Halle Floral</p><p>C4182 Gray Halle Damask</p><p>C4183 Gold Halle Geo</p><p>C4184 Orchid Halle Small Floral</p><p>C4185 Gold Halle Graphic</p><p> C200-10 Slate</p><p>C4181 Teal Halle Floral</p><p>C4182 L4182 Teal Halle Damask</p><p>C4183 L4183 Teal Halle Geo</p><p>C4184 Teal Halle Small Floral</p><p>C4185 Green Halle Graphic</p><p>C200-91 Fuschia</p><p>C4181 Gray Halle Floral</p><p>C4182 Orchid Halle Damask</p><p>C4183 Orchid Halle Geo</p><p>C4184 Green Halle Small Floral</p><p>C4185 L4185 Orchid Halle Graphic</p><p>C200-41 Vintage Green</p><p>Available January </p><p>2015</p><p>C - Cotton, L - Laminate Options</p><p>Riley Blake Designer Fabric Collections</p><p>20 </p></li><li><p>P007 - OLIVIASKIRT</p><p>C4181 Gray Halle Floral1 1/4 yards</p><p>C200-91 Fuschia3/4 yard</p><p>C200-03 Snow White 3/4 yard</p><p>10-Inch Stacker</p><p>10-4180-18 </p><p>10 Yard Case Pack CP10-4180-18 </p><p>Pre-order only</p><p>15 Yard Case Pack CP15-4180-18 </p><p>Pre-order only</p><p>Free Store Display SD-4180</p><p>Yardage for Quilt Top &amp; Binding</p><p>Binding 5/8 yard Backing 5 yards</p><p>FREE Quilt Project Sheet: Diamonds | Quilt Size: 63x 79</p><p>Get a free Store Display with an order of a 10 or 15 yard case pack featuring a girl skirt pattern size 5 called, Olivia Skirt by Butterfly Kisses. What a sweet way to have a ready made display for your store!</p><p>5-Inch Stacker 5-4180-18</p><p>10-Inch Stacker 10-4180-18</p><p>Rolie Polie RP-4180-18</p><p>Fat Quarter FQ-4180-18</p><p>1 Yard 1YD-4180G-6 1YD-4180T-6 1YD-4180W-6</p><p>10 Yard Case Pack CP10-4180-18</p><p>15 Yard Case Pack CP15-4180-18</p><p>Free Store Display</p><p>Precuts available for the Halle Rose collection</p><p>2014-2015 Riley Blake Designs | | 801.816.0540</p><p>PRE-ORDER ONLY</p><p>21</p></li><li><p>Riley Blake Designer Fabric Collections</p><p>Surfin Cats</p><p>C4230 Pink Surfin Cats</p><p>C4230 Blue Surfin Cats</p><p>C4230 Gray Surfin Cats</p><p>Available January </p><p>2015</p><p>C415-70 Hot Pink Wave </p><p>C405-10 Pink/Gray Small Wave</p><p>C970-10 Pink/Gray Houndstooth</p><p>C200-81 Bubble Gum</p><p>C415-21 Navy Wave </p><p>C405-42 Blue/Gray Small Wave</p><p> C970-42 Blue/Gray Houndstooth</p><p>C200-35 Colbalt</p><p>C415-110 Black Wave</p><p>C405-41 Black/Gray Small Wave</p><p> C970-94 Brown/Gray Houndstooth</p><p>C100-17 True Black</p><p>100% Fine Cotton</p><p>C - Cotton Option22 </p></li><li><p>C4230 Gray Surfin Cats</p><p>10 Yard Case Pack CP10-4230-12 </p><p>Pre-order only</p><p>Free Store Display SD-4230</p><p>P04</p><p>5 - I</p><p>NSI</p><p>DE</p><p>OR</p><p>OU</p><p>TPO</p><p>CK</p><p>ETS</p><p>Get a free Store Display with an order of a 10 or 15 yard case pack featuring a boy pants pat-tern size 5 called, The Inside Or Out Pocket Pants by Fishsticks Designs. What a sweet way to have a ready made display for your store!</p><p>1 Yard 1YD-4230B-4 </p><p>1 Yard 1YD-4230G-4 </p><p>1 Yard 1YD-4230P-4 </p><p>10 Yard Case Pack CP10-4230-12</p><p>Free Store Display</p><p>Precuts available for the Surfin' Cats collection</p><p>2014-2015 Riley Blake Designs | | 801.816.0540</p><p>PRE-ORDER ONLY</p><p>23</p></li><li><p>C4540 Coral Sew Main</p><p>C4540 White Sew Main</p><p>C4540 Mint Sew Main</p><p>DC4541 Mint Sew Designer Cloth</p><p>C4543 Mint Sew Circles</p><p>C4544 Mint Sew Spools</p><p>C4545 Mint Sew Rulers</p><p>C4546 Mint Sew Rosebuds</p><p>C200-03 Snow White</p><p>C4542 Mint Sew Patterns</p><p>DC4541 Coral Sew Designer Cloth</p><p>C4543 Coral Sew Circles</p><p>C4544 Coral Sew Spools</p><p>C4545 Coral Sew Rulers</p><p>C4546 Coral Sew Rosebuds</p><p>C4546 White Sew Rosebuds</p><p> C200-44 Bottle Green</p><p>C4542 Coral Sew Patterns</p><p>100% Fine Cotton &amp; Designer Cloth</p><p>C200-18 Phantom</p><p>C4545 Black Sew Rulers</p><p>C4544 Black Sew Spools</p><p>C4543 Black Sew Circles</p><p>C4542 White Sew Patterns</p><p>Available January </p><p>2015</p><p>C - Cotton, DC - Designer Cloth Options</p><p>Riley Blake Designer Fabric Collections</p><p>24 </p></li><li><p>10 Yard Case Pack CP10-4540-20 </p><p>Pre-order only</p><p>15 Yard Case Pack CP15-4540-20 </p><p>Pre-order only</p><p>Free Store Display SD-4540</p><p>Small</p><p>Large</p><p>Medium</p><p>C4546 White Sew Rosebuds 1 3/8 yards</p><p>Yardage for Quilt Top &amp; Binding</p><p>C4543 Black Sew Circles 1 yard</p><p>C4546 White Sew Rosebuds 1 3/8 yards</p><p>Binding 5/8 yard Backing 5 yards</p><p>Fat Quarter</p><p>FQ-4540-20</p><p>FREE Quilt Project Sheet: Threads and Things | Quilt size: 69 x 78</p><p>Get a free Cosmetic Bags Store Display with an order of a 10 or 15 yard case pack. What a sweet way to have a ready made display for your store! Free Pattern Download called: Cosmetic Bags</p><p>5-Inch Stacker 5-4540-20</p><p>10-Inch Stacker 10-4540-20</p><p>Rolie Polie RP-4540-20</p><p>Fat Quarter FQ-4540-20</p><p>1 Yard 1YD-4540W-5 1YD-4540C-8 1YD-4540M-7</p><p>10 Yard Case Pack CP10-4540-20</p><p>15 Yard Case Pack CP15-4540-20</p><p>Free Store Display</p><p>Precuts available for the Sew Charming collection</p><p>2014-2015 Riley Blake Designs | | 801.816.0540</p><p>PRE-ORDER ONLY</p><p>25</p></li><li><p>C4420 Multi Derby Main</p><p>C4420 Aqua Derby Main</p><p>C4420 Pink Derby Main</p><p>100% Fine Cotton</p><p>C4421 Multi Derby Luck</p><p>C4422 Navy Derby Horses</p><p>C450-21 Navy Medium Gingham</p><p>C670-50 Yellow Swiss Dot</p><p>C970-21 Navy Houndstooth</p><p>C4421 Aqua Derby Luck</p><p>C4422 Aqua Derby Horses </p><p>C450-20 Aqua Medium Gingham</p><p>C670-20 Aqua Swiss Dot</p><p>C970-20 Aqua Houndstooth</p><p>C200-30 Robin</p><p>C4421 Pink Derby Luck</p><p>C4422 Pink Derby Horses</p><p>C450-70 Hot Pink Medium Gingham</p><p> C670-21 Navy Swiss Dot</p><p> C970-70 Hot Pink Houndstooth</p><p>C200-81 Bubble Gum</p><p>DerbystyleDerby</p><p>by: melissa mortensonof</p><p>Available January </p><p>2015</p><p>C - Cotton Option</p><p>Riley Blake Designer Fabric Collections</p><p>C100-01 Clean White</p><p>26 </p></li><li><p>FREE Quilt Project Sheet: Off to the Races | Quilt Size: 56x 56</p><p>Binding 5/8 yard | Backing 4 yards</p><p>5-Inch Stacker 5-4420-9</p><p>10-Inch Stacker 10-4420-9</p><p>Rolie Polie RP-4420-9</p><p>Fat Quarter FQ-4420-9</p><p>1 Yard 1YD-4420W-9</p><p>10 Yard Case Pack CP10-4420-9</p><p>15 Yard Case Pack CP15-4420-9</p><p>Free Store Display</p><p>Precuts available for the Derby Style collection</p><p>Yardage for Quilt Top &amp; Binding</p><p>C4422 Pink Derby Horses1/8 yard</p><p>C450-70 Hot Pink Medium Gingham 1 yard</p><p>C4421 Pink Derby Luck1/8 yard</p><p>C970-20 Aqua Houndstooth</p><p>1/8 yard</p><p>C4420 Pink Derby Main1/8 yard</p><p>C100-01 Clean White</p><p>5/8 yard</p><p>C4421 Aqua Derby Luck1/8 yard</p><p>C4420 Aqua Derby Main1/8 yard</p><p>C4422 Aqua Derby Horses1/8 yard</p><p>C4422 Navy Derby Horses1 1/4 yards</p><p>C670-21 Navy Swiss DotFat Quarter</p><p>C450-20 Aqua Medium Gingham 1/8 yard</p><p>C970-70 Hot Pink Houndstooth 1 yard</p><p>Get a free Cosmetic Bags Store Display with an order of a 10 or 15 yard case pack. What a sweet way to have a ready made display for your store! Free Pattern Download called: Cosmetic Bags</p><p>10 Yard Case Pack CP10-4420-9 </p><p>Pre-order only</p><p>15 Yard Case Pack CP15-4420-9 </p><p>Pre-order only</p><p>Free Store Display SD-44...</p></li></ul>