right offer, first time effective pdm interview – v30 your handy guide ( based on ‘behavioral...

Download Right Offer, First Time Effective PDM Interview – V30 Your handy guide ( Based on ‘Behavioral Based Structured Interview’ Method) Disclaimer: Not to be

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  • Right Offer, First Time Effective PDM Interview V30 Your handy guide ( Based on Behavioral Based Structured Interview Method) Disclaimer: Not to be distributed within or outside IBM
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  • 2 History of Changes Common Mistakes in BBSI Need More Focus Real Situation Examples/Quiz Week Day Interviews eDownloader ReHire Guidelines
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  • 3 Expectations from PDMers Ensure candidate joins IBM Understand Candidates value Explain CTC structure and Negotiate Judicious usage of Relocation Expense & Joining Bonus to make the offer competitive Ensure that IBMs offer is The First and Final Offer Agencies informed that IBMs offer is The First, Right and Final Offer Right Offer, First Time Objective Action Taken IBM does not encourage Re-negotiation IBM does not encourage Re-negotiation
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  • 4 The balancing act Candidates aspirations IBMs Right Offer, First Time
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  • 5 Perfect for your team! Perfect for IBM! A PDMers Great Decision
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  • 6 Phases of an Effective Interview PreInterview Post
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  • 7 Pre - Interview Phase
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  • 8 1.Read Resume/ Verify Documents 6.Effective PDM Checklist update 3. Ascertain Resource Criticality 5.Direct Feedback from Tech Panelist 2. Receive Competency based Salary Grid Pre Interview 4. Prepare Questions
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  • 9 Improved Tech Panelist Feedback Effectiveness Tech Evaluation Feedback Form Tech Panelist & PDMer In Person Feedback (5 mts)
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  • 10 Phase 2: The Interview Tips: Applying the BBSI approach will make the PDM round to be approximately of 45 mts
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  • 11 1. Apply Behavioral Based Structured Interview 6.Effective PDM Checklist update 4. IBM Values & Proposition 3. Discuss Role Relocation, Joining Date, Notice Period 2. Document in BBSI form throughout the whole phase The Interview Phase 5. Negotiate Offer Tips: Offer a warm welcome to candidates Help them to settle Allow them to open up
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  • 12 Hiring : The best way Evidence based approach No decision during interview process Gauge across multiple attributes Process Oriented: BBSI way First Impression Intuitive Gut feeling Subjective
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  • 13 Synchronised Steps BBSI approach to evaluate the candidate Gather the facts Make the decision Negotiate
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  • 14 A three pronged approach 1st impressions Biases Intuition Prejudices Preconceived notions Look beyond narrowtraits not only attechnical competency,intelligence, oraffability Is the candidatemotivated andcompetentfor the job? Remain Objective fighting against Information across multiple parameters Evidence based approach
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  • 15 BBSI: An example "Can you describe for me..." "Can you describe for me..." "Can you give me an example where your team had conflict?" "Can you give me an example where your team had conflict?" Yes, once one of my team member Sure. The challenge in my team was
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  • 16 How can we know if it is a complete answer? A Situation requiring the specific skill Action takenResult 123
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  • 17 What if I dont get complete answer for all the 3 components? Scenario that you explained is not apt. Can you rethink of any other scenario that.. Can you be more specific on the results? I havent got the complete answer on Action. Can you elaborate more on the specific step of..
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  • 18 Get complete answers: The BBSI way Avoid accepting generic statements. Probe deeply. Developed a new procedure Could you explain more on the steps? Turned the department around
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  • 19 Job Simulations Structured Situational Questions oTo know about skills that have not been demonstrated oSituation can be the real expected one (Behavioral is to bring out the candidates experience or skill that is exhibited & Structured Situational explores non demonstrated skill) Elements for creating Questions oPeople, Conflict, Action Duration o
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  • 20 e learning Reference Clips that should be played from the BBSI course (Softskill) Practice asking Behavioral Based Question: oDifference between Traditional and Behavioral Based Question Page # 3/15 oBehavioral Based Questioning Process Simulation Page #14/15 Using Structured Situational Questions: oDifference between Behavioral based Questions and Structured Situational Questions Page #3/14 oDefining the situation - Page #5/14 oExplore the possibilities - Page #6/14
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  • 21 Structured Situational Questions The likely team the candidate is likely to work with People Challenges faced Conflict Elements that make the Challenge immediate Catalyst Eg. Client comes up with a new requirement during the Testing Phase Scenario
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  • 22 Decide on the correct answer Expect the Action & Result Test the question with the familiar people Adjust the question, if the answers are not as expected
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  • 23 Include a holistic assessment Technical Knowledge Motivational levels Analytical Growth Trend & Potential Problem Solving & Thinking Adaptability Team Work / Leadership (for Senior level candidates)
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  • 24 Document the Interview Documenting while conducting the interview is not at all possible. I need to find out a better way!
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  • 25 Why should an Interview be documented ? Difficulty to recall Provide Justification and Feedback to HR Avoid confusing a candidates skill with another
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  • 26 Document it Interview Phase Note facts for decision making (Eg. cancelled reservation - asked for advice - talked to sales rep) Pre Interview Phase Prepare questions (Include spaces for the answers) Post Interview Phase Recall important missed points Cross check the missed points by paraphrasing summary to the candidate
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  • 27 What should not to be documented? Wrong example Time taken to recollect a suitable scenario Subjective evaluation oHe answered better than other candidates oHe is not very flexible
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  • 28 Cascade your pride of being an IBMer by referring to : A Century Old company Leaders in IT (hardware and Software), Research Nobel Prize winners Legacy of acquisitions and spin-offs.acquisitionsspin-offs German SAP (1972) by five former IBM engineersSAP Chinese Lenovo became world-famous after acquiring IBM's Thinkpad business in 2005Lenovo Opportunity in a wide range of Technology, Sectors India ; Key GDC Focus on diversity hires Flexible Timing & Working from Home Only when appropriately needed Will be decided by the Project Manager, based on project & job profile need Focus on Employee Skills Trainings & Certification #2 in Global Brand Value for the Year 2010 Focused Harassment Policies
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  • 29 Negotiating the offer Evidences and Ratings can be used to negotiate better Improve your Negotiation Skills Competency Guidelines of Offer Range to be used For an outstanding candidate, salary range must not be immediately compared with current team members as their increment rate will differ from the candidate - Overall hiring cost can be optimized by making the right offer Competency will put the offer on-hold only where there is A change in demand/requirement No demand for a location, experience or technology
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  • 30 Post Interview
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  • 31 3. Handover documents 2. Effective PDM Checklist Update* 1. Document in BBSI form (Include details missed) Post Interview Mandatory Entry Required (without which HR will not accept the BBSI form from PDMers Ensure that the final offer (agreed by you and the candidate) is documented in BBSI Form JRSS of the candidate to be specified. This entry is required in GOM for Global tracking.
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  • 32 Disadvantages of Bad Hiring Decision Waste of Hiring Cost Time spent by Managers oOn Counseling oOn Managing more or unnecessary issues caused by unproductive employee Cost of replacing unproductive employee Loss of Reputation with customers Unproductive employee may affect other Employees morale
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  • 33 Reference Book on Performance Based Hiring by Lou Adler BBSI Course from IBM E-Learning Title Conducting the Behavioral-based Interview LA ID HR214
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  • 34 Common Mistakes in BBSI Need More Focus Incorrect Version Used Department Code missing Job Family not updated Designation Missing Current CTC and CTC offered missing or incorrectly filled in PDMers Emp id and Name missing Current and Joining Location details incorrectly updated Relocation Allowance - Eligibility and Recommendation are two different items and must be answered separately Band details not updated
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  • 35 Quiz Q1 A PDMer performing the following step. Find out the step that he is missing PDMer checked with the HR on the eligibility of the Notice period buyout for that requirement He confirmed the candidate to go ahead with the same during interview Submitted the BBSI doc to Recruitment Team What happened in Real Situation after above step Candidate joins IBM and applying for reimbursement P