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1. %The dow jones business and Financial weekly The Top www.barrons.comFebRuaRy 22, 2010 1,000 By providing smart guidance during the financial crisis, the nations best advisors proved their mettle. advisors John Dykes for BarronsTop 1,000HereareAmericasbestfinancialadvisors,organizedbystate.Therankingsarebasedondataprovidedbyover4,000ofthenationsmostproductiveadvisors.Factorsincludedintherankings:assetsundermanagement,revenueproducedforthefirm,regulatoryrecord,qualityofpractice,andphilanthropicwork.Institu-tionalassetsaregivenlessweightinthescoring.Investmentperformanceisntanexplicitcomponent,becausenotalladvisorshaveauditedresultsandbecauseperformancefiguresoftenareinfluencedmorebyclientsrisktolerancethanbyanadvisorsinvestment-pickingabilities.ArankingofNinthe2009columndenotesnotrankedlastyear. U S T O M E R S C High Ultra-High Total Typical TypicalRANK Individuals NetWorth NetWorth Found- Endow- Institu- Assets Account NetWorth201009 Name Firm City (Upto$1mil) ($1-10mil)($10mil+) ationsments tional($mil) ($mil)($mil) NEW YORK22. N RickVanBenschoten LenoxAdvisors NewYorkCity 1,150 2.2 16(over p lease) The Publisher s sale Of This rePrinT DOes nOT COnsTiTuTe Or imPly any enDOrsemenT Or sPOnsOrshiP Of any PrODuCT, serviCe, COmPany Or OrganizaTiOn.Custom Reprints (609)520-4331 P.O. Box 300 Princeton, N.J. 08543-0300. DO NOT EDIT OR ALTER REPRINT/REPRODUCTIONS NOT PERMITTED #41834! 2. Across the country, great financial advisorsare finding new ways to help investors.2010 Top 1000 AdvisorsBy Suzanne McGee The following has been excerptedExtraordinary times call for extraordi- bad marks on their regulatory records. and dividend-paying blue chips. But over-nary people.Investment performance isnt an explicit all, we found more diversity of opinionIn todays topsy-turvy marketsa his- criterion, because most financial advisors than at any other time since we begantoric crash one year, a monster rally the dont have audited performance records;tracking financial advisors six years ago.nextthe leading financial advisors acrossbut advisors who meet our requirements The advisors are quite literally all overthe country are pulling out all the stops,tend to get strong investment results. the map.and then some, to get an edge for theirThe 1,000 advisors have a number of The divergence isnt entirely surpris-clients and themselves. And by at least other things in common, too. Most hail ing, given the tumult of the past twoone important measure, they are succeed-from big brokerage houses and banks. years. People everywhere are still tryinging: Their client-retention rate clocked inThe advisors are thoroughly seasoned: to get their bearings.at 97% last year. Doctors and contractors On average, they are 51 years old, and But that doesnt mean the advisors canshould be so lucky. have been in the business for some 25 afford to get it wrong.The high retention level is one of theyears. The advisors are remarkably loyal They really caught a break last year,most striking findings from Barrons an-to their employers, putting in an averageof 19 years at their current firms.says Simon Johnson, an economist at thenual state-by-state roundup of the top1,000 financial advisers. This is the larg-This dataand morecame from an MIT Sloan School of Management. Ev-est of four advisor rankings we publish extensive survey filled out by more than eryone was so relieved by the recoveryeach year.4,000 nominees, 25% more than last year. that they werent going to worry as muchTo make this list, advisors need to beAfter reviewing the information and talk-if their broker didnt do as well as he orleaders in their states in assets under ing with advisors and their firms, we hadshe might have done. Going forward, cli-advisementand some have billions. They the final list.ents will be more demanding; the job getsalso must generate ample revenue for What the group absolutely does notharder.their firms, and run provably high-qualityhave is a unified outlook for the markets. Still, the top advisors will have thepractices. And of course, they cant have Yes, they tend to like emerging marketsbenefit of that bedrock, investors trust. nInclusion on the Barrons Top 1,000 list is not indicative of a financial advisers future performance. Working with a financial adviser identifiedon the Barrons Top 1,000 list does not guarantee future investment success. Assets under management managed by, or offered through, MMLInvestors Services, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Financial information is as of January 31, 2010. Rick Van Benschoten is a registeredrepresentative of and offers securities and investment advisory services through MML Investors Services, Inc., 530 5th Avenue, 14th Floor, NewYork, NY 10036, 212-536-6000. CRN201204 - 131476