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Richard W

Richard W. MarkleyP.O. Box 137255Clermont, FL 34713(407) 883

I am enclosing my resume for your review. I have 30 years experience in power generation with 7 years combustion turbines and 23 years in the nuclear industry. I would be very interested in discussing the positions available with your company.

I have some 35 years experience in the fields of Instrumentation & Controls, Electrical Systems and Operations. I have been involved with Start-Up/ Test, and Commissioning of several commercial nuclear power plants as well as the National Enrichment Facility.

I have performed set-point calculations; developed Technical Specifications relating to Instrumentation & Controls, routinely research FSARs, Boundary Documents, and procedure writing, planning, and modifications.

As a consultant to TVA, Areva, Louisiana Power Systems, Southern Company, Westinghouse, Commonwealth Edison, Missouri Power, and Virginia Power among others clients, I have developed a rapport with customers and vendors.

I have had a broad exposure and experiences in troubleshooting instrumentation, electrical, and mechanical systems in power generation environments. I have been involved in the engineering, design, construction, start-up/pre-op, operational, and power upgrades. Duties included: system device layout, system programming and commissioning, testing, electronics, determining systems parameters, set-points, Instrumentation & Control, DCS systems and Safety Analysis Reports, Technical Specification, and Design Basis documentation. Additionally, I am familiar with GE MARK IV, MARK V and MARK VI as well as Foxboro I/A, Allen Bradley, Delta V and other DCS systems as well as Smartplant by Intergraph and Microsoft Office products.


Richard W. Markley

Richard W. MarkleyP.O. Box 137255, Clermont, FL 34713(407) 883 1498 Email:

I have 30 years experience in power generation with 23 years in the Nuclear industry and 7 years operation/maintenance in Combustion Turbines. My experience has included all aspects of interfacing with contractors, construction, and company personnel from all perspectives. I have had extensive experience in the Instrument & Control field. I have been involved in the development of instrument indexes, P&IDs, logic diagrams, control panel layouts, instrument loop location, experience with design modifications and upgrades to primary and secondary system instrumentation for Power Up Rates and control systems in Nuclear Plants / Gas Turbines control upgrades, Engineering Change (EC) packages, writing procedures, planning/work analyst, performing set-point calculations, development of Technical Specifications relating to Instrumentation & Control, routinely research FSARs Boundary Documents, revising plant documentation, instrumentation specification, technical reviews and PLC programming.

Jan. 2015 present Westar Energy, Pro EnergyInstrument & Control Procedure Writer Jeffrey Energy Center

Feb. 2011- Dec. 2014 Tennessee Valley Authority, Sun Technical /System One Engineering Inc., AREVAProcedure Writer /Instrument & Control Operational Automation EngineerTennessee Valley Authority, Sun TechnicalWatts Bar Nuclear Station, Westinghouse PWR Bellefonte Nuclear Station, Babcock &Wilcox PWR Provided engineer design for balance of plant instrumentation. Lead a teem of engineers in the conversion of analog instrumentation & controls to a digital control system platform. My primary assignment was engineering designing of the main turbine digital conversion. Trained in the Smartplant instrumentation by Intergraph.

Apr. 2010-Feb. 2011 Savannah River SiteStartup Test Engineer, Navarro Engineering Inc. Provide startup/test engineering services on assigned SRR project Teams. Support services include design, review, analysis, walk downs, test procedure development and test procedure performance of project modification.

Feb.2010- Apr. 2010 Columbia Nuclear Generating Station, GENERAL ELECTRIC (BWR)Nuclear Instruments and Controls Designer/Field EngineerExcelsior Design Inc., Northwest Power

Prepared engineering design package for the condenser performance monitoring in support of the Power Up rate. Services include, engineering analysis, walk downs, design development and generation of design output documents including but not limited to P&IDs, Control Logics, Loop Diagrams, instrument indices, Set-point List, DCS and PLC Design, Instrument Location and installation Design, Panel Layouts, and Vendor Document Review.

July 2008-Nov. 2009 National Enrichment FacilityTest and Turnover Package Engineer / Configuration Management EngineerAbsolute Consulting Services /High Bridge Associates, Provided Systems Engineering support for NEF, support services included developing Technical Specifications relating to Plant Instrumentation, configuration control of documentation, system walk down and punch-list development. Evaluated testing mythology as well and validation and verification. Provided system turnover packages including construction testing, and vendor contract compliance.

Feb. 2008-June 2008 Orlando Utilities CommissionInstrument Technician Provided testing support for power upgrade, commissioning and integrating new instrumentation to the Foxboro I/A DCS.

Feb. 2006-Oct. 2007 Tampa Electric, Polk Power StationIntegrated Gasification Combined Cycle Process Specialist Operations Instrumentation Operations Specialist, maintain coal gasification plant providing synthetic fuel to a Combined Cycle GE 7FA, as well as four Simple Cycle GE 7FAs utilizing conventional fuels. Instantiate start-up, shut-down, and continuous operations of units per system grid requirements.

Dec. 2005-Feb. 2006 Southern Company, Corporate HeadquarterInstrument Engineer, Configuration Control EngineerInverness, AL Part of setpoint configuration team which identified and reviewed regulatory documentation to ensure compliance. Assisted in development and oversight of the instrument drift monitoring and setpoint control program. Performed uncertainty calculations relating to Instrumentation for Plant Vogtle, to prevent exceeding system design and ensure compliance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) license requirements. Chaired engineering department for the Non-Compliance Investigation Team for the Vogtle, GA plant. The team was responsible for finding the root causes and implementing corrective actions in response to the Institute of Nuclear Power Organization (INPO) findings.

Oct. 2000- July 2005 Florida Power Corporation, Intercession City PlantCombustion Turbine Technician Journeyman Operator and Instrumentation and Controls Specialist, multidiscipline craft, controlling 14 combustion turbine electrical generation facilities from a centralized control room. The generators were 7 GE 7001EAs (85MW each), Siemens V84.3 165MW, and 6 Pratt & Whitney 2 on 1 Turbo-Power Twin Packs (50MW each). Maintain electrical systems in the plant such as GE MARK IV and MARK V control systems. Additionally, maintained, calibrated, and repaired Alan Bradley PLC 5 and Foxboro I/A DCS plant Instrumentation and Control systems.

Dec. 1989-1998 Multiple Nuclear Power Stations:Braidwood, IL - Bryon, IL - Callaway, MO - North Anna, VA - Three Mile Island, PA

Instrument & Controls Engineer Preformed Start-up Testing and Commissioning of several commercial nuclear power plants. Provided engineering review and consultation for Instrument & Control Department. Performed 50.59 reviews of design changes and safety related procedures. Developed surveillance, corrective and preventive maintenance procedures.

Work Analyst/ Planner Prepared work packages for all instrument modifications and unscheduled maintenance. Evaluated malfunctions and prepared procedures and/or guidelines for corrective work packages. Modified Surveillance/Control calibration procedures to facilitate corrective action.

Procedure Writer Developed and controlled revisions of Surveillance/Control calibration procedures for the Instrument & Control Department. Provided scaling/tracking of test report packages. Proficient in deriving calibration and test data for instrument/loop testing.

Instrument & Control System Specialist Responsible for start-up testing activities which included: calibrating, troubleshooting, and repairing of various plant instrumentation and control systems. Extensive technical training in modern Instrumentation & Controls. Duties included component calibrations/ repairs, loop testing/verification, and testing of logic control systems. Experienced in valve scanning and repair / maintenance of valves, actuators, dampers, and pneumatics.

Oct. 1985- Jan. 1989 Westinghouse Instrument Service CompanyByron & Braidwood Nuclear Station, Westinghouse (PWR) 4 UnitsEngineering Assistant (Work Analyst/Planner), Instrument & Controls DepartmentProcedure Writer, Start-up Control System Specialist

May, 1985 -Nov. 1985Cataract Engineering, IncClinton Nuclear Station, General Electric (BWR)Start Up Engineer, Instrument & Controls

Aug. 1983- Jan. 1985 Multi-Amp Testing Service Company (Matsco)Callaway Nuclear Generating Station, Westinghouse (PWR)Start Up, Instrument & Controls Technician: ANSI/ANS 3.1 ANSI/ASME

Mar. 1982- May, 1983 General Public Utilities, NuclearThree Mile Island, Unit-1, B & W (PWR)Instrument & Controls Technician

1977-1981 U.S. AIR FORCEIntegrated Avionics Computerized Test Station and Component Specialist Served in various military installation, both domestic and abroad. While assigned to the F-15 Tactical Air Command, I was responsible for supervising and training personnel in the areas of inspecting, repairing, calibrating Instrumentation and Controls for Avionics Systems, while programming utilizing ATLAS. Certified the integrated avionics computerized test stations along with aircraft system components.