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RHYME and REASON. Why is rhyme an essential element of poetry?. Rhyme. Two words that differ only initial sound Three types of rhyme placement: End Rhyme Initial Rhyme Medial Rhyme. Placement of Rhyme. 1. End Rhyme – xxxxxxxx fill/ xxxxxxxx spill - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



RHYME and REASONWhy is rhyme an essential element of poetry?RhymeTwo words that differ only initial soundThree types of rhyme placement:End RhymeInitial RhymeMedial RhymePlacement of Rhyme

1. End Rhyme xxxxxxxx fill/xxxxxxxx spill

2. initial Rhyme We xxxxxxx/ see xxxxxxxx

3. Medial Rhyme Internal Rhyme: xxxx thou xxxx cow

Close Rhyme: hug xxx lug xxx

Interlaced Rhyme: xxxx door xxxx/ xxxx floor xxxx

Types of Rhyme1. Perfect Rhyme however many syllables rhyme , initial sound is different.Example: run/sun; honey/bunny; hominy/domini2. Identical Rhyme rhyming words are identical-Ex. :bear/bear;hairy/hairy;element/elementRich rhyme when the rhyming words are homonyms: bear/bare3. Near Rhyme approximate rhymes chosen for poetic effect.Why would a poet use rhyme?Rhyme SchemeMark the first line with a. Mark all other lines in the entire poem that rhyme with it as a. (If there are no others then do not worry)Find the first line in the poem that does not rhyme with a. Mark it b. Mark all other lines in the poem that rhyme with that line b.Continue with the next unmarked line. Follow the procedure until all rhyming lines are marked.Rhymeless lines you can leave unmarked or mark them with an x.Rhyming and StanzasStanza LengthRhyme SchemeRhyming CoupletsaaTercets (Three line stanzas)axa or aaaTerza rima set of tercets with interlocking rhymeaba; bcb cdc, and so onQuatrains: four line stanzas Six typesSingle rhymexbybCross rhymeababEnvelope rhymeabbaOpposed coupletsaabbOmar khayyam stanzaaaxaMonorhymeaaaaEffects of Rhyme schemeDelayed rhyme putting off expected rhyme(suspense)Accelerated rhyme moving up anticipated rhyme- (surprise)