reward your staff: how to have a christmas party that goes with a bang!

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Once a year, its time to reward your staff for their hard work and show how much you appreciate them with a Christmas party. Here are our tips for organisers to make sure the event goes with a bang.


  • 1. Christmas PartyTips For Organisers

2. Once a year, its time toReward your staff for theirhard work and show howmuch you appreciate themwith a christmas party.Here are our tips fororganisers to make surethe event goes with a bang. 3. 1. DeadlinesDeadlines are distinctly un-fun,but they get things done! If youset deadlines for RSVPs and menuchoices, youre much more likelyto get a response.Save the date emails area greattool to book party goers beforeyouve got all the details sortedout. 4. 2. Be A DictatorAsking for opinions on what daythe party should be held or whattheme people would like may seemlike a nice idea, but can open up aPandoras box of demands. 5. 3. Dont Invite EveroneBe clear if husbands/wives or clients arentinvited - if the budget wont stretch, its best thateveryone knows in advance. 6. 4. VenueOne things for sure - getting outof the office encourages peopleto have fun and forget work, sobook a venue if budget permits.Try to choose somewhere withgood public transport links soeveryone can get a little tipsyand still get home! 7. 5. Create A Party AtmosphereWe cant believe how manymagazines at this time of year runarticles advising people make sureto stay sober at the office Christmasparty or dont dress in anythingtoo revealing or comfortable.We think those writers need tolook up the word party in thedictionary! Just because you putthe word offce in front of itdoesnt change its meaning. 8. 6. Encourage EnthusiasmIts a sad fact that we dont all lovethe people we work with. But ifyoure the organiser, do what youcan to make sure people can havefun and let their hair down.The best way to do this is to setthe tone yourself - be excited, andthe enthusiasm will spread. 9. 7. Provide Food And DrinksIts important to provide both foodand drink. Not everyone drinksalcohol, and these guests wontappreciate a boring bar crawl withdrunks.Food also ensures your party-mindedguests will avoid getting too tipsy toenjoy themselves. 10. 8. Give GiftsBranded mementoes are a lovelyway to build company prideand help people remember yourChristmas party.Consider gold cufflinks and silvercufflinks for long-serving staffmembers. 11. 9. Hold A Prize GivingA prize giving for top performersin every department - for bothmanagers and lower level employees- is a lovely way to show yourgratitude for the hard work yourstaff have put in over the year.Unusual gifts like engraved cufflinksare an exclusive memento whichrecognise your employeesachievement. A short thank youspeech from a manager will bemuch appreciated. 12. 10. But Above All....Organise the party on a Friday night, orbefore the Christmas break!Nobody wants to come into the officehungover and tired the day after the party. 13. To find out how easyit is to get bespokecufflinks made,Download our eGuidehow to turn youridea into a set ofcufflinks now.