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  • 1. John Valors Journal:A Patriot of the AmericanRevolution

2. March 5th 1770The Boston MassacreThe sketch of the Boston Massacremade by Paul RevereA depiction of my family during mychildhood years 3. March 5th 1770You cursed scoundrel Lobster Backs! Demon hearted RedCoats! You should all die in the gallows for the BostonMassacre and for killing my younger brother! To hell with youfools! He was only 15 years old! You wrung your demonizedbayonets through his heart without mercy! You also fired uponmy father, the commander who saved your arses from theFrench and Indians in the 7 years war by giving you food andammo provisions! Without it, youd have lost the war or wouldhave died of starvation or disease! He gave a letter to theBritish Parliament yesterday notifying them this protest wouldrequire no violence, yet those stupid British fired upon myfather. Do you have any thankfulness in your hearts at least tonot fire upon the man who saved your life! Im now without afamily! Why in the name of God you dare fire upon unarmedcitizens during a peaceful protest? It would make sense if theywere armed! 4. Paul Revere was asked to make of eyewitness sketch of theBoston Massacre and to post it into the colonial press. Itshowed British firing upon protesting colonists, all unarmed. Iteven showed the British advancing into the crowd with footforward, to shoot the life our of even single innocent colonistsoul. And most noticeably, they were firing in line all together,smiling with pride. It was just a peaceful protest you Red Coatidiots! We just wanted to complain that the Stamp and Sugarand what do the British say in reply, We were defendingourselves. It was just a act of self-defense! Wrong! What youBritish did was you fricking line up, aim your rifles, and thenyour commander lifts his sabre and orders fire! right in front ofunarmed British colonists?! You consider firing upon unarmedcolonists while smiling like a lunatic is right before God? Youminds are like a snail, sluggish and retarded! Like Revere said,you will be brought to a judge who cant be bribed But whatbrought this horrid event into my life along with my fellowBostonian colonists? Well let me explain 5. Ok, now to end with my rage matters It all started with theStamp act and Sugar act. The Stamp act taxed us on paper,letters, and stamps, while the Sugar act taxed us on anythingsugar related. I heard it was for paying the debt of the French-Indian war, which does makes sense since Britain is in huge debt.But the thing is, believe or not, I would pay the tax if one the taxeswerent so high, especially if it werent only implied on us colonists!This is truly taxation without representation! It would at least makethe slightest sense if they also taxed British living in the mainlandcountry and if we at least we had some representation if wewanted to be taxed or not! No colonial delegations were asked tovoice their opinions! Are we your slaves? We colonists are also indebt! Its common sense to not make the taxes so high, and to taxonly you colony! What is with those delegations of Parliament? I,John Valor am not your property nor slave! Tyrant is King GeorgeIII! We will get our revenge just wait and see 6. July 4th 1776The Declaration of IndependenceThe new paper version of theDeclaration of Independencedrafted by Thomas JeffersonThe first Continental Congress 7. July 4th 1776After the public outrage of the Boston Massacre, the colonists, specificallyBostonians were quite furious at the British and I bet they wanted to getsome payback, which indeed the colonists rightly deserved! During themiddle of just any old regular day, Samuel Adams started recruiting randomBostonians like me to some secret organization that was designed as an actof retaliation against the British, to retrieve the what was rightfully ours, itwas the Sons of Liberty. We met one night at the Boston Harbor, right infront of a couple British merchant ships carrying tea. Still infuriated aboutthe Sugar and Stamp act, also the recent Tea act, taxing us on tea, wedecided aggression was needed. Dressed up as a Mohawk Indian, I withmy fellow Sons of Liberty stormed the ships like a stampede of infuriatedwildebeests with axe and club in hand, and threw otherwise trampled allthe British merchants guarding them overboard. I with my fellow friendshacked open at ever single box containing on that ship and chucked themall into the harbor waters without hesitation and we gave a roar of triumph.Just a few minutes into the practice, the entire port was emptied of itsBritish contamination. Looks like this more less peaceful protest finally gotwhat we wanted. The Tea act, along with the Sugar and Stamp act, wererepealed and it was a huge celebration, but then the British retaliate we 8. Then came the Intolerable acts. Just as the name says, it was intolerable. Thoseidiots took taxation without representation to a whole new level. They re-enabled allthose taxes such as the Sugar, Stamp, and Tea act, along with a brand newarmada of unreasonable taxes and forced us to pay them! Some people whorefused to pay were even killed! So now, the British parliament and King George IIIare now even murdering the colonists for not paying their so called reasonabletaxes!Soon after, the Continental Congress has considered for independence! TheContinental Congress composed of delegations from different countries. In thiscase, delegates from all colonies except Georgia met to address on how wecolonists should address the problem we had at hand. Many distinguished peoplesuch as Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, JohnAdams, and many others came all together at the Pennsylvania for the creation ofthe Declaration of Independence. However, the Congress was divided. Somedelegates didnt want to vote for independence at all such as John Dickinson alongwith a few southern colonist delegates voted against because they werent directlyaffected by the Intolerable Acts. You idiots! Do you not care about the lives lost inthe Boston Massacre?! But finally on July 2nd 1776, votes were made, and thedeclaration was passed. However, it wasnt drafted yet.Thomas Jefferson, usually quiet, but a very renowned writer drafted theDeclaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence not only insisted onindependence from Britain, it also demanded for a new government. One clause ofthe declaration stated, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men arecreated equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienableRights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The Britishmonarchy system refused these rights, the rights that all men deserve! All of manare born equal! And for that exact reason, the colonies shall be our own rightful 9. Oct. 30 1777Battle of Lexington-SaratogaWhere General Burgoynesurrendered to our army.My first day in the ContinentalArmy 10. Oct 30th 1777So much life has been shed and lost during the year of 1776-1777. The Battle ofBunker and Breeds Hill, Battle at Lexington and Concord, and now the Battle ofSaratoga. Ive been promoted to lieutenant commander. My fellow colonists havebeen murdered, killed those blood covered Lobster Backs and Hessians, both ofthem, demons assigned from Hell! What a coward King George is, he needsmercenaries from Germany to do his work!Saratoga was our key victory, one after so many lost battles becausebefore, everything wasnt going to plan. During Lexington, we Patriots were stock-pilling a trainload of weapons in Concord. Soon after, spies received word thatGeneral Gage, a plans to attack with his full army on the stockpile, and toconfiscate all our weaponry. Revere, Dawes, and Prescott soon went warning themilitia of the assault. Gage sent patrols to stop them, but soon messenger spreadto messenger, all franticly hollering THE BRITISH ARE COMING! Revere wasintercepted by a patrol, however the rest of the messengers escaped. Myminutemen marched forward, being heavily outnumbered, retreated into the woods.After they got into Concord, Colonel Barrett commanded our units cut them off oncemore reinforcement militia arrived. The British knew of the plan and hurried back.Using guerrilla warfare, we ambushed day and night, however General Percycame to their aid, broke our lines, and got the British troops to safety with most ofour stockpileBunker Hill was just pure Hell. After setting up forts on Bunker and Breeds hillunder the command of Major General Putnam, that damned British warship HMSLively spotted us and fired its cannons giving our position. The rest of the Britishbattleship armada cut off reinforcements, and soon British and Hessians camecharging forward towards our forts. We put up a good fight, and the British earned 11. Saratoga like I said was the key victory to the war, our first and mostimportant victory in months. I then was under command of GeneralSchuyler. We heard the British were trying to capture Fort Ticonderoga.Well, they did, however it was Schuyler plan do give up to fort after thesiege so during the cover of night we retreated. For that Schuyler wasdeported of command. Now under orders from General Gates weretreated to the fort at Bemis heights. Burgoyne decided to attack thefort with a very useless tactic. Marching his troops straightforward intoour fortifications? One dies another replaces the fallen solders place onthe front line? Youre troops were flushed out like sand in a sieve! Poor,Morgan and Learned and I all joined troops soon overpowered andoutnumbered the Red Coats. However, Arnold with no official commandrushed forward into battle, and broke the British line. Heroic, butreckless like playing chicken on train tracks The British then made alast-resort retreat. We surrounded them before they got far though.Burgoyne finally surrendered.There was a huge cost for our victory. Dozens of Patriot solders lied onthe floor in crimson red blood, dead There was air so thick wit