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Revolutionary Thinking is a 10 step structured thinking tool empowering staff to self solve their business challenges, freeing up leadership teams to focus on future growth.


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2. in an economy increasingly reliant on the development of intellectual property, value is created throughnew ways of thinking
3. new ways of thinking means seeing things differently. seeing things differently requires a 360 view to open new perspectives and SHIFT peoples thinking
4. Here are a few questions to get things rolling;
have you been trained in creative thinking?
does your role require it from you?
does your company demand it?
is it written in your KPIs or values?
5. easy questions, uneasy answers. why?
people are expected to think as part of their roles. yet very few people have beentrained to do it effectively
6. Life is not about persuasion,
its about perspective.
Elevated Perspective Vs Tunnel Vision
Rounded Perspective Vs Blind Spots
Alternative Perspectives Vs Blinkered Vision
Timely Perspective Vs Outdated Solutions
Visionary Perspective Vs Short Sightedness
Open Minded Perspective Vs Emotional Barriers
Fresh Perspectives Vs Predictable Outcomes
7. to have a full perspective on a problem,
challenge or opportunity, your thinking
should cover all angles and Revolutionary
Thinking takes you through 10 key steps
to complete a 360 revolution
8. problem vs solution, 1 step. done. Its the default methodology for the untrained.
Revolutionary Thinking, 10 key steps
around hindsight, insight & foresight.
a little longer, yet delivering a fundamental
SHIFT in thinking
9. in summary, there are 10 key steps toRevolutionary Thinking which is astructured thinking tool for people whowant to deliver a fundamental SHIFT
in their thinking and organisations wanting
their people to do just that
10. to help your organisation SHIFT its thinking through Revolutionary Thinking, start a conversation with 360i today