Review of General Education Requirements Courses in ??Review of General Education Requirements Courses in Humanities ... Overview Overall Compliance ... in general, done a good job of

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  • Review of General Education Requirements Courses in Humanities

    GER Subcommittee of the University APCC Departmental Documentation Submitted: 2015

    Subcommittee Report: Initial Report, April 2017

    Please direct any questions to the subcommittee via Kristen Murphy at

    Overview Overall Compliance: Self-studies were submitted for 224 out of the 290 total HU courses. These were submitted by 18 of the 28 departments housing Humanities courses with 12 departments submitting complete self studies (covering all GER HU courses). No self-studies were submitted by 10 of the 28 departments housing Humanities courses. A number of departments have a number of jointly-offered courses and reporting responsibility may have been unclear. Syllabi Compliance: Departments with GER Humanities courses for which self-studies were submitted have, in general, done a good job of integrating UW System and UWM learning goals into the syllabi. There are numerous models of syllabi that can be used to further develop and/or re-develop less complete materials. These model syllabi with nicely articulated learning goals and assessment provide reassurance that similar courses within the department also meet GER criteria. In the department-specific review sheets we have also made recommendations for the current review cycle (to move a course from the recommendation of deletion of GER HU status) and future reviews. For future syllabi altering and developing for GER HU courses, it is also recommended that departments consider using the template developed by the College of Letters and Science. Learning Goals/Assessment: Alignment of the UW System and UWM learning goals with the course goals or learning objectives were generally well done when completed. It was evident in some of the submitted materials, that some instructors/departments have not fully articulated the course assessment details (including the use of rubrics where applicable, types of assessments, assessment schedules, etc.) nor how these align to the learning goals. Instructor Qualifications: Because most of the courses with GER designation are integral pieces of a departments introduction to the major, an investment has been made to provide instruction by faculty or experienced teaching academic staff, and it was found that instructors are qualified. Data Review Supporting Data: Overall, only a small number of departments have collected assessment data on the achievement of Humanities learning outcomes. For most departments that provided self-studies, actual hard data was not consistently presented for an array of courses over a consistent period. Future pressures to provide assessment data, particularly for GER courses may require that departments submit consistent assessment plans with supporting assessment data for a fixed period of time leading into review. Support from campus may be required for this to be fully operationalized. Incorporation into Course/Curriculum Planning: Because assessment data was not widely submitted, the use of the assessment data into course and curriculum planning was also limited. As assessment plans are more fully developed, it is expected that subsequent course and curriculum planning will also increase.

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  • Recommendations Continuation of HU GER Designation: The committee recommends the GER HU designation be continued for all compliant courses. These are listed by department and subdepartment in Table 1. In particular, the committee would like to commend the departments of the bold courses as excellent examples of articulating the GER HU intent.

    Table1:CoursesrecommendedforHUGERcontinuationDept SubDept HUCourseAfricology 100,102,205,210,314ArtHist 101,102,103,104,105,205,206,250CelticStudies 133Communications 103,192,362ComparativeLit 133,135,192,207,208,230,231,232,233,209,381Curr.&Instr. 233

    English 150,192,209,210,215,223,223,229,240,243,245,251,253,268,269,276,277,278,279,310,373,685


    Chinese 150,160,200Classics 101,170,171,172,201,202,274,301,302,303,304,312,370,390FLL 240German 111,112,145,260,270,301,305,311,332,333,334,381HebrewSt 100,192,230,231,235,238,254,261,368Polish 236Russian 245,350,361ScandStd 102,115(German)

    French 145,192,303,324,332,357,383,426

    History 101,102,150,176,192,201,202,203,205,229,235,236,242,267,271,280,282,398,436JewishStudies 101,247LatinAm&CaribSt 101Philosophy 111,192,204,211,213,215,217,235,237,250,253EdPol&ComSt 212TherapeuticRec 103Women'sStudies 150,192,201

    Removal of GER HU from Courses: The committee recommends the removal of GER HU for any course that did not submit a syllabus. Additionally, the committee recommends the GER HU removal from courses where substantial information was lacking to support the GER HU designation. Both of these are listed in Table 2 by department and sub department (where applicable). Multiple attempts were made by the committee to the departments to receive the complete self-studies. The committee would be happy to change their recommendations in the event a department submits a late or revised syllabus. Table2:CoursesrecommendedforGERHUremovalDepartment SubDept HUCourse Reasoning

    Africology 111,112 substantialinformationlackinginsyllabi

    235,261 nosyllabireceived

  • Table2:CoursesrecommendedforGERHUremoval(cont)Department SubDept HUCourse Reasoning

    AmIndianStudies 276,520substantialinformationlackinginsyllabi

    ArtHistory 111,241,261,358,381 nosyllabireceived

    English 111,262,290,295,332,372,507 nosyllabireceived



    EthnicStudies 101,102,192*,255,275,497 nosyllabireceivedFilmStudies 111,192*,205,206,212,290,295 nosyllabireceived


    Arabic 111,164 nosyllabireceivedChinese 192* Nosyllabusreceived

    Classics 192*,260,381,497 Nosyllabireceived;497nolongeracandidateforGERFLL 192*,216 NosyllabireceivedGerman 160,192*,250 NosyllabireceivedHebrewSt 232,250,251,381 NosyllabireceivedPolish 192*,259,260 NosyllabireceivedRussian 192*,235,236,360 nosyllabireceivedScandStd 114(German) Nosyllabireceived

    History 226,227,246,270,272,274,281,283,288substantialinformationlackinginsyllabi

    HonorsCollege 200,350 nosyllabireceived

    Italian 145,192*,242,243,245,256,258,265,312 nosyllabireceived

    JewishStudies 192* nosyllabusreceived

    261,368,379 substantialinformationlackinginsyllabi

    Journalism,etal. 111,113,192*,210,214,260,361 substantialinformationlackinginsyllabi

    LatinAm&CaribSt 192* nosyllabusreceivedLGBT 192*,200,275 nosyllabireceivedL&SHum 101,192*,291,292,293 nosyllabireceived

    Linguistics 100,192*,200,211,380 nosyllabireceived


    Philosophy 101,207,212,232,241,242,243,244,245,381 nosyllabireceived

    Portuguese 225,360,380 nosyllabireceivedReligiousStudies 101,192* nosyllabireceivedSpanish 225,371,373,391 nosyllabireceivedEdPol&ComSt 3 nosyllabireceivedInfoStudies 2 nosyllabireceived

    *192Coursesarefirstyearseminars Syllabi Compliance: Specific recommendations have been made to departments. See departmental reports.

  • Learning Goals/Assessment: Specific recommendations have been made to departments. See departmental reports. Administrative: The APCC and the APCC GER subcommittee should continue to articulate expectations for assessment results and subsequent use of these results. Both groups should also address consequences for departments that do not comply with the review process or meet the review guidelines.


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