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This is a presentation by the director of 6.2 on rethinking creativity and innovation.


  • This is a Keynote presentation by Ben Rennie for the LiveWire 2011 ReShaping Governments Conference in Wollongong

    By Ben Rennie | Director @ 6.2 | an innovation lab

    Re-Thinking Creativity & Innovation & Play

    Visit: www.sixpointtwo.netRead:

  • This is a snap shot on the work we do at 6.2. Its about cutting through noise.This image is also reflective of my mornings.


  • Before we start... lets go back to the start!

    1999 2013 20142001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011

    My first company

    Business wasn't easy


    Finally,Profit, Wage & 25 Staff

    Loss Licence - Total Rebuild

    A Corporation

    Corporate Life & Work life balance Don't mix... Why?

    6.2 on the up

    6.2 Finding some balance

    In a nice place...

    6.2 starts here

    This graph looks at my career over the past decade. Lots of highs, lots of lows. None more important than the other.

  • What is Innovation?

    Its about looking at people & seeing things from their viewpoint.Not your own.

    Innovation is a business affair.It is the commercialisation ofan idea or a process.

  • What is Creativity?

    Unlike many phenomena in science, there is no single authoritative perspective or definition of creativity. - Wikipedia

    Creativity means not copying.- Paul Breen

  • We Need to Re-Think how we run our companies & organisations.

    extrinsic intrinsic

    We still work in organisations where we pay people bonuses based on results.

    This dulls and blocks creativity.

    Rewards narrow focus and concentrate the mind.

    There is a mismatch between what science knows and companies do.

    Rewarding people to solve complex problems doesn't solve the problem, it actually does the opposite.

    Google Dan H. Pink

  • creativity. play

    innovationgood ideas

    1% Idea > 99% Execution.

    It is about ACTION. Creating what you can not see.

    It is about CONNECTION. Connecting to culture & humanity.

    It is about DEVIATION. Forging new paths.

  • Hello

    Why didn't I think of that?

    I thought of that years ago, we just didn't have the money/ the timing wasn't right!

    We hear this all too often.

    For innovation to happen, for ideas to come to life, there needs to be a dramatic shift

    in our mind set.

    It is a whole new discipline.

  • Attitude | Awareness | Authenticity

    Google Neil Pasricha

    Just Buy this Book.

  • 9 Lessons about innovation worth sharing.

  • Innovation starts at the top. Leaders need to create the vision and live the values.


  • Innovation can happen anywhere.

    anyone can do it, but not everyone is good at it.

    2 R&D?

  • Innovation is a Team Sport

    Operating inside silos is deadly. Collaborate.


  • Innovation is never easy. But it is always possible.

    Step by step. Project by Project.


  • Innovation relies on trust.

    Listen to ideas

    Reward Bravery

    Embrace Risk

    Learn from Failure


  • Define Your Measures of Success

    Small ideas need room and time to grow.


  • Just because it works for Google does not mean it will work for you. Create an innovation

    culture that fits.


  • Don't let your environment define your strategy... Create a strategy that defines your environment!

    More on that last point...

  • The Customer is not always right, but they do sit at the heart of all innovation.


  • Finally: Speed is Mission Critical

    Fail EarlyFail Fast

    Fail inexpensively


  • In the next 30 days, you can change the world by doing just 3 things.

  • Create SomethingInnovate your life. Simply view the world from someone else's viewpoint.

    Share your ideas liberally

  • Simply view the world from someone else's viewpoint.

    6.2 | an innovation labPresentation by Ben Rennie

    Ben on Twitter: benrennie6.2 online: www.sixpointtwo.netContact Ben:

    Twitter: @benrennie

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