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  • Rethink, Redefine, RevitalizeMetro Users GroupMichael DAngeloTampa, FLMay 30, 2014

  • Goss OrganizationTransitioning to 4 operating zones worldwideAmericasEurope/Africa/Middle EastChinaGreater AsiaAlign all sales, service, parts, aftermarket and customer satisfaction activities in a given regionMagnify the customers voice and partnership in our activitiesWorldclass supportGrow existing markets and enter new markets.

  • Commitment to our MarketsCommitment to PrintNewspaper and Commercial PressesGoss continues to invest in new developmentIn the pressroom: Magnum Compact, AutoplateIn the mailroom: MagnaPak, InsertersIn Partnership with FeragIn Aftermarket Products and UpgradesStaying on top of trendsShorter runsFaster changeoversVersatility and flexibilityCombined processes

  • Commitment to our MarketsCommitment to PrintPackaging Similar market challenges to newspaper/commercialOne important differencePackaging cant be replaced by other mediaFood/Consumer Goods/Industrial ProductsOur customers customers make something that has to go into somethingGraphicsReplacement processes are still printedCorrugated Folding Carton Flexible Offset, Flexo, Gravure are the primary print processesConverting

  • Commitment to PrintThe Goss commitment to print in the Newspaper, Commercial and Packaging press markets will provide us with a solid tripod foundation that will allow Goss to continue to develop solutions for the different evolutions in each of these areasProvide our customers with efficient equipment and solutions that meet ever changing market needsProvide our customers with Aftermarket solutions that keep the installed base productiveProvide our customers with agile, impactful technical and parts supportDo this consistently on a worldwide basis

  • Commitment to Print - Magnum Compact

  • Commitment to Print - Magnum Compact

  • Commitment to Print - Uniliner

  • Commitment to Print - Uniliner

  • Commitment to Print - Vpak

  • Commitment to Print Technical Center

  • Commitment to Print - Goss International People, Products and TechnologyIndustry knowledge and expertiseContinuing Innovation and investmentViable after a significant industry downturnKey/essential restructuring underwayEmbracing Lean practicesFinancially strong and supportive parent company

    Rethink, Redefine, Revitalize

    Youre doing it in your business so are we!!!

  • Thank you From your partners at Goss International