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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of MBA With specialization in marketing Submitted by Mr. vijay kumar.m Reg.No: MBA/08/68 Under the Guidance of Mr. SohilNaragundkar Indian Institute of Business Management



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Chapter 1 Rationale for the study Chapter 2 Objective of the study Title of the Project Objective of the study Scope of the study Chapter 3 Profile of the Company Chapter 4 Theoretical Perceptive Chapter 5 Research Methodology Research Design Data collection methods Chapter 6 Data analysis and interpretations Chapter 7 Findings Chapter 8 Limitations Chapter 9 Expected contribution from the study

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CertificateThis is to certify that the dissertation work title.. a confide work carried out by . a candidate for the award of Master Program for Business Administration/ Executive Master Program for Business Administration of Indian Institute of Business Management, Pune Under my guidance and direction.Date: ..................... Place: ..

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I the student studying in MBA Third Tri-semester here by declare that the project work entitled perception on Hyderabad industries limited successfully completed and submitted by me. Under the guidance of Mr.ShoilNaragundkar Prof, HETsa

study on retailers

INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES. This is my original work and has not been submitted earlier to any other Institution. The report is for the fulfillment of the vi th Tri-semester MBA. The Matter in this report is based on the data collected by me at a study on retailers perception on hyderabad industries limited


Signature Vijay kumar.m Place: Date: 10 /08/2010


A task or project cannot be completed alone. It requires the effort of many individuals. I take this opportunity to thank all those who helped me complete this project. I express my sincere gratitude to Mr. SohilNaragundkar for giving us the opportunity to undergo this project. I further thank his for lending a helping hand when it came to solving my problems related to the project. This project would not have been possible without his valuable time and support.

I also thank IMS Business School for an opportunity to undertake a Soft skills project at the start of our MBA course which helped us to understand deeply for those topics which are untouched. This project is an attempt to talk about the Scenario of Retailing and its Operations in India.

Any suggestions to improve are always welcome

RATIOALE for the study

RATIOALE for the study

Demographics continue to show a positive report to spur retailing growth. Consumers aged 20-45 years is emerging as the fastest growing consumer group and the mean age of Indians is now pegged at 27, a mean age that reinforces spending across all the retailing channels of grocery, non-grocery and non-store.

The government stance of protecting local retailers and prohibiting 100% foreign direct investment in retailing continued in 2005, restraining international retailers' entry. However, there was gradual

economic reform, giving way to easier and faster franchising agreements as well as the loosening of zonal regulations on retail expansion, thus stimulating retailing.

Non-store retailing is expected to continue its fast-paced growth from a miniscule base. period due to the growing.

Across all

channels, growth in retailing is expected to be boosted heightened competition during the forecast

Objective of the study

Title of the ProjectA

Study On Retailers Perception On Hyderabad Industries Limited

Objective of the study1. To study the retailers perception of H I L product 2. . To study Retailer behavior in selecting H I L product

3. To study the importance of H I L market 4. To Study the different Products of H I L

Scope of the study

Date of study: june 2010. Place of study:Banglore city The study is conducted in BANGLORE city covering a sample size of Twenty Retailers. The study took about two months for completion and collection of primary data and secondary data. The selection of sample was on the basis of area sampling. Fifteen areas were selected according to the population density, which were considered to be prime areas in the city. All the retailers in each area were interviewed with structured questionnaire and also a direct in-depth interview, With additional question, in order to fulfill the objectives of the research. The various areas Covered for the studies are:

Profile of the Company


Hyderabad Industries Limited is a flagship Company of the C.K.Birla group of Companies, incorporated on 17th June 1946. HIL has blazed a pioneering path in the building products industry. HIL has led the cement industry for well over five decades. Today HIL is a multi product, multi locational organization with a formidable network of branches, depots, stockists and personnel spread all over India. HIL being backed by the ornagisational and technical expertise of the Birlas, also has a Board of directors comprising experienced personnel from Business, Finance and Industry. The Board is chaired by Mr.C.K.Birla. HILs product range include Fibre Cement roofing sheets in the name of CHARMINAR, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks and Panels called AEROCON, Calcium Silicate insulation product called HYSIL, Jointing material for Gaskets and Plant and machinery for these products.

H I L Vision To become a global player in building products and infrastructure industry with a commitment to provide environment friendly products and follow green and safe practices.

Abhaya Shankar Managing Director

H I L Mission

Enhance long term shareholder value Quick to adapt, change, improve and innovate. Provide environment friendly products Deliver products and services to meet or exceed customer expectations Foster employee engagement through learning, teamwork, collective wisdom and empowerment. Establish a corporate culture and a set of values which employees and other stake holders are proud of. Implement global best practices in Safety, Health and Environment Meet our goals on Corporate Social Responsibility

Abhaya Shankar Managing Director

H I L Values

Moral and Ethical principles Integrity and Trust Responsibility and Accountability Care and Respect Fair and Transparent Non-Political and non-Bureaucratic

Abhaya Shankar Managing Director

Theoretical Perceptive

Product profile


Charminar AC Roofing Sheets have been the No.1 roofing sheets of choice for more than 50 years now. Providing roofing to millions of low cost houses and to industries, commercial businesses and for several public utilities. Charminar sheets are widely known for their superior quality and durability.

Strong & durable Weatherproof Less noise during rains


Negligible maintenance


TECHNICAL DATA Standard length ( in metres ) Nominal thickness Pitch of corrugation 6 mm 146 mm 1.5,1.75,2.0,2.25,2.5,2.75,3.0

Depth of corrugation Overall width Laid width Minimum end lap at purlins (for slopes not less than 18) Maximum purlin spacing for roofing

48 mm 1050 mm 1010 mm 150 mm

1.4 metres

Maximum rail spacing for 1.7 metres vertical cladding Maximum overhang unsupported 79 metres 300 mm

CHARMINAR NEWKOR Corrugated Roofing Sheets are made from Fibre, Portland Cement and Binder. Fibre in these sheets acts as reinforcement like steel in RCC. These are LARGEST SELLING AC ROOFING SHEETS IN INDIA, owing to their quality, strength & durability. These are manufactured to exceed the requirements of strength specified in the relevant Indian standards.

Standards: IS: 459-1992 and Specification for Corrugated Semi-Corrugated

Asbestos Cement Sheets. IS: 3007 - 1999 Code of practice for laying of Asbestos Cement Sheets, PartI, Corrugated Sheets. IS: 1626 (Part3) 1994 - Roofing fittings. Newkor sheets are economical, Incombustible, robust, light-weight, easy to work, resistant to corrosion and salty weather... the qualities which make them an ideal building material for any requirement. Newkor sheets are most suitable for roofing and vertical cladding (walling) of industrial and agricultural buildings, warehouses, sheds, poultry farms, houses etc.

Charminar Roofing Sheets are an ideal building material for roofing and sidecladding in:

Industrial buildings of all types

School buildings

Public Utility Sheds

Food Storage Godowns

Warehouses & Cold Storages

Cooling Towers

Poultry farms, dairy farms and other agricultural sheds

Cinema Halls

Stadia Railway & Bus Stations

Garages, Verandahs and Outhouses


Nominal lengths (in metres)

1.5 1.75 2.0 2.25 2.5 2.75 3.0

Actual area covered * (allowing end lap & side lap) 3.0 Metre long sheet 1.5 Metre long sheet Covering efficiency * (allowing end lap & side lap) 3.0 Metre long sheet 1.5 Metre long sheet Approx. weight per 91% 87% 2.88 Sq.M. 1.36 Sq.M.

Nominal Thickness Pitch of Corrugation epth of Corrugation Overall width Effective width Minimum end lap at purlins (for slopes not less than 18) Maximum purlin spacing for roofing Maximum rail spacing for vertical cladding Maximum Overhang unsupported

6 mm 146 mm 48 mm 1050 mm 1010 mm

150 mm