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Computer programmer resume

Zhihao Eric Hu+86-1592-7216-711Googletalk: | Skype: glacier2002


More than 7 years of programming and product development experience in embedded system

Computer skills

LanguagesProficient in: C and ASMMCUMicrochip PIC16F193X/16F151X/16F150X/12F509/18F4321Freescale MC9S12XDP512/ MC9S12XE/9S08DZ60Silicon C8051F340/1ST STM32F103NXP LPC1754


Associate Firmware ManagerJun, 2013 - Present

O2Micro, Wuhan, ChinaFirmware and software team management Design team collaboration system using a free open source system Monitor team members performance, project tasks status, team tasks status, personal task load Design the product development process, improving it according to data analysis of collaboration system Setting and tracking team and project KPIsDesign productive automatic test platformBluetooth application development Using Bluetooth 2.1 module with SPP in product, serial protocol between APP and firmware Using Bluetooth headset to encode and decode audio signal for less data transfer Develop Bluetooth LE module with TI2540

Senior Firmware EngineerMar, 2009 - Jun, 2013

O2Micro, Wuhan, ChinaDesign and develop EV Lead-Acid/Li-ion BMS BMU (Battery Monitor Unit) / SCBMU (Slave Center Battery Monitor Unit) / CBMU(Center Battery Monitor Unit) architecture and data structure design System internal communication over/via RS485 BUS and external communication over/via CAN BUS, the communicating interfaces with I2C, SPI, UART, and CAN etc. Firmware kernel for bootloader residing product code without additional hardware resource System balancing strategy, SOC / SOH algorithm, mileage estimates, high voltage control strategy, CCP2.1, OBD(On Board Diagnosis, ISO15765-1, KWP2000 on CAN), system protection for CBMU with a streamlined embedded OSDesign and develop EB lead-acid BMS code BMS module code design. System architecture and data structure design Single-wire communication protocol design. Design physical/link layer implementation and application layer. Design a balanced strategy, encryption algorithm and authorization management. Firmware kernel for bootloader residing product code without more hardware resourceDesign and develop product data log system High speed data exchange with USB 2.0 interface Data log stored in extend NAND flash with FAT32 File systemAssist team managementCustomer field technical support Maintain customer relationship Fix issues and resolve customer queries

Team LeaderDec, 2007 - Mar, 2009

BYD Auto, Shenzhen, China

Product design, product certification and customer technical supportBuild product model matrixIssue analysis and product quality improvementLead team to develop a series product of Airbag Control Unit, installed in F0, F3, F6 Series

Product EngineerJul, 2006 - Dec, 2007

BYD Auto, Shanghai, ChinaObject-oriented design, programming and implementation for the Center Control System, coding in CDesign/execute test plans and user documentationProduct development procedure management


Wuhan University of TechnologyJuly, 2006

Wuhan, Hubei, ChinaBachelor of Science: Double major in Electronic and Information Engineering, and Computer Science and Technology


Device and method for calculating a remaining mileage of an electric vehicleZhihao Hu, Falong Li

US. US20140005855 A12 Jan, 2014Issued

Taiwan TW2014003361 Jan, 2014Issued

China CN103507644A15 Jan, 2014Issued

Digital Signal Transceiver, Method And Electrombile System ThereofWenhua Cui, Zhihao Hu

US. US20130132635 A123 May, 2013Issued

Taiwan TW20132124222 May, 2013Issued

China CN103116561A1 Jun, 2013Issued

Detectors And Methods For Equalizing Charge And Battery Management SystemTao Zhang, Jiangiang Rui, Falong Li, Zhihao Hu

US. US20130335036 A119 Dec, 2013Issued

Taiwan TW20135183916 Dec, 2013Issued

China CN103515993A15 Jan, 2014Issued

Device For Firing Safety Air-bagZhihao Hu, Xufeng Wen, Ying Zhang

China CN10133279731 Dec, 2008Issued