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_C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E

Curriculum Vitae

Brendan Thomas OConnell



Linked-In Profile: Highlights to Date

President for Victoria, CPA Australia, 2014 and member of its Executive Committee and Victorian Divisional Council 2010-15. 40 major publications in refereed academic journals and externally funded reports

Winning over $560,000 in competitive research grant funding in the past 5 years. Delivered the prestigious 76th University of Melbourne-CPA Australia Annual Research Lecture at the University of Melbourne. Appointments


2008 to PresentProfessor of Accounting & Associate Head (Industry Engagement)School of Accounting, RMIT University, Melbourne

2005 to 2008Professor of Accounting and FinanceSchool of Business, James Cook University, Townsville & Cairns

2002 to 2005Associate Professor in Accounting & FinanceDeakin Business School, Deakin University

July 2000 to June 2002Assistant Professor,E. Claiborne Robins School of Business, University of Richmond, Virginia, USA

January 1992 to July 2000Associate Lecturer /Lecturer/ Senior LecturerDepartment of Accounting & Finance, Monash University

1991Senior Insolvency & ReconstructionPannell Kerr Forster Chartered Accountants, Melbourne


Associate Investment BankingBankers Trust Australia, Melbourne

1981-1985Bank OfficerANZ Banking Group Ltd.


CA (admitted in 2012)

FCPA (admitted in 1999, Advanced to Fellow status in 2012), CPA Australia.

Certified Management Accounting (CMA)

PhD (completed in 1999), Department of Accounting and Finance at Monash University.

My thesis was entitled Securitisation of Financial Assets: Evidence from the Field.Master of Business by Research (upgraded to PhD candidature in 1995)Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment (completed 1990), the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (formerly the Securities Institute of Australia).

Bachelor of Business Degree (with Distinction) majoring in accounting, economics and business law, (completed in 1988), University of Ballarat. Higher School Certificate (completed in 1980), St Patrick's College, Ballarat. Academic Awards


Recipient of the University of Melbourne Medal following delivery of the 76th University of Melbourne-CPA Australia Annual Research Lecture at the University of Melbourne. 2011

Paper entitled Enhancing Assessment Feedback Practices in Accounting Education was a winner of best paper at the South African Accounting Association 2011 International Conference.


Paper entitled The Changing Face of Regulators Investigations into Financial Statement Fraud, Accounting Research Journal, Vol. 22, No. 2, pp. 118-43 was a winner of the Highly Commended Award from Emerald LiteratiNetwork for 2009.2003

I received, jointly with Professor Garry Carnegie, the Deakin University, Faculty of Business and Law Strategic Priority Award for Outstanding Contribution to Research. 2002

I received the 2001-2002 International Education Award by the Office of International Education at the University of Richmond, Virginia USA. This award recognized a major contribution by a staff or faculty member to the universitys mission to enhance international education.


A paper I presented entitled, Measuring Potential Social Desirability Response Biases in Survey Instruments, received an award for being one of the three best papers presented at the academic conference: Asian - Network Symposium on Accounting Issues.


Upon completion of the Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment, I was awarded the Institute prize for Victorian Dux in the course Money Market and Fixed Interest Investment.1988

I was awarded the university prize for Dux in Economics and Business Law after completion of my Bachelors Degree.


One of two recipients of the BP Young Achievers Scholarship for Commerce. I was selected from 150 applicants Australia wide. The award was based on the winner having demonstrated excellent academic results, initiative, good communication skills and high personal qualities. Major benefits of the award included a $3,000 scholarship and paid employment within the accounting and finance areas of BP Australia.

Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity

The large list below of publications in high quality refereed academic journals and externally funded reports (40 in total of which 14 are published in A ranked journals) demonstrate my high profile in the areas of corporate governance, corporate scandals, ethics and earnings management, and accounting education. The capacity to conduct high-level research using quantitative and qualitative research approaches to study problems in these areas have enabled me to also win a prestigious ARC Discovery Grant and two ALTC grants. -Refereed Publications & Grant Funded ReportsO'Connell, B., De Lange, P., Sangster, A and Stoner, G., 2015. "Strategic Manoeuvres and Impression Management: Communication Approaches in the Case of a Crisis Event", Business History, (accepted for publication).

Juric, D., OConnell, B., Rankin M. and Birt, J. 2015. Determinants of the Severity of Legal and Employment Consequences for CPAs Named in SEC Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases, Journal of Business Ethics (accepted for publication).

OConnell, B., Carnegie, G., Carter, A., Helliar, C., Watty, K., Hancock, P. and DeLange, P. 2015. Shaping the future of accounting in business education in Australia, Final Report, July, CPA Australia, Melbourne, Victoria. ISBN: 978-1-921742-67-5Available at:, P., Freeman, M., Abraham, A., DeLange, P., Howieson, B. OConnell, B. and Watty, K. 2015. Achievement Matters: External Peer Review of Accounting Learning Standards - Final Report, April, Office for Learning and Teaching, Department of Education and Training, Sydney, ISBN paperback: 978-1-76028-171-7,. B, de Lange, P. Freeman, M., Hancock, P. Abraham, A. Howieson, B., Watty, K. 2015. Does calibration reduce variability in the assessment of accounting learning outcomes?, Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, DOI: 10.1080/02602938.2015.1008398

Watty, K., Howieson, B., OConnell, B. 2014. Social moderation, assessment and assuring standards for accounting graduates, Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, Vol. 39, No. 4, 461478.

Carnegie, G. and OConnell, B. 2014, A Longitudinal Study of the Interplay of Corporate Collapse, Accounting Failure and Governance Change in Australia: Early 1890s to Early 2000, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Vol. 25, No. 6, 446-468 Sangster, A., Stoner, G., Scatalini-Belghitar, G., De Lange, P. and O'Connell, B., Paciolis Example Entriesa Conundrum Resolved?, 2014, Abacus, Vol. 15, No. 1, 93-106,

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