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<p>ResumeAlexGender: MaleData of Birth: Jan 12, 1985Mobile Phone: 0049-15165526832Address: Rheindorfer Strae 14, 53225, Bonn,</p> <p>ObjectiveDetermined to join a team as an expert/ Senior Engineer in all telecommunications relevant, such as EPC/VoLTE/IMS/LTE/UMTS/GSM/CDMA/Cloud Edge, etc. With opportunity to advance to higher level and contribute to the development of firm. </p> <p>Work Experience9 years working experience in the industry of telecommunication. First 4-year experience with Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. in Shanghai Branch and 5 years in Germany (Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH and Orbit)Experience on system design and integration, testing and deployment. Adept at sharing knowledge and mentoring the multinational team members. </p> <p> Competitive skills1. Core capability: System Design, Implementation, Introduction, Network Integration and migration, Solution/Features Testing and Validation, for all of Packet core/EPC relevant. 2. HUAWEI Radios: RAN/UTRAN/E-UTRAN3. HUAWEI EPC network: SGSN/GGSN/USN/MME/UGW/S-GW/ePDG/UIM/OCS/AAA/IMS/ SBC(P-CSCF,) I-CSCF, S-CSCF, E-CSCF4. HAUWEI OAM: U2000/M20005. Test automation: Spider GTK, Gherkin6. IP relevant: Routers/ Firewalls/ Switches/DNS7. Protocols and Technologies: 3GPP protocol (GMM, SM, LLC, BSSGP, SNDCP, RANAP, M3UA, MTP3B, MTP, SCTP, ATM, MAP, SCCP, Diameter, GTP-C, GTP-U, GTP, BSSAP+, TCAP, CAP, etc.)IP protocol (TCP, UDP, IP, VPN, BGP, OSPF, VRRP, MPLS VPN, IPSEC, BFD, etc.)Network Interface (Gb, Iu, S1-MME, S1-U, STP, Gr, S6a, S6b, SS7, TDM, Gn, S10, S11, Ga, Sa, Pa, S2a, S2b, Gx, Gy, SGi, SIP, etc.)8. Cloud Edge and vEPC, Openstack9. Platform: Huawei CPCIHUAWEI ATCA, FusionSphere, TISP (Telekom Internet Service Platform), MDS (Multi Domestic Service), HP Quality Center April 2016 Present | System Introduction ManagerORBIT | Bonn, Germany Accountabilities:1. Take responsibility for Delivery, CC Testing &amp; Validation2. Testing/ Integration /System Introduction3. Working as a consultant in the Deutsche Telekom AG department SIO (service introduction and optimization) </p> <p> Capability:1. Good at cooperation with Deutsche Telekom AG as daily work 2. Fast learning with various systems/solutions/ and quick onboarding various projects.3. Acknowledge from the perspective of End-to-End Solutions, think about service integration and optimization from the perspective of End-to-End. </p> <p> Contribution:1. HUAWEI PS13.1 E2E Validation2. TDG PS13.1 Introduction and Validation3. Tariff Validation4. M2M relevant project: Brands: BMW/Lenovo. System integrated with different component for B2B business (MDS Platform with virtual EPC component) and B2C business (TISP Platform) 5. Finish all work load at the same time as my new baby was born in April.</p> <p>Feb 2012 April 2016 | Expert of ePC &amp;Solution in the Europe areaHuawei Technologies Deutschland |Germany mostly and someother areas in Europe Accountabilities:1. TSE as HUAWEI PS/EPC/vEPC products acceptance &amp; verification for customer DTAG. 2. TSE as HUAWEI solution acceptance &amp; verification, such as VoLTE/VoWiFi, etc.3. EPC expert, provide the support/service including with solution, delivery and maintenance for customers in the whole Europe area as an 4. Coordinator, coordinate the acceptance test activities for the Huawei EPC nodes in DT Bonn lab for all Deutsche Telekoms subsidiaries5. Maintenance Expert, support all EPC and VoLTE TOP1 issues for DTAG and other Operator in Europe.</p> <p> Capability:1. EPC Expert 2. vEPC Test Engineer3. Be familiar with VoLTE/VoWiFi/IMS end to end solution, strong capability with all related activities, such as HLD/ LLD design, solution clarification, etc. 4. Be familiar with VoLTE/VoWiFi/IMS end to end testing, strong capability with all related activities, such as test performing, trouble shooting, integration, etc. 5. Coordinator 6. Maintenance Expert for EPC</p> <p> Contribution:1. Support with the most important solution launching, such as VoLTE and VoWiFi. The support activities include integration, end to end testing, trouble shooting, solution clarification, etc. VoWiFi has launched successfully in 2015. VoLTE has launched successfully in Jan.2016.2. Define the scope of acceptance testing together with the customer for each major release3. Plan the test activities, allocate the test cases and features inside the team4. Lab coordination and supporting in troubleshooting the issues5. Generate reports and communicate the project status internally and to the customer6. Trouble tickets tracking and communicating with other local Huawei offices and HQ7. Live network support during pilot and rollout phases8. Analyze the previous acceptance projects and define new processes to improve the acceptance testing9. Perform new features and regression testing for PS/EPC network, for several carrier operators, such as TMO Deutschland/ Telefonica O2/Orange in France.10. Installation, upgrade and integration for PS/EPC network. 11. Solution clarification12. Trouble shooting for the issues of living network and test bed.13. Travel to other customers or other countries in Europe, such as Orange in France, WIND in Italy, and Telefonica O2 in Munich, provide the high-availability delivery service, integration service, trial test or Demo. 14. Provide the support of trouble shooting for theTop1 issues for the customers in the whole Europe, or even for the customers in the other continent. </p> <p> Projects:1. 2012.2~2012.6 Test Expert | HUAWEI PS9.1 acceptance project for DTAG, in Bonn2. 2012.7~2012.8 Test Expert | HUAWEI PS9.1 acceptance project for Telefonica O2, in Munich3. 2012.9~2012.10 Maintenance Expert | Business trip to HUAWEI maintenance center of Europe, in Bucharest. Provide the support for the living network maintenance as EPC expert.4. 2012.11~2012.12 Maintenance Expert | Troubleshooting for a Top1 EPC critical issue of DTAG, in Bonn.5. 2013.1~2013.6 Test Expert | HUAWEI PS10.0 acceptance project for DTAG, in Bonn6. 2013.7~2013.8 Delivery Engineer | HUAWEI EPC integration and trial test project for WIND, in Italy7. 2013.9~2013.10 Test Expert | HUAWEI PS10.0 acceptance project for Telefonica O2, in Munich8. 2013.11~2013.12 Delivery Engineer | HUAWEI EPC integration and ATP for Orange, in Warsaw.9. 2014.1 Test Engineer | HUAWEI iCloud project, for the future network researching with Deutsche Telekom, Cloud/vEPC. 10. 2014.2 Maintenance Expert | Provide the support for a Top1 critical issue of Tigo, in Guatemala.11. 2014.3 Test Engineer | HUAWEI iCloud project, DEMO and trial test for Orange, in Paris.12. 2014.3~2014.11 Test Expert/Coordinator | HUAWEI PS11.0 acceptance project for DTAG, in Bonn13. 2014.3~2015.01 Test Expert/Coordinator | VoLTE Solution Launch in DTAG.14. 2014.12~2015.4 Test Engineer | VoWiFi acceptance project for DTAG, in Bonn15. 2015.5 Maintenance Expert | Business trip to Slovakia, to handle a critical and important issue, the complaint from the CTIO of TMSK.16. 2015.5 ~ 2015.10 Test Engineer | For the future network researching with Deutsche Telekom, iCloud &amp;&amp; Virtual EPC Pre-Integration trial project for DTAG, in Bonn17. 2015.11~2016.04 Test Expert/Coordinator HUAWEI PS13.1 acceptance project for DTAG, in Bonn</p> <p>March 2011 - Feb 2012 | Training managerHuawei Technologies|Shanghai City, China Accountabilities:Taking responsible for the technical training for new type or new version product in the whole OSS (Operation Support System) department. Main activities and responsibilities1. Providing and organizing a series of technical training courses and practices for the new platform SGSN. The content includes the knowledge about the new feature, new hardware and software installation and implementation, and new configuration rules, etc. 2. Providing and organizing a series of technical training courses and practices for the new type PS equipment-UAG. The content includes the knowledge about the feature, hardware and software design, installation and implementation, the configuration rules, the service and the protocol, etc. </p> <p> Projects:1. New platform SGSN training project2. UAG training project</p> <p>March 2011 - Feb 2012 | SE (system engineer) for an Operation &amp; Maintenance tool.Huawei Technologies|Shanghai City, China Accountabilities:Taking responsible for tool design. This tool is based on a public platform and will be used on all types of PS equipments, such as SGSN, GGSN, M2000, IGW and MSOFT300, etc. The purpose of the tool is improving the capability and the efficiency for operation and maintenance. Contributions:1. Base on the experience of the maintenance, defining the functions, demands and requirements which tool needs support.2. Providing professional design to guide the tool development activities.3. Designing and Writing Baseline document, to indicate all basic principles for the whole design and development.4. Designing and Writing OR document, to indicate all development items and to evaluate the workload of the whole project.5. Designing and Writing DR document, to indicate all details of functions, demands and requirements. The developer can finish the development task by DR, even without any professional knowledge about PS service and equipment. 6. Managing and monitoring the whole process and related activities. 7. Schedule drawing8. Team building Projects:1. The project obtains a commercial success. Commercial use for global customers is successful.2. The project improves the efficiency of global HUAWEI onsite engineer, by inner using.</p> <p>Apr 2010 Feb 2012 | Liaison officerof TMO in European AreaHuawei Technologies|Shanghai City, China Accountabilities:Engaged in online operation and maintenance of commercial version products and the contact of TMO operators in Europe, I was mainly responsible for network operation and maintenance of TMO customers in several countries, such like Deutschland (TMD) Netherlands (TMNL), Czech Republic (TMCZ), Britain (EE) and Austria (TMA). Contributions1. Providing technical support for customer on various operations on network, such as cutover, expansion, upgrade, new equipment installation and implementation, etc. 2. Providing technical support for customer to improve the KPIs in living network. 3. Trouble shooting, dealing with all kinds of feedback from customers about network issues, analyzing and solving problems. 4. Handling the accident in living network. Providing technical support to solve the critical or urgent issue. Reducing the damage and helping customer to restore the service as soon as possible.5. Distributing the problems to the appropriate problem-solving group. Take as a liaison between customers and headquarter.6. Tracing and monitoring the whole process of the trouble shooting. Intervention in time and solving the problem which blocks the process of trouble shooting.7. Reviewing the final solution scheme of issues.8. Managing the schedule of version or patch for the issue.9. Meeting the demands or requirements from customers.10. Handling inquiry and consulting of customers.11. Monitoring the status of customer's network and considering the stability and security for customer current services in living network. 12. Helping customers to maintenance their network actively.13. Solving customer's complaints and making their satisfaction growing up.14. 24 hours on call duty. Preparing to respond customer for anything in any time.15. Report and pre-warning writing.16. Providing technical training to customer and GTS. Writing training materials such as guide document. </p> <p> Projects:1. Provide maintenance service for all SGSNs Upgrade in TMO. 2. As a technical manager of headquarter, take charge of commercial acceptance project for all SGSN new versions in TMO3. Providing technical support for a global hardware replacement project. </p> <p>Apr 2010 - Feb 2012 | PS benchmark project manager Huawei Technologies|Shanghai City, China Accountabilities:Taking responsible for organizing the monitoring activities for the global PS benchmark data. Contributions1. Managing all team members to collect the benchmark data and upload data to the global benchmark system every month. 2. Allocating manpower to monitor the benchmark data and finish the health check task for global SGSNs every month. 3. Initiating the notification to the customer if any problem is identified during the health check, such as CPU overload. </p> <p> Projects:Global PS benchmark project.</p> <p>Dec 2009 - Mar 2010 | Test Group Leader of O2 acceptance testing Project in Munich, GermanyHuawei Technologies|Shanghai City, China Accountabilities:As equipment and solution vendor, I provide technical support to the customer's living network, for operation &amp; maintenance. And I perform the acceptance test work for the new version in the test bed. I completed the evaluation and test formultiple versions in O2 independently, and the acceptance testing for 2G services before it was put into practice for commercial purpose, thus ensuring the successful pilot of 2G service in O2. Contributions1. Test the newest version of SGSN before the commercial use in O2 network. 2. The testing task contains the platform and the function of SGSN. Finished all test cases about 2G/3G service function. Capturing the bugs, collecting the related logs and shooting the issues by the support of HQ.3. Test the function of Charge Gateway. To validate the availability of CG. Finding the potential problem and making scheme with HQ. </p> <p> Projects:Acceptance testing for 2G service in O2 Project.</p> <p>Sep 2009 - Dec 2009 | Test Group Leader of CMCC acceptance testing in Beijing, ChinaHuawei Technologies|Shanghai City, China Accountabilities:Working in CMCC Research Institute of Beijing, I was responsible for the acceptance testing procedures of new SGSN network product of China Mobile. In the project, I completed IOT test between Huawei SGSN with other PS equipments which comes from more than ten suppliers independently. When problems were found in testing process, I would explain to customers and give feedback to headquarter, and ultimately reached mutual understanding between the customers and headquarter, thus ensuring the successful launch of the product in China Mobile Network. Contributions1. In the academe of CMCC in Beijing, take responsibility for IOT test of SGSN, to get the market access from CMCC.2. During the period, finish the IOT test with more than ten PS equipment suppliers, such as Ericsson, Nokia Siemens, Motorola, etc. The interface that I test includes Gb, Iu, Gr, Gn, Gd, etc.3. For the issue which be found out during the test, make the effective communication with customer, equipment suppliers and HQ. Ensure every issue or problem will be closed in a reasonable period and the success of the market access. </p> <p> Projects:Acceptance testing for new platform SGSN in CMCC Project.</p> <p>Aug 2008 - Sep 2009 | Test Engineer of PS Product (SGSN, Huawei)Huawei Technologies|Shanghai City, China Accountabilities: Working in Contr...</p>


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