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Restorer of Soil Fertility New Hope AssociationMission:To be an institution committed to society, consumers and the environment, meeting the needs through 100% organic products.VisionTo be a model institution in the development of organic products of high quality, nationally recognized, increasing distribution points that can meet the needs of consumers in different regions.Types of Organic FertilizersRaw: - Animal Excreta - Vegetable Waste: pulp, waste crop plants, - Green manure - Effluents

Types of Organic FertilizersProcessed: Organic fertilizers that are processed by some method such as decomposition, fermentation or runoff. You can find them in two types: - Liquids - Solids

Tipos de Abonos OrgnicosLiquids:- Compost Tea - Manure Tea - Biofermento - Effluents

solids: - Compost - Bocashi - Vermicompost

Restorer of Soil Fertility New Hope Association

Restorer of Soil Fertility - Restores Soil Fertility

- Improves soil texture and structure

- Protects the soil from erosion

Lab Results- Analysis of Organic Fertilizer

- Analysis of Our Water Birth

Analysis of Organic Fertilizer General ParametersAppropriate LevelsSoil RestorerCarbon / Nitrogen C/N9.5 - 16.513.29Nitrogen N0.8 - 2.8%1.63%Phosphorus P2O50.3 - 1.7%2.19%Potassium K2O0.9 - 1.9%2.57%Calcium CaO0.8 - 6.9%1.53%Organic Carbon C.O.11 - 34%21.67%Organic Matter M.O.37 - 78%49.00%Analysis of Water Birth

Restorer of Soil Fertility New Hope AssociationHow much to ApplyFlores:Apply pound per mat.Fruit trees:Apply 2 to 4 pounds depending on size.

Location of our Production PlantTziy, PatzicaChimaltenango

New Hope AssociationWebsite:

3ra calle 11-94 zona 1El Tejar, ChimaltenangoPhone: +(502) 7849-0326Fax: +(502) 7849-0326Email:


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