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  2. 2. CAPTURING the RESTORATION The Restored Love Project began in 2014 as a creative model to fight human trafficking through visual stories. We recognize that slavery is a worldwide issue, and that many people and organizations are working hard to heal and restore those who have experienced de- grading degrees of exploitation and abuse. Our vision is to awaken a global community that depicts this de- liverance and hope through the lens of Love.
  3. 3. In the following book we have developed a menu of ideas and projects that Restored Love can use to help grow their organization into something even more incredible. We as a group realize after careful anal- ysis that the main thing Restored Love needs is recognition because as of right now their reach doesnt span much farther than the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University. Our hope is that through these cheap and unique ideas, Restored Love can be- come more socially known and gets the funding that they need to put on the future projects that the creator, Al Prichard, has envisioned. EXECUTIVE SUMMMARY
  4. 4. This initiative was to build up awareness of Restored Love and create more space for people to donate to the cause. The goal was to receive $4,000 in 14 days which was a lofty goal, but achievable through some good marketing to the right audience. The main promotion of this event was through Instagram because Restored Loves presence on this social media platform is the strongest and best represents the goal of the organization. The use of simple visu- als played a significant role into building up excitement for this proj- ect, which ended up working quite nicely. Leading up to Restoration Matters, a countdown was created to build anticipation. Designs for the countdown were suppose to be very simplistic. Also, the countdown was used to show that Restored Love Project is taking initiative and plan- ning ahead on projects. RESTORATION MATTERS
  5. 5. One major thing we as a group noticed about Restored Love was the fact that they as an organiza- tion dont have any major source of letting their avid followers know what things are happening besides social media. We agreed that their needs to be a blog put in place so that Restored Love can build up an emotional con- nection with their followers and let them know all of the amazing achievements that Restored Love is accomplishing from month to month. We already sat down with Restored Loves head writer and have gone over our ideas to start being put in place before next school year begins. For the blog we want it to be unique and show what other peo- ple and organizations are doing to help prevent sex traffick- ing through videos and photos that we send with the blog post. As stated before, there needs to be an emotional connection to what Restored Love is doing so the more photos, videos, and statistics that display powerful statements the better for readers. We think the blog should have two kinds of post. One type would be where the members of the Restored Love Project would write posts. There would be about one post biweekly. In these posts, the members would write about what inspired them to be part of Restored Love, how they use their gifts for the project, what the Lord is teaching them through their work, etc. The other type of posts would be spotting specific orga- nizations who are fighting human trafficking. This would help the Restored Love Project to create relationships with other groups. The post would be spotlighting what the company does that uniquely fights human trafficking. Then, the post would be sent to the company asking them to share it on their social media pages. This would benefit Restored Loves as well, because people will be drawn to their social media, which would be the exact target market they are looking for. Blog Developement
  6. 6. Fundraising is a very difficult thing, especially when people give money and dont feel like they receive anything in re- turn; so two things usually need to happen to ensure more donations occur. The first option is to make a very good emotional connection and show pictures and results for what someones money is going towards to help, which Restored Love is doing through their videos and photog- raphy. The other option is to give them something in return for their giving so that they feel like they are at least receiving something for joining the movement. Choosing to sell merchandise accomplishes the second goal of giving people something in return for their dona- tions and it also accomplishes a few other things. Merchandise with Restored Loves logo on it provides people a reminder of the brand, which keeps them actively engaged. It also serves as a promotional piece because as soon as that person puts on the merchandise for Restored Love they become a walking billboard of the organization. We have decided to choose crew- neck sweatshirts for Restored Loves first product to sell because it hits a wide range of demographics and has a pretty good markup on price. Our first shipment included 45 sweatshirts and are being sold for $15 which will earn the organization $180 in profit. We have also looked into some other options such as hats, t-shirts, and camera straps to really drive home the idea of bringing awareness through pho- tography. They will and have been used in Restored Loves promotional campaigns and right now Al is working on getting a photo shoot of them done to start selling online. MERCHANDISE: sweatshirts There have been a couple of things we have done and have helped plan to do to promote the Restored Love Project on the Indiana Wesleyan University campus. One that was a great success was when Doulos got to- gether with Restored Love to create a sex trafficking simulation where statistics teamed up with visuals to provide students a real glimpse of this terrible issue and also gave them a chance to donate and buy the Restored Love sweat- shirt. Approximately, 202 people walked through the simulation Wednesday April 1st and 36 sweat- shirts were sold. Having an event within the 1920s Gallery is some- thing we have helped plan to happen next year for Restored Love. This will open up the opportunity for a good amount of foot traffic because Restored Love needs to continue to raise awareness of their existence. This event will have iPads in the middle of the gallery that will give students the opportunity to donate without having to pay cash. In the back of the gallery, there will be a TV that will show a short film that helps people to under- stand what Restored Love is all about and there, Al will have the opportunity to speak about what his vision is. IWU PROMOTIONS
  7. 7. PR CHURCH OUTREACH A lot of research has been done to find churches who we believe as a group would be good places for Restored Love to go to and speak with. Having Al share his vision to congre- gations all over Indiana could raise awareness and help them gain the fund- ing they need for certain projects they have coming up. The goal is to line up a church every other week for Al during the summer to go speak with, accept donations from, and sell sweatshirts at. As of right now we have contacted 20 churches and will contin- ue to seek out others that could possibly fit into the summer schedule. The list includes: Lakeview Church College Park Church Life Church College wes Lakeview wes Brookhaven wes church of god Marion Central Indiana Wesleyan Church Nelson Street Wesleyan Westview Wesleyan Sunny Crest Baptist Grace Community Church Exit 59 Skyline Wesleyan Itown Church Fishers church of Christ Crossroads community church Parkview Wesleyan Cypress Wesleyan church Hamburg Wesleyan
  8. 8. PR OUTREACH As Restored Love has expanded there has been more and more people beginning to grow interest into what they are doing. David Crowder is someone who has frequently liked The Restored Love Projects Instagram photos so we as a group have decided to capitalize on this. On Instagram we made a signature photo just for him with a message at- tached to try to get him involved because his sphere of influence has an incredible reach. If Restored Love could even get him to mention them at a couple of his concerts or if they could get him in a photo shoot it would boost their brand and recognition exponentially. Our next step is to do one more message to target him based on his love for dogs, which will be another Instagram pho- to with a message attached. Through this simple PR move Restored Love could make huge advancements so its crucial that it is handled correctly. There are also some other bigger names that have shown an interest in sex traffic awareness that we have laid out for Restored Love to contact as they continue to look for more exposure such as Mudlove, Clayton Jen- nings, John Mark McMillian, and Judah Smith.
  9. 9. GUERILLA MARKETING Two ideas we had while going over cheap options of advertising that would grab peoples attention was doing a sporting event promotion and a sticker awareness advertisement. The sporting event promotion would include getting a group of Restored Love members to go to a Pacers game and request an an- nouncement be made about the organi- zation, which they do for larger parties. All the members would be wearing the distinct Restored Love sweatshirts with a big sign saying, Join the Movement with the Restored Love hashtag below it. This would be a fun event and would get the interest of all the fans there to take a look. The sticker awareness promotion would include creating some sort of visual representation or statistic of the issue of sex trafficking and then going to a heavy foot trafficked area to place the stickers and grab the attention of those walking by. The sticker would have the Restored Love hashtag on it and some sort of call to action so people


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