restaurant interior design trends for 2017

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  • Restaurant Interior Design Trends For 2017

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  • Best Restaurant Interior Design Trends For 2017

    Nowadays along with yummy scrumptious food, customers need a cozy and inviting ambience for an enchanting dining experience. Lack of stylish and appropriate decor makes a restaurant incomplete. Here are the top restaurant interior design trends for 2017.

  • Open Kitchen Designs

    Open kitchens are continuing to gain popularity in the restaurant world. It provides the ultimate dining experience for diners as they become more and more intrigued with cooking and celebrity chefs. Where "chefs tables" were once the hype, open kitchens seem to be on the rise. keep the design and floor plan of the restaurant light and airy and allows the smells of delicious foods to carry throughout.

  • Eco friendly

    Energy efficiency is attractive to restaurant owners for two reasons: it saves them money and patrons support any effort to go green.

    LED lighting and Energy Star-certified equipment alone can cut utility bills and reduce a restaurants environmental impact.

    Many restaurants participate or are planning to participate in comprehensive recycling and compost programs. Others are installing solar panels and filtering systems.

  • The so-called Scandinavian concept

    This look is designed with functionality in mind, because heavy and ornate furniture is difficult to navigate around in a busy restaurant dining room.

    The so-called Scandinavian concept of understated and functional furniture will continue to expand this year. When it comes to furniture, todays patrons seem to prefer simple, clean lines over heavy ornate tables or chairs. Mixing and matching chairs such as wooden seats, benches and stools is becoming ever more popular.

  • Ambient Lighting

    We are seeing more of an emphasis on customized pendant lighting and recessed mood lighting.

    People are viewing lighting as more than just a lighting source, but as artwork!

    in 2017, restaurants are expected to continue to invest in ambient lighting such as pendant lamps, recessed mood lighting, and customized lights to create a sophisticated and alluring atmosphere that attracts customers and adds to their dining experience.

  • Concept and Theme Based Design

    No list would be complete with one of the hottest restaurant design trends to emergeand remainin recent years. Creative design concepts not only set restaurants apart from the crowd but they give customers a distinct experience from the moment they step into the restaurant to the moment they leave. Concepts allow patrons to become part of a story, and that leaves a lasting impression they will seek to repeat.

  • Restaurant Interior Design Trends For 2017

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