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RockRock Magazines: NME, Rolling Stones, Rock Four, KerrangArtists/Bands: Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, Guns and Roses, ACDC, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Muse Key Features: Rock magazines often share the same colour palettes. Their colour is usually black, white and red. The covers are busy, they feature a lot of writing and smaller imagesThis style of magazine suits a very particular group of people who may just be interested on the context of the magazine. This could be why the magazine companies put so much information on the covers. Although this style can sometimes look nice, I prefer to make my magazine more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Country

Country Magazines: Country music, Cowgirl, Rock CountryArtists/Bands: Alan Jackson, Ashley Monroe, Billy Currington, Brad Paisley, Dolly PartonKey Features: A common feature of music magazines is the cowboy hat. A common stereotype associated with country music is that its popular in southern America (e.g Texas, Arizona). The cowboy hat symbolises this stereotype. Another symbol are the cowboy boots.I like this style of magazine because it is an unusual style. However I do not listen to country music nor do I have much of an interest in it and I would struggle to base my magazine on it. (ages: 40 60 men)(ages: 30-70 men and women)

Hip Hop/R&B

Hip hop/R&B Magazines: XXL, HIP HOP, Vibe, The Source, Rap upArtists/Bands: Kanye West, Drake, Eminem, Snoop Dog, Jay-z, Nikki Minaj Key Features: Similar to the rock magazines, Hip Hop/R&B magazines often use the red, white and black theme. Nearly all issues feature a mid/head shot of a celebrity in that genre of music.I really like Hip Hop music and listen to it quite often. However, I think I would struggle to base my magazine on this genre of music as a lot of the successful musicians have a very distinct style that would be hard to recreate with the resources I have.Pop Music

Pop Magazines: Billboard, Top of Pops, we *heart* itArtists/Bands: Katy Perry, One Directions, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Beyonce Key Features: Stereotypically Pop music appeals to younger girls therefore a lot of the magazines are catered to suit their target audience. They include a lot of pink and other bright colours that are associated with feminine interests. A lot the magazines feature pictures of celebrity gossip and other photos to capture the attention of their younger Audience.

I am also very fond of this type of music and listen to it a lot. However I am not a big fan of the style of magazine. Although the colours are nice and successfully capture the audiences attention, I do not believe it is very aesthetically pleasing. I also prefer a more simplistic layout. (ages: 15 35 men and women)(ages: 5 20 women)


Indie Magazines: i-D, Indie, Fader, Clash, WireArtists/Bands: The xx, Birdy, The kooks, Arctic MonkeysKey Features: In most Indie magazines, the title is bold and simple. There is usually a mid sot a model who is wearing quirky or alternative clothes. It usually consists of pale and uted colours. However often there is a theme of block/bold colours, most likely primary colours like blue, red and yellow.This is my favourite style of magazine. They are often very simplistic with only a title, a photo and a small amount of writing. I like this because it isnt too in your face and it looks mature and sophisticated. Over all I have decided I am going to do Indie as my music genre for my magazine. I think that the style of magazine is aesthetically pleasing. I love the simplicity and the fact that there is very little on the covers which immediately draws the readers attention to the photography. I also really enjoy the music and listen to it often and it will interest be researching more about the genre and re-creating some aspects.

Indie is short for individual and I think that this reflects the genre very well. The alternative style of music fully promotes individuality which I love. Early Indie bands developed there name because they created their own music and were not signed to big record companies. Unlike other bands who often produced music to make money, Indie bands produced music they felt passionate about. Not only do indie bands encourage individuality in there music, but they also inspire it through their sense of fashion. I believe that fashion is a big part of the music industry and is well represented on any magazine covers. Another reason I have chosen this genre is because I love the fashion and I believe I will enjoy re-creating some looks for my magazine. (ages: 15 35 men and women)


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