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  1. 1. Research into Folk Music VideosBy Justine Mason
  2. 2. Coco & The Butterfields Fip Fok band combining Folk, Pop and Hip-hop. From Canterbury, Kent. Formed in 2011 Members include: Thomas Twyman (lead vocals,acoustic guitar), Dulcima Showan (vocals, violin),Jamie Smith (beatbox), Micah Hyson (doublebass) and Handsome Rob Wicks (banjo)
  3. 3. WarriorsIntroduction typicalconvention givingcontext to narrativewithin video.Title of song at start ofvideo - typicalconvention introducessong.Narrative typical conventionof folk music videos medieval theme.Cameo performance sing tocamera but not performing goes against typicalconventions.
  4. 4. Lighting mainly set outsidein daytime natural light represent nature andfreedom.Also uses light from bonfire night-time orange glow linksto earthy colour scheme.Editing - at least 10 long shots, 12mid shots and 30 close ups closeups show facial expression andemotion stern, serious typical offolk videos.At least 11 low angle shots and 5 highangle shots low angle shows highstatus of band/artist power/authority.Fast-paced cuts relate to fast-pacedmusic.
  5. 5. Costume earthy colours relate to natural theme of folkgenre.Robin-Hood-esque/Indianwarrior boots, headdress,tribal makeup - relate tomedieval/feudal theme.Knights red, blue colourscheme armour furtherrelates to medieval theme.Location castle, forest, field natural/historic locations typical convention of folkmusic videos - relate tomedieval theme.