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  • R E Q U E S T F O R P R O P O S A L SR E Q U E S T F O R P R O P O S A L S



    2014 June


    Request for Proposals

    Airport Art Competition



    PART I General Information

    Background Airport Owner and the Airport 3 Airport Advertising Philosophy 4

    PART II Definitions 5 PART III Summary 6-8 PART IV Procedures and Requirements

    Pre-Proposal Briefing and Site Visit 9 Submittal Requirements 10 Proposal Evaluation 11 General Terms and Conditions 12-14

    PART V Required Proposal Documents

    Proposal Form 15 General Business Information* 15 General Indemnity 15 Background/Experience 15


    Appendix A Entry Form / Registration 15 Appendix B Photographs of allotted space 16 Appendix C Proposal Form 17 Appendix D Expenditure Statement and Artist Fee 18


    Request for Proposals

    Airport Art Competition



    R E Q U E S T F O R P R O P O S A LR E Q U E S T F O R P R O P O S A L N O R M A N M A N L E Y I N T E R NN O R M A N M A N L E Y I N T E R N A T I O N A L A I R P O R TA T I O N A L A I R P O R T

    A R T C O M P E T I T I O NA R T C O M P E T I T I O N

    PART I - GENERAL INFORMATION AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF JAMAICA The Airports Authority of Jamaica (AAJ) was established in 1974, under the Airports Authority Act (the Act) as a statutory body to manage and operate the Norman Manley International, Sangster International Airport and Ian Fleming International Airport. In 1990, the AAJ was also given the additional operational responsibility for the three domestic aerodromes (Tinson Pen in Kingston, Ken Jones in Portland, Negril in Westmoreland) which were designated as prescribed airports under the Act. The AAJ is guided by its Vision and Mission as stated hereunder:


    To build and sustain a world-class airport system, which facilitates private investment and partnership and positions Jamaicas airports as

    the gateway to the Caribbean and the Americas


    To develop a modern, safe and profitable airport system that is environmentally responsible, provides world-class service, and

    contributes substantially to the national economy while promoting the expansion of air transportation and its related industries

    NORMAN MANLEY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT The Norman Manley International Airport (Airport) is strategically located along the North and South trade routes providing easy access to various international markets. Its location is further enhanced by the close proximity to the nations heartbeat (the capital city, Kingston) and also serves Jamaicas tourism belt of the South and East coasts. The Airport caters to a divergent group of travellers, namely foreign nationals as well as non-resident and resident Jamaicans. Given its proximity to one of the Caribbean's leading commercial and industrial centres, the Airport is of significant importance to the business community and is the primary airport for business travel to and from Jamaica. The arriving passenger mix is approximately 65% local and foreign resident Jamaicans, with tourists (mainly international business visitors currently) comprising the remaining volume.


    Request for Proposals

    Airport Art Competition



    The AAJs art philosophy is to provide innovative and entertaining, where possible, art concepts to all Airport users (primarily passengers and employees). The art work is intended to complement the architectural design and nationally themed elements, aimed at enhancing the image of the Airport as a world-class gateway. It is anticipated that memorable and stimulating Airport experiences will be created for passengers and other users through the execution of the art programme, which will augment passenger facilitation requirements and enable the achievement of customer service expectations. It is of primary importance that the art work is executed to ensure a low clutter environment and to provide synergy with other existing Airport services. Hence art work and messages must not obstruct, overpower, divert attention from or otherwise interfere with Airport directional signage and operation.


    Request for Proposals

    Airport Art Competition



    The following words as used herein shall be construed to have the following meanings, unless otherwise apparent from the context in which they are used: Addendum - Written or graphic instrument that clarifies, corrects, or changes the Request for Proposal documents.

    Airport Norman Manley International Airport located in Kingston, Jamaica.

    Airports Authority of Jamaica - a body corporate established by the Airports Authority Act, 1974.

    Proponent (s) Artist(s) responding to this Request for Proposal (RFP).

    Proposal - The document, including attachments and exhibits, submitted by the Proponent in response to the RFP issued by the AAJ serving as the basis for the award of the contract.

    Selected Proponent The individual or entity selected after the evaluation process that has provided the Proposal that best meets the evaluation criteria and provides the best overall offer for the Board of Directors of the AAJ.

    Terminal/Terminal Building The passenger Terminal Building located at the Airport, including the exterior structures and all related pre- and post-security locations.


    Request for Proposals

    Airport Art Competition


    PART III SUMMARY This Request for Proposal offers the non-exclusive opportunity to Proponents to submit Proposal(s) for the creation of the following Work of Art:

    A Suspended Sculpture for placement inside the Ticketing Hall of the Departure Concourse.

    Proponents may submit multiple Proposals for the work to be commissioned. The Airport Art Competition (Competition) will comprise three stages:

    Stage 1: Submission of Proposals Stage 2: Production of scale models by finalists Stage 3: Commissioning and execution of the selected sculpture

    Proposals will be evaluated by a Selection Panel appointed by the Board of Directors of the AAJ. The panel will select up to FOUR Proposals for advancement to the second stage of the Competition. Finalists will be asked to produce scale models of their proposed sculptures, which will be evaluated by the Selection Panel with a view to selecting a winner for the Competition. The winner of the Competition will be submitted by the Panel to the Airports Authority of Jamaica with a recommendation as to the implementation of the actual commission. The decision of the Selection Panel is final at all stages of the competition. Proponents should note, however, that the AAJ is under no obligation to implement the commission of the winning Proposal. Proponents who wish to submit a Proposal must familiarize themselves with the location for the sculpture commission and must attend at least one of the two mandatory briefing and site visit, which will be held on August 18 & 22. They should also read this document carefully and consider all instructions provided. This Request for Proposal does not constitute an offer. No agreement shall result upon submission of Proposals. The AAJ shall be under no obligation to enter into any agreement in connection with this Request for Proposals. The deadline for submission of Proposals (stage 1 of the Competition) is October 17. Deadlines for stages 2 and 3 (production of scale models and execution of the commission) are at the discretion of the Selection Panel. The Chairman of Directors of the AAJ will communicate with the Selected Proponent(s). STAGE 1: SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS The Entry Form to be completed by all Proponents is attached as Appendix A. COMMISSION - Suspended Sculpture Proponents are being invited to submit a Proposal for a sculptural, site-specific work of art to be placed in an indoor location, specifically, the Ticketing Hall of the Departure Concourse at the Airport. The AAJs Art Committee has determined that this is to be a suspended sculptural work possibly a mobile and consisting of multiple parts for the allotted space as detailed in the photographs attached hereto as Appendix B. Scale drawings of the location are available for viewing at the NMIA, Administration Office. The subject, style, media and format are open to the Proponents interpretation. However, Proponents are encouraged to submit Proposals that are representative of the Jamaican spirit and engage positively and imaginatively with the themes of travel, flight and departure.


    Request for Proposals

    Airport Art Competition


    The proposed sculpture is expected to be fully suspended as it will not be supported from the ground floor level. It should be multi-dimensional; serving to activate the allotted space within the Ticketing Hall, Departure Concourse and its visibility from the following points in the building should be taken into account:

    The lower level of the Ticketing and Departure Concourse The Food Court and Viewing Gallery in the Departure Lounge, on the upper

    floor The curb-s