REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL EUCLID CREEK PUMP Pump Station/Lakeshore Boulevard Relief Sewer project. ... Euclid Creek Pump Station Advanced Facilities Plan Report Exhibit II: Euclid Creek Pump Station

Download REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL EUCLID CREEK PUMP   Pump Station/Lakeshore Boulevard Relief Sewer project. ... Euclid Creek Pump Station Advanced Facilities Plan Report Exhibit II: Euclid Creek Pump Station

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<ul><li><p> Page 1 of 49 </p><p> REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL </p><p> EUCLID CREEK PUMP STATION LAKESHORE BOULEVARD </p><p>RELIEF SEWER </p><p>(ECPS/LBRS) WBS NO. CIP.CM.CSO.E.6.1212 </p><p> June 2011 </p><p> This Request for Proposal (RFP) is being sent to interested engineering firms for pre-design, design, bidding, construction and closeout engineering services for the Euclid Creek Pump Station/Lakeshore Boulevard Relief Sewer project. Proposals for providing these services will be received until the close of business (4:30 P.M.) on Friday, July 29, 2011. Proposals are to be delivered to the following name and address: </p><p> Julius Ciaccia, Executive Director Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District 3900 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115-2504 </p><p> Attn: Kellie Rotunno, Director of Engineering and Construction Late submittals will not be considered. </p><p>A mandatory (for consultants that will submit as a prime) pre-proposal meeting will be held at 10:00 A.M. on Thursday, June 30, 2011 at the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer Districts Environmental and Maintenance Services Center (EMSC), 4747 East 49th Street, Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio. Questions regarding this RFP shall be directed to Mr. Steve Janosko at the pre-proposal meeting or at other times by calling (216) 881-6600, ext. 6446 or e-mailing to The deadline for questions to be received in writing will be 7 calendar days prior to the proposal due date and time, to allow for a response to be provided in the last addendum if necessary. </p></li><li><p> Page 2 of 49 </p><p> The RFP is organized as follows: SECTION 1.0 INTRODUCTION SECTION 2.0 SCOPE OF SERVICES SECTION 3.0 PROPOSAL CONTENT AND FORMAT SECTION 4.0 PROJECT SCHEDULE SECTION 5.0 EVALUATION AND SELECTION PROCESS SECTION 6.0 SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS RFP list of Attachments The following attachments are included in this RFP. Attachment A Project Invoice Standards Attachment B Project Data Standards &amp; Requirements Attachment C NEORSD MBE/WBE Policy Attachment D District Equal Employment Opportunity Form Attachment E Task and Hour Summary Form Attachment F NEORSD Cost Summary Form Attachment G NEORSD Non-Disclosure Agreement Attachment H Owner/Consultant Professional Services Agreement Attachment I NEORSD Anti-Terrorist Affidavit Attachment J NEORSD SWP3 Format Template RFP list of Exhibits The following exhibits are provided for informational purposes in DVD format at the pre-proposal meeting following the Consultant signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement: Exhibit I: Euclid Creek Pump Station Advanced Facilities Plan Report Exhibit II: Euclid Creek Pump Station Advanced Facilities Plan Drawings Exhibit III: Euclid Creek Pump Station &amp; Lakeshore Interceptor Record </p><p>Drawings Exhibit IV Lakeshore Interceptor Manhole/Pipe Inspection &amp; Photo Reports Exhibit V: Easterly CSO Phase II Facilities Plan Excerpts Exhibit VI: Euclid Creek Tunnel Shaft Site 4 Drawings Exhibit VII: Pump Station Design Standards </p></li><li><p> Page 3 of 49 </p><p>1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 PROJECT BACKGROUND </p><p>In 1998, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (the District) undertook the Easterly CSO Phase II Facilities Plan to identify causes of and develop solutions for the activation of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) in the Easterly service district. A system of conveyance and storage facilities were identified to capture combined sewage for treatment in accordance with the USEPA National CSO Policy and the OEPA CSO Control Strategy. The first step taken by the District to implement the Easterly CSO plan was to advance the major components to preliminary design. This effort, called the Easterly Advanced Facilities Plan (AFP), has the following components: </p><p> Storage tunnels Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station Consolidation sewers and Interceptor Relief Euclid Creek Pump Station </p><p>The Easterly storage tunnel system will consist of four tunnels Dugway, Doan, Shoreline and Euclid Creek. The 24-foot diameter Dugway and Euclid Creek rock tunnels are the deepest of the four tunnels. At the confluence of the Dugway and Euclid Creek storage tunnels on the Nine Mile site located immediately southeast of I-90 and west of E. 140th Street, the Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station (TDPS) will pump the captured CSO flows to the Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant for full treatment. Supporting the tunnel storage projects are several consolidation conduits, numerous drop shafts and regulator modifications. The wet weather control components in the Easterly District located east of Euclid Creek are comprised of the Euclid Creek Pump Station (ECPS), and the Lakeshore Boulevard Relief Sewer (LBRS) which are the focus of this RFP. This pump station is located on the north side of Lakeshore Boulevard, immediately east of Euclid Creek and is in the Nottingham area of the City of Cleveland. The station, which was constructed in 1921, was identified to be upgraded and reconfigured due to age as well as operation and maintenance considerations. However, even after upgrade, the ECPS will still only convey the dry weather flow for this service area, and the Long Term CSO improvements for the ECPS service area will not be realized until the Lakeshore Boulevard Relief Sewer (LBRS) is constructed. This sewer will convey wet weather flow from the ECPS service area that exceeds the pump station peak rated capacity of 3.75 MGD to the Euclid Creek Storage Tunnel (ECT) until the 5-year, 6-hour storm flows are reached or the volume of the tunnel is exceeded. The LBRS will convey these controlled flows to the Euclid Creek Tunnel ECT-4 baffle drop shaft located on Lakeshore Boulevard west of Euclid Creek. The ECT and associated drop structure at ECT-4 are scheduled to be constructed in the next 4 years. Flows exceeding this rate or storage capacity would result in an overflow event from the LBRS-ECPS system via existing CSO 239 to Euclid Creek. </p></li><li><p> Page 4 of 49 </p><p>EXISTING ECPS AND LAKESHORE INTERCEPTOR SEWER SYSTEM CONDITIONS: The ECPS is located in the City of Cleveland on the east side of the Easterly District. The 470-acre service area, shown in Figure 1, is comprised mostly of residential properties with some commercial areas. Figure 2 shows the complete ECT alignment which carries flows to the Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station during wet weather events and sends the flow to the Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant (EWWTP). Wastewater collected by local sewers, which are owned and maintained by the City of Cleveland, discharge into the District-owned Lakeshore Interceptor (LSI). Flow in the interceptor on the east side of Euclid Creek is discharged to the ECPS, which pumps the flow via a 12 ductile iron force main to a manhole on East 174th Street. This manhole is identified as MH 11073 on Sheet C-1 of the ECPS AFP drawings and SSMH 2974 on Sheet SP.400 of the Euclid Creek Tunnel bid documents. The outlet on this manhole is a 24 diameter gravity sewer. This 24 diameter sewer runs south and discharges to a No. 5 egg-shaped sewer at the intersection of East 174th Street and Nottingham Road (see SSMH 2685 on Sheet SP.400). The egg-shaped sewer (aka the LSI) runs west under Nottingham Road and then Lakeshore Boulevard. The ECPS/LSI collection system was originally designed as a separate sanitary system and has a limited capacity to convey wet weather flows. Flow monitoring and hydraulic modeling conducted as part of the Easterly CSO Phase II Facilities Plan indicated that the area is subject to high levels of inflow and infiltration with rainfall-runoff captures in the range of 15% to 40% which is more typical of a combined sewer system. Due to the high wet weather response, the ECPS/LSI collection system is subject to surcharging during small wet weather events and therefore prone to frequent surface and basement flooding problems. Flows in excess of the ECPS/LSI collection system capacities are relieved to Lake Erie at permitted CSO 208 and to Euclid Creek at permitted CSO 239. CSO 208 receives overflow from regulators L-21 and L-35 which are located north of Lakeshore Boulevard along Park Drive and Crestland Road, respectively. CSO 239 receives overflows from regulator L-39 which is located on the LSI just upstream of its connection to the ECPS wet well and acts as an emergency overflow to protect the EPCS from flooding. Overall, the collection system overflows via CSOs 208 and 239 approximately 40 times in a typical year based on previous CSO Phase II modeling results. These outfalls are the closest overflow points to the Euclid Beach recreation area. The exterior dimensions of the ECPS are 32 feet N-S and 26 feet E-W. The PS has two interior spaces - a 23 foot by 7 foot wet well and a 23 foot by 20.5 foot dry well. The dry well has a pump motor floor at grade, a partial intermediate grated level, and a basement pump floor. The pump floor is 24 feet below the motor floor. The wet well has a landing at grade and a floor 13 feet below the landing providing access to a screen that requires manual cleaning. Flow enters the ECPS wet well through its south wall via a 24 diameter sewer. Flow exits the pump station through its south wall via a 12 diameter force main. Photographs 1-1 and 1-2 depict the pump station from the south and north, respectively. Photographs 1-3 through 1-8 depict the interior of the pump station. </p></li><li><p> Page 5 of 49 </p><p>The ECPS was originally equipped with two (2) cast-iron ejectors that pushed the sewage through the force main under the creek and into the downstream collection system. These abandoned ejectors are still in the pump station and shall be removed under this contract to obtain more working space. ECPS has undergone several mechanical upgrades, the most recent of which occurred in the 1990s. Pumping is currently handled by two Yeoman P4010 Model 8ML5 pumps dated August and September 1983. The vertical pumps have 8-inch diameter suction and discharge lines. Both have 870 RPM, 15 horsepower Toshiba motors that operate on a voltage of 220. The pumps are rated for 1,000 gpm at 34-feet of discharge head. The Lakeshore Interceptor is a 20 vitrified clay pipe increasing to 24 and 30 in the last two reaches upstream of the pump station. Depth from grade to sewer invert varies with ground elevation, and ranges from approximately 10 to 20 feet. Additional information on the Lakeshore Interceptor can be found in the exhibits to this RFP. SSMO has indicated that this sewer has a hydraulic issue as the LSI makes a 90 degree turn as it enters the ECPS. This hydraulic issue should be further investigated and potentially incorporated into the design plans to increase capacity and reduce grit build up for future dry weather flows. Geotechnical data is limited away from the ECT Shaft 4 site. A boring (EC-PS-101) performed on the ECPS site at Elev. 586 identified about 38 feet of overburden underlain by shale. The log for this boring is contained in the ECPS AFP Report. Several borings (including ECS-102, AP-009, AP-010) were performed near the location of ECT Shaft 4. These borings, at Elev. 602 to 603, identified about 55 to 60 feet of overburden underlain by shale. </p></li><li><p>")</p><p>")</p><p>")")</p><p>")</p><p>")</p><p>")</p><p>")</p><p>")</p><p>")")</p><p>")</p><p>")</p><p>")</p><p>")</p><p>")</p><p>")</p><p>")</p><p>[</p><p>Euclid Creek</p><p>C i t y o f E u c l i dC i t y o f E u c l i d</p><p>C i t y o f C l e v e l a n dC i t y o f C l e v e l a n d</p><p>90</p><p>Lake Shore Blvd</p><p>Neff Rd</p><p>St Clair Av</p><p>e</p><p>Waterloo Rd</p><p>E Park Dr</p><p>Grovewood Ave</p><p>Lakeland B</p><p>lvd</p><p>Ball Ave</p><p>N Lakeland </p><p>Blvd</p><p>Nottingham Rd</p><p>Cherokee Ave</p><p>Miller Ave</p><p>Fuller Ave</p><p>Arbor Ave</p><p>Harland Ave</p><p>Shawnee Ave</p><p>Goller Ave</p><p>E 156t</p><p>h St</p><p>Morris Ave</p><p>Priday Ave</p><p>Kildeer Ave</p><p>Pasnow Ave</p><p>Pawnee Ave</p><p>E 176t</p><p>h St</p><p>Mohawk Ave</p><p>E 174t</p><p>h St</p><p>Locherie Ave</p><p>Meredith Ave</p><p>Wilmore Ave</p><p>Muskoka Ave</p><p>Chardon Rd</p><p>Newton Ave</p><p>Nicholas Ave</p><p>Kewanee Ave</p><p>Monterey Ave</p><p>Tungsten R</p><p>d</p><p>Renwood Ave</p><p>Westport Ave</p><p>E 188t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 168t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 167t</p><p>h St</p><p>Marcella Rd</p><p>Naumann Ave</p><p>E 177t</p><p>h St</p><p>Arrowhead Ave</p><p>Windward Rd</p><p>E 185t</p><p>h St</p><p>Parkgrove Ave</p><p>Hiller Ave</p><p>Landseer Rd</p><p>S Waterloo</p><p> Rd</p><p>Abby Ave</p><p>Chickasaw Ave</p><p>Trebec Ave</p><p>E 171s</p><p>t St</p><p>Bel la Dr</p><p>E 169t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 200t</p><p>h St</p><p>Dorche</p><p>ster Dr</p><p>Schenely Ave</p><p>Canterbury Rd</p><p>Dillewood RdE 1</p><p>95th S</p><p>t</p><p>Brazil Rd</p><p>E 197t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 212t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 170t</p><p>h St</p><p>Tyronne Ave</p><p>Mohican Ave</p><p>S Lakesh</p><p>ore Blvd</p><p>Ormiston Ave</p><p>Lincoln Dr</p><p>Crestland Rd</p><p>Ingleside Rd</p><p>N Vine Ave</p><p>E 207th St</p><p>Surrey</p><p> Ln</p><p>Cornwall Rd Carol AveMilan Ave</p><p>Recher Ave</p><p>Damon AvePythias AveCorsica Ave</p><p>E 214t</p><p>h St</p><p>Hillgrove Rd</p><p>E 178t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 179t</p><p>h St</p><p>Rosecliff Rd</p><p>E 209th StHoo</p><p>ver Rd</p><p>Glenfield Rd</p><p>Lindbergh Ave</p><p>Tarrymore Rd</p><p>Huntmere Ave</p><p>E 194th StLa Salle Rd</p><p>Lanken Ave</p><p>E 189t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 175t</p><p>h St</p><p>Delavan Rd</p><p>E 210th St</p><p>E 173r</p><p>d St</p><p>E 172n</p><p>d St</p><p>Ljublja</p><p>na Dr</p><p>Magnolia Dr</p><p>E 191st St</p><p>E 190th St</p><p>E 208th St</p><p>Lakeside Pl</p><p>Park Ave</p><p>Lakepo</p><p>rt Rd</p><p>Maplecliff Rd</p><p>E 213t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 205t</p><p>h St</p><p>Mozina DrE 1</p><p>93rd S</p><p>t E 203</p><p>rd Pl</p><p>Edgerton </p><p>Rd</p><p>Creekvi</p><p>ew Dr</p><p>Virginia Ave</p><p>Euclid Bea</p><p>ch Blvd</p><p>Underwood Ave</p><p>Brian AveCroyde</p><p>n Ave</p><p>E 211t</p><p>h St</p><p>Humphrey Ct</p><p>Gorse Dr</p><p>Dorchest</p><p>er Dr</p><p>E 193r</p><p>d St</p><p>E 210t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 197t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 169t</p><p>h St</p><p>Schenely Ave</p><p>E 190t</p><p>h St</p><p>Chickasaw Ave</p><p>Rosecliff RdNaumann Ave</p><p>E 200t</p><p>h St</p><p>Lake Erie</p><p>1 in = 1,500 ft</p><p>ECPS/LSRS[ Existing ECPS") Existing District Regulator</p><p>Existing District Sewer PipeExisting District CSO PipeCombined SewerSanitary SewerStorm SewerCulverted StreamECPS Service AreaCommunity Boundary</p></li><li><p>[ Euclid Creek</p><p>Nine Creek</p><p>C i t y o f E u c l i dC i t y o f E u c l i d</p><p>C i t y o f C l e v e l a n dC i t y o f C l e v e l a n d</p><p>C i t y o f C i t y o f B r a t e n a h lB r a t e n a h l</p><p>90 Euclid Ave</p><p>Lake Shore Blvd</p><p>C hardon Rd</p><p>St Clair A</p><p>ve</p><p>E 222n</p><p>d St</p><p>Neff Rd</p><p>S Waterloo</p><p> Rd</p><p>E 152n</p><p>d St</p><p>E 140t</p><p>h St</p><p>Lakeland B</p><p>lvd</p><p>Highland Rd</p><p>N Lakeland </p><p>Blvd</p><p>Saranac Rd</p><p>Miller Ave</p><p>Coit Rd</p><p>E 215t</p><p>h St</p><p>Glenridge Rd</p><p>Grovewood Ave</p><p>E Park Dr</p><p>Ball Ave</p><p>Chardon Rd</p><p>London Rd Wayside RdKipling A</p><p>ve</p><p>Lake Sho</p><p>re Blvd</p><p>Tungsten R</p><p>d</p><p>Tracy AveNicholas Ave</p><p>Fuller Ave</p><p>Goller Ave</p><p>Arbor Ave</p><p>Cherokee Ave</p><p>Morris Ave</p><p>E 167t</p><p>h St</p><p>Priday Ave</p><p>Harland Ave</p><p>Shawnee Ave</p><p>Crystal Ave</p><p>Green Rd</p><p>Kildeer Ave</p><p>E 161s</p><p>t St</p><p>Waterloo Rd</p><p>Roseland </p><p>Ave</p><p>E 210th St</p><p>Pasnow Ave</p><p>E 147t</p><p>h St</p><p>Wilmore Ave</p><p>E 176t</p><p>h St</p><p>Mohawk Ave</p><p>E 174t</p><p>h St</p><p>Locherie AveMeredith Ave</p><p>Westport Ave</p><p>Huntmere Ave</p><p>Darwin Ave</p><p>Muskoka Ave</p><p>Westropp Ave</p><p>Holmes Ave</p><p>Newton Ave</p><p>Kewanee Ave</p><p>Monterey AveRenwood Ave</p><p>Naumann Ave</p><p>Parkgrove Ave</p><p>E 149t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 141s</p><p>t St</p><p>E 146t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 144t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 191st St</p><p>Dille Rd</p><p>Sagam</p><p>ore Dr</p><p>Marcella Rd</p><p>E 143r</p><p>d St</p><p>E 177t</p><p>h St</p><p>Arrowhead AveE 1</p><p>50th S</p><p>t</p><p>E 185t</p><p>h St</p><p>Windward Rd</p><p>Avalon Rd</p><p>Catalpa Rd</p><p>Ivan Ave</p><p>E 187t</p><p>h St</p><p>Syracuse</p><p> Ave Nottingham Rd</p><p>E 193rd St</p><p>Hiller Ave</p><p>Landseer Rd</p><p>Argus Ave</p><p>E 173rd St</p><p>Arms Ave</p><p>Rudyard Rd</p><p>Trafalgar Ave</p><p>Cliffview Rd</p><p>E 195th St</p><p>E 148th St</p><p>Hillview Rd</p><p>Milton Ave</p><p>Hilltop</p><p> Rd</p><p>Abby Ave</p><p>Mandalay A</p><p>ve</p><p>E 196th St</p><p>Chickasaw Ave</p><p>Burgess Rd</p><p>Upper Valley Dr</p><p>E 162n</p><p>d St</p><p>North St</p><p>Kelso Ave</p><p>Ozark Ave</p><p>Ridpath Ave</p><p>Pontiac Dr</p><p>Trebec Ave</p><p>E 221s</p><p>t St</p><p>E 171s</p><p>t St</p><p>E 160t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 194th St</p><p>Bella Dr</p><p>E 169t</p><p>h St</p><p>Hadden RdJenne Ave</p><p>E 227th St</p><p>E 218t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 200t</p><p>h St</p><p>E 224t</p><p>h St</p><p>Roselan</p><p>d Rd</p><p>Darley Ave</p><p>Schenely Ave</p><p>Lucknow Ave</p><p>E 151st St</p><p>E 226t</p><p>h St</p><p>E...</p></li></ul>