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Mining Investment Opportunities in South Sudan Hosted by Dr Andu Ezbon Adde, Under Secretary Mining Mining On Top: Africa - London Summit 24-26 June 2014 | London


  • 1. REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN MINISTRY OF PETROLEUM & MINING JUBA MINING INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN SOUTH SUDAN Dr. Andu Ezbon Adde Undersecretary for Mining Presentation at Round table Discussion in Mining on Top: Africa- London Summit

2. INTRODUCTION LOCATION OF SOUTH SUDAN IN AFRICA RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN THE MINISTRY OF PERTOLEUM AND MINING THE MINING OPPORTUNITY IMPLEMENTATION OF THE MINING ACT OF 2012 RANGE OF MINING LICENSES MINING SECTOR A TOOL TO DEVELOPMENT OF OTHER INDUSTRIES ARTISANAL GOLD WORKING INVESTMENT IN INDUSTRIAL MINERALS /BUILDING MATERIALS PROCESSES OF ACQUIRING A MINERAL CONCESSION IN SOUTH SUDAN LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR MINERALS IN SOUTH SUDAN CONCLUSION 3. South Sudan is rich in Mineral resources with over 20 different types of Minerals with Gold being the Most important . The others are Copper , Iron Ores ,Bauxite Lead , Zinc, Manganese ,Nickel , Cobalt, diamonds, Uranium, etc South Sudan is establishing a legal and regulatory environment which includes competitive and open bidding, new licensing frameworks, EITI principles, and HSE assessments, among other components allowing the private sector to embark on greenfield opportunities and service existing operations in South Sudans mineral resources frontier. INTRODUCTION 4. Establishment of mining license cadastre system based on international standards. 5. The mineral wealth of South Sudan is in the very early stages of exploration offering green field for opportunities 6. Establishment of mining license cadastre system based on international standards. Establishment that an Exploration License Title Holder with an economic find has the exclusive right to apply for a Mining License (Security of Tenure). Provision of one of the lowest tax jurisdictions in sub-Saharan Africa with a maximum statutory rate of 20%, simple and transparent depreciation for capital investment, and 5-year loss carry-forwards. Option equity for the Government of South Sudan, up to 15% stake in large scale mining operations. Relinquishment or formalization of illegal operations. Implementation of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EATI). 7. License Planned Duration Area Extension Reconnaissance 26 2 years Maximum of 25,000 sq. km and Minimum of 10 sq. km Not extendable Exploration 94 5 years Maximum of 2,500 sq. km and Minimum of 10 sq. km Renewable for 2 terms of 5 years each Large Scale Mining 2 25 years As required by the Mining Operation 20 years each Small Scale Mining 215 10 years 1 sq. km Renewable for 10 years Artisanal Mining License 200 1 year 1 sq. km Must be renewed annually Operating in South Sudan also provides market access to Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA) and international markets of European Union (EU), General Systems Preference (GSP), and American Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) 8. Gold mining, both in the form of artisanal and small scale operations for job creation and of industrial scale, commercial operations, based on identification of world-class underground deposits. Massive scale of Industrial mineral quarrying for building and road construction (>100 mil m3) Opening of lime quarries and the construction of kilns for the manufacture of cement Opening quarries and the associated rough stone cutting installations for marble/decorative stones. Finish cutting and polishing facilities can be added as a follow-on phase. Gemstone mine e.g. diamonds Provision of required infrastructure equipment and experience for the Mining Directorate: Development and implementation of a digital mining cadastre system Capacity building Working with partners for practical experience 9. The Natives are engaged in rewarding Gold working Current gravels Concealed gravels Eluvium Weathered rocks The Secondary Gold is 800- 900 fine with 4-11% Silver. 10. Choose the mineral (s) of your interest, from our vast mineral occurrences. Choose the area, preferably after a reconnaissance study on the ground, complete with its coordinates. Register your Company in South Sudan and obtain all legal documents and prepare your work plan program in accordance to the Ministry of Petroleum and Minings requirements. Consult with the Cadastral Office in the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining, to check if the area of your interest is free and then apply. Pay the prescribed fees after being awarded the block by a Committee and then mobilise the resources for the work. Head to your Concession after presenting your work program and budget to the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining for discussion and approval. The State Governor, the County Commissioner, the Payam Administrator plus the Boma Chief all line up in that order to receive and give support to the Investor now considered as a Family member. Throughout the investment period the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining assigns competent geologists to work with the Company and be the link between the Company, Community and the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining to ensure smooth operations. 11. High demand for Construction Materials in South Sudan Marble/Limestone for Cement Manufacture found in four main areas in South Sudan. High Concentration of CaO(>50% ) and Low Concentration MgO(


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