renaissance & reformation section what does renaissance mean? rebirth in learning

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Renaissance & ReformationSectionWhat Does Renaissance Mean?

Rebirth in LearningWhere did it Begin? Why? List 3 advantages this place hadCities (Ideas)Merchants (Money- Patrons)Classic Heritage (Roman Ruins all around them)Which group began to rival the powerful Noble Class

The Merchants (created their own wealth)Power of the individualHow did the Medici become patrons of the arts?

By paying artist to create ARTGave them a Salary and HousingWhere did the artist & Scholars draw their inspiration from?

The Classic Roman RuinsThey were all around themKnow thatHumanist suggested that you could enjoy lifes pleasures without offending God

What is a Renaissance Man?

A person skilled in many areas of study

Example:Artist, poet, scholar, musicians, fighter, horseman and moreWhat were major causes of the Reformation?

Corruption in the Catholic Church (Display of wealth)Priest having kidsThe selling of indulgencesWhat occupation did Martin Luther have?

MonkWhat is an Indulgence?

A Pardon from punishment for a persons sins(Buy your way to Heaven)What were the 95 thesis? List the three main Ideas

Faith in Jesus was the only salvationTeachings should be based on the BibleAll people of faith were equal(did not need priest)

What did the Pope do?

Excommunicate Luther

How did Luther respond?

Threw the Popes decree into a fireWhat did Luther do with the New Testament?

Translated it into German(Now anybody could read it)Not just PriestIn what language did they lead services?


What is a Protestant?

A person who protest the ChurchWhat did Henry VIII need?

An male Heir to the ThrownHe broke away from the Church because the Pope would not grant him an annulment of his marriage


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