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Renaissance Art Italian and Northern Renaissance Art Slide 2 Transition from Byzantine to Renaissance Old Man-Jesus. Sortof Man-Jesus. Baby-Jesus. Slide 3 Architecture of the Quattrocento Brunelleschis Duomo in Florence Built between 1420- 1436 Utilized principles of Classical architecture Solved the issue of Florences wounded pride Slide 4 San Lorenzo - Brunelleschi Reflects a return to Classical columns Corinthian columns Commissioned by the Medici Slide 5 Sculpture of the Quattrocento Baptistery Doors Competition Panels Ghiberti and Brunelleschi (1402-3) Slide 6 Lorenzo Ghibertis Scultpure Slide 7 Quattrocento Painting Masaccio painted much more lifelike figures Also, he included very human expressions GET OUT! Bummer. Stupid stupid stupid Slide 8 Quattrocento Painting Fra Filippo Lippis Madonna and Child (1455) and Fra Angelicos Annunciation (1445) Yoyoure knocked up oh, and Gods the baby daddy. WT*? Slide 9 Later Quattrocento Sculpture Donatellos David (1446-60) Natural portrayal of youth Contrapposto classical stance Provocative feather on boy-thigh. Oh so naughty! Slide 10 Late Quattrocento Painting Sandro Botticellis Venus and Mars (1483) Pagan themes more common Power of love defeats the warrior Most likely commissioned for a wedding Im le tired Slide 11 And more Botticelli! Birth of Venus (1484-1486) Merger of Classical and Christian themes And from the severed gonads of Uranus, I bring youVenus! Slide 12 High Renaissance Art Leonardo, the consumate Luomo Universale Painter, sculptor, scientist, engineer, etc. In touch with, but very detached from humanity sacks for food/fillers up of privies Perfect triangular composition - science and painting? Slide 13 Leonardos Masterpiece Judas betrayal Composition 3s Look dudesall I have to give you to eat is my body and bloodtake it or leave it. I thought I saw a White Castle back thereAnyone? What? No cocktail weenies? Ill take mine with some fava beans and a nice chianti. Slide 14 Michelangelo Truly suggests a divine aspect of man Glorifies human form Im not touching youuuuuuuuuu! Slide 15 More Michelangelo Glorifies human form Idea of small overcoming large Power of the Florentine Republic as the underdog Reallybighands. Slide 16 Jan Van Eyck Adoration of the Mystic Lamb (Ghent) Slide 17 Albrecht Durer Slide 18 Bruegels Fight Between Carnival and Lent (1559)


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