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Renaissance Art & Architecture . The Rebirth of Classical Ideas. Background & Phases. 1050 1350 Population growth Economic development City states 1200 late 1500s Artistic achievement. Bellini: Sacra Conversazione. Intellectual Development. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Renaissance Art & Architecture The Rebirth of Classical Ideas

  • Background & Phases1050 1350Population growthEconomic developmentCity states 1200 late 1500sArtistic achievementBellini: Sacra Conversazione

  • Intellectual DevelopmentHumanism: Glorify Human Form & PotentialRevival of classical antiquityIndividualismSecular focus

    Titian: Assumption of the Virgin

  • Renaissance ItalyCity-StatesPower PeopleMedici (F)Este (Ferrara)Sforza (M)Doge (V)Pope (PS)

  • FlorenceCommerce / TradeBanking: MediciTextilePatronage

  • Renaissance Art: TechniquesReligious >> Secular subjectsRealistic PerspectiveMovementSymmetryProportionGhirlandiao: Adoration of the Shepherds

  • Medieval v. Renaissance MedievalFlatReligiousStaticRenaissance3-DSecular / Human focusMovementGhirlandaio: Angel Appearing to Zacharias

  • Giotto de Bondone: The Mourning of ChristFlorentine School * Fresco * Individuals

  • Massaccio: Tribute MoneyFlorentine School * Perspective * Realism

  • Sandro Botticelli: Madonna of the Magnificat Expression Botticelli Face EmotionalDouble focal points: Crown + Book

  • Major Artists: Ninja Turtles! Raphael Michelangelo Donatello Leonardo

  • Raphael: Pope Leo X with Two Cardinals 1518 Vatican Murals Commissioned by Pope Julius IILeo X = Julius II successorFocal Point = Face

  • Raphael: The School of AthensIn the Vatican: Stanza della SignaturaBlending of Greek + RenaissanceSymmetryPerspectiveDepthLight

  • Leonardo da VinciRenaissance ManMulti-talentedAnatomy, mechanics, art, astronomy, weaponryChina?

  • Leonardo: The Last SupperFresco * Symmetry * Individual Expression

  • Leonardo: Mona LisaSymmetrySfumatoBlur BlendMysteryThe Grin

  • Leonardos NotebooksVetruvian ManAnatomy advances painting & sculpture

  • Michelangelo: Sistine ChapelM = sculptor, painter, architectCommissioned by Pope Julius II 1508Scaffold, personally completedOld & New Testament reflects the Renaissance Era

  • Renaissance SculptureClassical Realism Free standingMarble & BronzeFull body, busts & reliefs

  • Humanism & IndividualityIndividuality portrayed in details

  • Ghibertis Doors - Florence1423, Florentine, he was only 23!Bronze cast + gilding20 yrs N doors25 yrs E doorsCreationRealism

  • Donatellos DavidFree standing nudeProportion of human form5 tall, After beating Goliath

  • Michelangelos DavidMarble16 tallDetailsAs David decides to battle GoliathClassical style, details

  • Renaissance ArchitectureColumnsArchDomeHarmony via proportionThe Circle is keyMath!

  • Church & ArchitectureRCC builds to draw peopleTells the Biblical narrativeVisual & Symbolic

  • Church Architecture: FlorenceSanta Maria del Fiore begun 1294 by Arnolfo di Cambio, died 1302Began cupola (cup shaped dome)

  • Church Architecture: FlorenceFilippo Brunelleschi, 1418 figured out how to complete ever decreasing circles with ribs to bear weightScaffolding upwards

  • Church Architecture: St. PetersMichelangelo hired by Pope Paul III in 1546 worked until death in 1564Inside St. Peters:High AltarNave CeilingRoman arches Under DomeSingle dome with arch support

  • Church Architecture: Bramantes TempiettoRenaissance Greatest ArchitectCommissioned by K+Q of Spain: Ferdinand & IsabellaSt. Peters death siteDoric columns + Roman dome, 15 diameter

  • Renaissance Writers Voice of Humanism Dante Alighieri Petrarch Boccaccio - Castiglione

  • Renaissance WritersDante 1265-1321Divine Comedy AllegoryVernacularPetrarch 1304-1374Sonnets in ItalianBoccaccio 1313-1375Decameron = PlagueCastiglione 1478-1529The Courtier = model

  • Northern Renaissance Began in Flanders >> HollandErasmus 1466-1536: reconcile Christian character w/ Humanism Colloquies, Adages, new Bible A. Drer Hans Holbein (Young) van Eyck

  • Northern RenaissanceDrer (G) 1471-1528WoodcutsMass MarketingHolbein the Younger (G) 1497-1543Portraits, Henry VIIIExpressions Van Eyck (Flem) 1390-1441Oil Paint developerRealism possible

  • English Renaissance: Elizabethan EraG. ChaucerCanterbury Tales: VernacularSir Th. MoreUtopia: Ideal place of virtueSpenserFaerie Queen: OdeMarlowe = playsShakespeareComedy, tragedy, morality

  • Renaissance ImpactGenius of humanity all at once why?Changed art & architecture foreverIndividualism drives future thought


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