renaissance age period of rebirth and achievement

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  • Renaissance AgePeriod of Rebirth andAchievement

  • When you hear the names Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello you should not just think of They are the names of important people from the period called the Renaissance.

  • I. What does Renaissance mean? REBIRTH

  • II. Why does the Renaissance begin in Italy?Renaissance in ItalyRome was the center of Roman History.Trade revived quicklyWealthy merchants became patrons to artists. Italy recovered quickly from the plague

  • Lorenzo MediciInfluential patron from wealthy business familysupported many artists like Michelangelo

    Florence, ItalyPatron- financial supporterMichelangelo lived in his palace and met other artists

  • Humanism- emphasis on individual uniqueness and worth.

    Perspective was used by Renaissance artists to create dimension and depth.1 point Perspective2 Point PerspectiveIV. Important Terms

  • Leonardo Da VinciArtist, inventor, botanist

  • Renaissance man Influenced many other artists. Dissected corpses to learn about the body (to paint realistically).

  • He designed early versions of: Helicopter, Tank, Parachute, Hang Glider, Pedometer, Submarine and many other inventions.


  • Mona Lisa

  • The Last Supper

  • Michelangelo Painter, sculptor, architect, poetStarted sculpting at age 14. Studied anatomy, dissected corpses

  • FOR MORE INFO...Works:The Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

    Fresco- painting on fresh plaster

  • The Creation of AdamThe Sistine ChapelMichelangelo

  • The Last Judgment

  • Ever seen these angels?Michelangelo painted them on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

  • PietaMosesBy Michelangelo

  • St. Peters Basilica in Rome The dome was designed by Michelangelo. OutsideInsideIdeas were based on Roman and Greek architectural elements.

  • D. Donatello -Sculptor (Not only a Ninja Turtle)DavidMade of bronzeMichelangelos version

  • FOR MORE INFO...Raphael- painterBlended Christian and classical stylesThe School of Athens

  • The Chess Game

    Self Portrait

    Sofonisba Anguissola- painter Bold, realistic portraitsCourt painter for Philip II of Spain

  • VI. Writers

    Niccolo Machiavelli Observed kings at courtWrote The Prince- a How To book to get and keep power as a ruler

    Baldassare Castiglione Played music, studied lit. and historyWrote The Book of the Courtier- about how to act as a noble

  • The Renaissance moves north 100 years after it began in Italy.

    Northern Europe recovered from the Plague more slowly. Northern Renaissance

  • called the German Leonardo. Studied in Italy and spread ideas North engravingsPrintspaintings

    Albrecht Durer - Artist

  • Hubert and Jan van Eyck- Flemish painters

    The Virgin of Chancellor Wedding Portrait

    developed oil paints and painted realistic scenes.

  • Jan Van Eyck: Arnolfini Wedding Portrait

  • The Peasant WeddingPeasant Dance

    Pieter Bruegel- artist influenced Flemish paintersUsed vibrant colors to paint peasant life.

  • Peter Paul Rubens mixed realistic style with the classical themes.

  • Erasmus- Dutch writerHumanistWanted the Bible translated into the vernacular (every day language) and Church Reforms

    Wrote new edition of Bible in Greek and Latin

  • Sir Thomas More- writerWrote Utopia (book to describe ideal society) Wanted social and economic reforms No Private Property Education For All Justice is used to end crime

  • William Shakespeare : PlaywrightCreated 1700 new words

    wrote 37 plays in 23 years

    BedroomLonelyGenerousGloomyHeartsickHurry SneakRomeo and JulietMacBethHamlet

  • Miguel de Cervantes- Spanish writerDon Quixote (the book Man of La Mancha is based on)

    Wrote the first modern novel

  • Johannes Guttenberg- German inventorImproved moveable type invented the printing pressThe Guttenberg Bible

  • How did the printing press impact Europe?Literacy increasedKnowledge and ideas spreadBooks were cheaper and easier to makeSchools were built to teach children how to read and write


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