Remove dark lines under eyes and puffy dark circles

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Remove Dark Lines Under Eyes and Puffy Dark Circles

The fact is that almost everyone gets dark lines under eyes from time to time. This is a condition that can affect anyone, be it women, men and even children, no matter their age. The puffy dark circles are believed to be frequently hereditary. This means that in case your mother or father have dark circles you are most likely to have them as well.

In most of the cases, it is the lack of sleep and tiredness which are the main causes of puffy dark circles as well as dark lines under eyes. This means that a good nights sleep is natures best beauty treat. When we are well - rested as well as less stressed, our skin tends to enter its growth and repair cycle. Lack of sleep tends to cause the skin to become paler as well as reduce the blood circulation, making the blood vessels become more visible through the skin. Lack of proper sleep over long periods of time will only make the puffy dark circles more difficult to remove.

The dark lines under eyes can be hereditary. Other causes for puffy dark circles are allergies, lack of sleep, nasal congestion as well as fluid retention and dehydration. These may be caused due to iron deficiency, as well as due to aging and stress besides poor diet, smoking, extreme weight loss as well as chronic sinusitis. The puffy dark circles also have other causative factors such as lack of vitamin K, engorged blood vessels besides broken capillaries in the skin and excessive sun exposure.

Anemia tends to cause a blush tinge below the eyes. The skin usually looks pale and the area which is around the eyes looks darker. Hence, include foods such as red meats, green vegetables, besides beans, raisins, eggs, as well as whole-grain breads that contain iron in your diet in case you are deficient in iron.