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<ul><li> 1. Remove Dark Circles under Your EyesDo you look at yourself every morning into the mirror and become a tad bit sad at the sight ofthe dark circles surrounding your eyes? Worry not, because you have company.When Clinique, a famous cosmetics company carried out a survey in 2006, about half thewomen interviewed said they had the same problem as you- puffiness and dark circlessurrounding the eyes. The survey could have been conducted just about anywhere on theplanet and the result would have been the same, i.e., women everywhere find this to be abeauty problem, most accentuated by their stressful lives and lack of adequate, beauty sleep.So, what can one do about it?First, if the problem is too severe for you to handle on your own using off-the-counter products,go to a dermatologist. He will most likely ask you to apply skin lightening products (creams) ormaybe retinoids if the cause of your darkening is excessive pigmentation. If you have darkpatches, he may ask you to go in for a laser therapy. These lasers kill the mealnocytes which arethe cells that produce pigment. Alternatively, he or she may ask you to go in for a microabrasion treatment which will be very superficial and done topically. This will result in the mostsuperficial layers of your skin to be removed using abrasives.Then, there are treatments which you can carry out on your own. You can use a creamcontaining niacinamide, which is a b-complex vitamin and water soluble. This will lessen themanifest visibility of the blood vessels underlying the skin. If you have puffy eyes, you can usegels which have as ingredients soothing plant particles or caffeine, to attack the high watercontent of the sin under your eyes. You can use cold cucumber slices and put them over youreyes. Keep them on for fifteen minutes and feel the bagginess vanish instantly. Another home-made remedy is placing chilled tea-bags over the eyes. Do this for ten minutes. The tannin inthe tea will take care of the swelling. The moisture of the bag will permeate through the skin.You can also use the juice of aloe-vera to rejuvenate your skin.There are countless remedies of dealing with dark circles and you only need to see whatswithin your fridge or in the nearest cosmetics store to get back your beauty!</li></ul>