Remaining Abstracts from Second Annual Congress for Hybridoma Research

Download Remaining Abstracts from Second Annual Congress for Hybridoma Research

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<ul><li><p>HYBRIDOMAVolume 2, Number 2, 1983Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publishers</p><p>Remaining Abstracts fromSecond Annual Congressfor Hybridoma Research</p><p>February 6-10, 1983</p><p>235</p></li><li><p>E- O03 X</p><p>Oazaz- J S 2CO 3 OS csa =&gt;w as "Pg 1o Sg so</p><p>ss</p><p>3 boa ^ ^ 52 o *J ai S3 e .3*; PS spo ados ~c.EE 5</p><p>E E .C 3 bD' E w&gt;, -^ ^ o o&gt; a) &gt;,- , c x: x: ' o 3 . t, 3 -^ ^- t&gt; &gt;&gt;o'Sc-'S S!</p><p>j&gt;&gt; CL S H</p><p>! fH J X cd tu hoI eu -fi " "</p><p>. B e1 e</p><p>C o</p><p>S 'S'3 g o-.S.2 x ca "a c</p><p>a o</p><p>.</p><p>"Joe ai ! 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