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  • Relaxed Performance Resource Pack

    Chalk About by Curious Seed

    Date: Wednesday 2 March

    Time: Arrive for 12.30pm, 1pm start

    Venue: Hannah Playhouse, Wellington

    For further information please contact:

    Start in the playground, go anywhere Revel in the creativity of this highly inventive show for

    children and their families where performers Christine and Niels take the old playground game of

    making chalk outlines (children are invited to help) and turn it into a playful, funny and sometimes

    moving look at how we fill in the outlines of each others identities


    What is this pack for?

    This pack is to help prepare you for your trip to the theatre by giving you an idea of what is

    going to happen in the show, introduce you to some of the characters and show you how you

    can be involved, if you would like to be.

    It will also give you a map of the theatre and where you can go to chill out during the show. We

    will also explain where the bathrooms are.

  • How will it be different from a regular performance?


    First we will leave the house lights on through the entire show. This means you will not be in

    complete darkness at any time. We have done this so you as an audience can see what is

    happening and if you want to move around or leave at any point throughout the show.


    The sound and lighting effect will be toned down. We understand loud noises and sudden or

    sharp changes in lighting can be surprising. Therefore we will make them gentler and less likely

    to frighten or upset you. We will also let you know in this pack where they might happen.


    For this performances, you will be able to choose where you sit. If you want to you can move

    around too. You can even come and go from the theatre.


    Usually during a theatre performance audience members are expected to be quiet. For this

    show, you can talk if you would like to.

    The performers

    There are two performers in the show. Here is some information about them. In the play, they

    are just themselves but sometimes skip and play like children, because that can be really fun.

    Niels Weijer has a Swedish first name but he was actually born in The Netherlands and has only been to Sweden once. His favourite drink is coffee, he loves to drink it all day long. He has three brothers and one sister. He is the only dancer in the family. Niels is not a carpenter.

    Christine Devaney was born in Glasgow. Her favourite food is fish, potatoes and green vegetables. She has a scar on her left knee and really loves dancing. She prefers pencils to pens. Christine is not an astronaut.

  • Chill out space

    If you would like to chill out during the show, you can leave the theatre and sit on the couches or

    on some of the bean bags. We have two chill out spaces set up for you. One is upstairs close to

    the entrance to the theatre and one is downstairs in the foyer.

    There will be some activities like colouring and drawing you can do too!

    What happens when you arrive at the Hannah Playhouse?

    When you arrive at the theatre, you will see the box office, where you will be checked off the SchoolFest list. You will then be taken upstairs. There is a lift too. Someone will be there to help you out.

    You can sit down, or go to the bathroom or go to the chill out space in the foyer.

    When the theatre doors open, you can go into the performance space and there you can

    pick a seat. Remember, you can move around if you want to.

    The show will start.

    There might be a couple of times where you can do activities with the performers. You

    dont have to if you dont want to. This are explained in the next part of this pack.

    The show will finish

    At the end of the show the cast will bow and you will go home.

  • This is a photograph of the main entrance of the Hannah Playhouse.

    This is how you will first enter the theatre.

    This is the box office

    When you arrive at the theatre, you will see the box office, where you will be checked off the

    SchoolFest list. You will then be taken upstairs. There is a lift too. Someone will be there to help you


  • Here is the door to the bathroom

    Here is the entrance to the theatre.

    You will watch the show inside

  • This is a photo of what inside the theatre looks like.

    You can choose a seat wherever you like or if youre in a wheelchair we will help you find a

    great spot to see the show from.


    On the next page, you will find a detailed breakdown of the show. There are

    pictures that will help to describe what the text is saying. There are some ACCESS

    NOTES in there that will indicate where there might be some loud sounds or

    where the performers will interact with the audience.

    If you have any questions about this or anything above, feel free to contact Tom

    Noble at New Zealand Festival on 04 473 0149.

  • Christine and Niels are on the stage

    drawing with chalk. They will ask a few

    members from the audience to come and

    draw with them.

    ACCESS NOTE: If they ask you to help and

    you dont want to, thats ok.

    Music starts and Christine and Niels start

    dancing. They start practising a dance

    routine but cant quite get it right. They

    decide to come back and practise later.

    SCENE 1

    NOTE: Niels will look different to the man in these photos.

    Christine and Niels start talking to the

    audience. They talk about how they talked

    to lots of children to get ideas for a new

    show. Theyre really funny.

    ACCESS NOTE: Christine and Niels will say

    hello to the audience and some will say

    hello back. You can say hello too if you

    want to. If you dont, you can wave to say

    hello too. Not doing anything is also totally


  • Christine and Niels then start acting out

    the childrens ideas for shows. They

    pretend to be lots of things like big

    dinosaurs, the Queen, Beyonce, fighters,

    swimmers in a big pool and sharks. Once

    they finish pretending, they tell the

    audience the rest of the show will be

    different to that.

    ACCESS NOTE: Christine and Niels will

    make lots of loud noises and screams in

    this part. They will also pretend to be

    pretty scary things like dinosaurs, zombies

    and bid explosions. They pretend to die

    really slowly but its ok because they come

    back to life!

    If you want to, you can close your eyes or

    block your ears during this part, thats

    totally ok! You can ask your parent or carer

    to tell you when this part is over.

    Just re

    Niels starts to draw Christine in chalk. He

    draws a few different body parts which

    you might think are a little rude but you

    also might also think its quite funny.

    Christine then starts to tell us all about her

    life. She talks about her favourite foods

    and where she is from. Then Christine and

    Niels do a dance and talk about their

    biggest fears.

    SCENE 2

  • Christine and Niels do a dance that

    involves lots of everyday actions like

    waving and praying. They do them

    very quickly to music so its like a


    SCENE 3

    Niels then comes and asks some

    questions to the audience while

    Christine dresses him up in a paper


    Here are the questions Niels will ask.

    ACCESS NOTE: Some people in the audience will

    answer the questions by calling out. You dont

    have to answer them if you dont want to. If you

    like, pre-prepare your answer on a piece of paper

    and you can give it to Niels after he asks!

    1. Do you think I look like I come from Russia? Do you think I look like I come from

    Poland? Sweden?

    2. Do I look like a good man? And now? (he will ask this after his costume changes)

    3. Would you say I am 26 or 37 years old?

    4. Do you think I have a girlfriend?

    5. Do you think I have a boyfriend?

    6. Do I look single? And now? (he will ask this after his costume changes)

    7. Do I look mean?

    8. Do you think I believe in Jesus? Allah? Buddha? Facebook?

    9. Katie Perry, Metallica or classical music?

    10. Do I sleep naked or with pajamas?

    11. Do I look like the type of person who goes to all you can eat buffets?

    12. Do you think I had a good childhood?

    13. Do I look Scottish? Why?

    14. What do I look like?

  • ACCESS NOTE: Sometimes they will

    do lots of shushing sounds. They are

    just dancing, they are not asking you

    to be quiet.

    Christine and Niels then do another

    dance to some music.

    ACCESS NOTE: This music is a little

    bit louder than usual. If you want to,

    you can block your ears.

    Christine also lifts up a big sheet that

    looks like a cloud. The cloud floats

    over the top of the stage.

    Niels starts to tell a story in another

    language (so dont worry if you dont

    understand him). He is telling a story

    about his past and his family.

    Christine starts bringing out some

    paper puppets that are attached to

    balloons so they float!

  • Christine and Niels then bring out some

    really big