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  • Some of the benefits

    of REIKI Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal

    Life Force. It is an ancient hands-on-

    healing art whose origin was found in

    Tibetan records. It was re-discovered by

    Dr. Usui, a Japanese monk, in the 19th

    century, after extensive travel, study,

    research and meditation.

    Reiki is a precise method for connect-

    ing universal energy with the innate

    powers of healing in the body, thru the

    hands of the practitioner. The practitio-

    ner has been thru a series of attune-

    ments, which allows them to access the

    energy easily and become a clear chan-

    nel for its flow. The person receiving

    Reiki draws in as much energy as is

    needed to balance the mind/body/

    spirit.. A body in balance can heal


    Reiki is a subtle, yet infinite source of

    powerful, loving energy.. and

    LOVE is the HEALER.

    REIKI A Reiki Session

    Reiki is performed with the client

    on a body work table or chair and

    fully clothed.

    The practitioner places their hands

    gently on the person or above

    them. The client is in control and

    draws the amount of energy they


    The Universal Life Force Energy

    has an intelligence of its own and

    once activated, it innately goes to

    where the healing is needed.

    It is a gentle.. yet powerful

    healing modality. Everyone is

    born with the capacity to heal;

    Reiki helps us get in touch with

    this innate healing energy.

    Gift Certificates & long distance

    Reiki healing sessions available

    *Enhances relaxation

    *Decreases anxiety, tension

    *Decreases blood pressure and

    heart rate

    *Increases immune system


    *Decreases pain (acute and


    *Increases and balances energy

    *Promotes release of emotions

    *Accelerates the healing process

    of body/mind

    *Complements medical care,

    hospice and psychotherapy

    *Provides comfort and well

    being to those in the dying


  • Mary is a licensed registered nurse with

    diversified experience in Traditional

    Medicine, including Critical Care Nurse


    Recognizing the need to integrate mind,

    body, and spirit in the treatment of disease,

    Mary continued her education at the New

    York College for Holistic Health, Education

    and Research and was certified as a Holistic

    Nurse, AMMA Massage therapist. She has

    worked as Clinical Director of an outpatient

    complementary center. She is a member of

    the American Holistic Nurses Association,

    Nurse Healers, Holistic Association of New

    York, and Long Island Reiki Connection.

    Mary is a Reiki Master, and has studied

    Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and Therapeutic

    Touch. She utilizes the teachings of Louise

    Hay and Bernie Siegel to incorporate

    positive affirmations, guided imagery and

    the mind-body connection. Her approach is

    supportive, caring and compassionate.

    It is her goal to empower the individual

    with the tools needed to foster balance and

    a state of well being. Treatment focuses on

    enabling the individual to rediscover their

    innate healing power on their personal path

    to wellness.

    Mary Amendolari

    R.N.,C.N.A.T., R.M. R






    Mary Amendolari, R.N.

    C.N.A.T., R.M.

    Lifestyle Medicine of Lake Oconee

    117 Harmony Crossing

    Suite One

    Eatonton, Ga 31024


    Following major orthopedic

    surgery, our 2 year old daughter

    Grace received Reiki. We observed

    improvement in her pain control and

    sleep, but most of all, Grace became

    more relaxed and happier. She loved

    her visits with Mary and we were very

    happy with the effects.

    A.&M.D. Parents

    "We search for answers and

    healing, when all along the answers

    and power to heal are within each one

    of us. All we need to do is open our

    hearts and heal our souls.

    M. Amendolari

    Office Hours

    Mondays 9AM-5 PM

    By Appointment




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