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ReignDesign is a multicultural software design and development agency based in Shanghai. Let us show you our credentials.


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2. Were not your typical programming shop. 3. based inShanghai . We are amulticultural software design and developmentagency 4. What do we do? 5. We conceive, design, and build innovative digitalexperiences that build brand value. Our creationsinspire your clients and customers alike. We use technology to create experiences. For example 6. We combine the latest technologies with cutting- edge online trends to create powerful applicationsand memorable digital experiences. We use Rich Internet Applications 7. Our mobile applications and games help youextend your impact beyond the traditionalcomputer realm to anytime, anywhere.Mobile experiences 8. We create compelling web presences, fromHTML websites to Flash microsites, includingonline video and social networking features. Web Development 9. Our team operates as a flexible and integrated unit:although we each have roles, the concept, design, project management, development, and administration of our projects are shared responsibilities. How we work 10. Technology thrives when its completely intermingled with concept and client. Right from the start, we bring designers, developers, and the client together. Our Approach This approach leads to increased innovation, better technology choices, and projects that are on time and in budget. 11. What makes us special? 12. a multicultural team 13. agile active adaptive fast a fresh take on globalization 4 continents 5 nationalities 14. Think global:We are experienced in collaborating across time zones with partners and clients worldwide. 15. Work local:We work closely as a team, face-to-face in our Shanghai office, leading to higher quality work, free flow of ideas, and more innovative results. 16. Our Work 17. Our Clients 18. Our Profiles 19. Matt Mayer 20. Todd Cullen 21. Anna Grter 22.

Black Qin 23.

Juan M. Flux 24. thank you! ! dankeschn! gracias! merci beaucoup! 25. Lets talk about next steps!