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  • Hyattsville Dog Training Club 9/23/20172017037305

    Regular Obedience

    Novice A

    Ring: 2 Judge: Donald A. Levinson

    VERVE DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT. PR18189004. 10/24/2014. Dog. Standard Poodle. Breeder: A. Kirk, S. Loblaw, L. Campbell. By CH Sovereign - CH Dawin Reigate Up Up and Away. Owner(s): Donald Kelley and Pam Kelley. Handler: Donald Kelley.


    DRAGO VON DUGHALD HOLT. DN40070702. 6/13/2014. Dog. German Shepherd Dog. Breeder: Thomas MacDougall. By Micah Vom Kraftwerk - Zandra Vom Kraftwerk. Owner(s): Monika Holt. Handler: Monika Holt.


    1st ________ 2nd ________ 3rd ________ 4th ________

    Score _______ Score _______ Score _______ Score _______

    Total Entries in Novice A: 2

    Total Competing in Novice A: 2

  • Hyattsville Dog Training Club 9/23/20172017037305

    Novice B

    Ring: 1 Judge: Marilou McCloskey

    SURYA DEVA SATTVA DE DIANE. PR19337902. 6/10/2016. Dog. Toy Poodle. Breeder: Mary Jo Baranowski. By Moncherrie The Boy From Oz - Primrose Ruby Red. Owner(s): Diane Brimley. Handler: Diane Brimley.


    HONEYFOX LOVER OF WENSLEYDALE BN RE CGCA. DN43298108. 7/3/2015. Dog. Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Breeder: Susan Strickland. By CH Honeyfox Red My Mind - Honeyfox Alley Oop. Owner(s): Julia Rovner. Handler: Julia Rovner.


    HARE-RAISER OVER & UNDER BN RA AX AXJ NF CAA RATN CGC. HP37525603. 4/16/2010. Dog. Beagle (15 inch). Breeder: Jan Wieher & Don Neiffer. By FC Random Farms Jake II - CH Hare-Raiser Spring Into Action. Owner(s): Ellen Heaton. Handler: Ellen Heaton.


    STAHLROSENHOFS ULTRA SONIC BOOM. DN42145002. 3/11/2015. Dog. Belgian Malinois. Breeder: Janet Wolff. By Stahlosenhofs Quiet Thunder - De Vel's Behold An Enchanter. Owner(s): Laura LoScalzo. Handler: Laura LoScalzo.


    CLARK'S GRETEL GIRL. PAL270031. 7/3/2015. Bitch. German Shepherd Dog. Breeder: Richard Hernandez. By Max Joga - Bella Joga. Owner(s): Lisa V. Clark. Handler: Lisa V. Clark.


    CH HOBBITON'S DELILAH PT RN CGCA. DN25448206. 6/11/2009. Bitch. Belgian Sheepdog. Breeder: Laura L. Gilbert. By CH China Clipper Du Cadre Noir - CH Laralee's Hateya of Hobbiton PT. Owner(s): Laura Gilbert and Kenna H. Fox. Handler: Laura Gilbert.


    RUSTYROAD'S SUMMER RAIN RA CGCA. DN22004902. 4/30/2008. Bitch. Belgian Malinois. Breeder: Sharon Sparks. By GCH Trisorts Code Of The Road - CH Rustyroads Must Be My Destiny CD MX MXJ. Owner(s): Sharon Sparks. Handler: Sharon Sparks.


    1st ________ 2nd ________ 3rd ________ 4th ________

    Score _______ Score _______ Score _______ Score _______

    Total Entries in Novice B: 7

    151 153 155 ----

    195 192 178.5

    Total Competing in Novice B: 7

  • Hyattsville Dog Training Club 9/23/20172017037305

    Open A

    Ring: 2 Judge: Donald A. Levinson

    GCH DIANSPEED'S MASTER MUPPET CD BN RA. TS17205701. 5/27/2013. Dog. Pekingese. Breeder: Dian S. Thomas. By Muhlin War Paint - CH Muhlin Honorable Miss CD BN RA. Owner(s): Dian Thomas. Handler: Dian Thomas. Jumps 4 inches


    CH FORSCOT'S LIGHTNING ROD CD BN RAE OA OAJ. RN25248603. 2/15/2013. Dog. Scottish Terrier. Breeder: Raymond Formanek, Jr.. By GCH Glenby's Bright Promise - GCH Midsmith's Aiden of L'L Lady. Owner(s): Elizabeth Marvel. Handler: Elizabeth Marvel. Jumps 8 inches


    GIGI. MA26517301. 12/9/2012. Bitch. All American Dog. Breeder: Unknown. By Unknown - Unknown. Owner(s): Shirley Blakely. Handler: Shirley Blakely. Jumps 20 inches


    GCH KEILI'S GOLDSTAR KIR ROYALE CD BN RAE JH MX AXJ XF T2B CA RATO. SR82778916. 5/24/2014. Bitch. Brittany. Breeder: Patricia John & E. Susan Drazek. By GCHG MACH3 Brookewood's Just Too Hot UD RAE MXF T2B2 RATO - CH Swift River's Believe I Can BN RAE2 JH NA NAJ NAP NJP NF OFP. Owner(s): E. Susan Drazek. Handler: E. Susan Drazek. Jumps 20 inches


    PHARAOH RYSTEV VANDEVER. PR12022703. 6/12/2008. Dog. Standard Poodle. Breeder: Rita & Bonnie Datema. By CH Dassin Banderas De La Passion - CH Tulip Gardens Naomi. Owner(s): Donald Kelley and Pamela Kelley. Handler: Pamela Kelley. Jumps 22 inches


    CH BLAZIN'S LIGHTNING BUG CD BN RE AX AXJ. SR73689603. 6/12/2012. Bitch. Flat-Coated Retriever. Breeder: D. Buttion, M. Archambeault, S.& T. Borden. By GCH Valhala Illustrious Oliver Hardy - Blazin's Just Drive CD. Owner(s): Dawn Buttion and Martin Archambeault and Colin Archambeault. Handler: Dawn Buttion. Jumps 24 inches


    OUR TIME WILL TELL CD BN CGCA. SR92080301. 6/18/2015. Dog. English Setter. Breeder: Deborah Basilone. By Grouse Woods Skeeter - Riley's Last Call. Owner(s): Ellen Newman. Handler: Ellen Newman. Jumps 24 inches


    KLARA DEI DOHSE. WS40622202. 10/13/2011. Bitch. Doberman Pinscher. Breeder: Lindsay Davis. By Dark Nemo Vom Koby Haus - Hindi Dei Dohse. Owner(s): Karen L. Moore. Handler: Karen L. Moore. Jumps 26 inches


    BIG AL ROLL TIDE ROLL CD BN RA. MA33728401. 3/1/2013. Dog. All American Dog. Breeder: Unknown. By Unknown - Unknown. Owner(s): Anne M. Cavoto. Handler: Anne M. Cavoto. Jumps 28 inches


  • Hyattsville Dog Training Club 9/23/20172017037305

    1st ________ 2nd ________ 3rd ________ 4th ________

    Score _______ Score _______ Score _______ Score _______

    Total Entries in Open A: 9

    203 208 205 ----

    193.5 186 184.5

    Total Competing in Open A: 8

  • Hyattsville Dog Training Club 9/23/20172017037305

    Open B

    Ring: 1 Judge: Marilou McCloskey

    LOTEKI TROPICAL HEAT WAVE CD BN RN. TS20451802. 9/14/2013. Bitch. Papillon. Breeder: Lou Ann King. By CH Rorralore Quillian - CH Loteki Ima Natural. Owner(s): Jeannine Rash. Handler: Jeannine Rash. Jumps 10 inches


    STORMYLEES LAS ROCOSA RED ALERT. DN23296503. 10/26/2008. Bitch. Australian Shepherd. Breeder: Joyce Brettingham. By Las Rocosa Chance Of A Lifetime - Stormy Lee's Touchstone Rose. Owner(s): Joseph Permenter and Margaret D. Permenter. Handler: Joseph Permenter. Jumps 18 inches


    GCHG MACH3 BROOKEWOOD'S JUST TOO HOT UD RAE MXB2 MJB2 MXF T2B2 RATO. SR50576105. 6/3/2008. Dog. Brittany. Breeder: C. Miller, J. Currier, R. Walborn & G. Currier. By GCH DC NAGDC AFC Triumphant's To Hot To Handle JH - CH Brookewood's Just An Illusion. Owner(s): E. Susan Drazek and Cynthia A. Miller. Handler: E. Susan Drazek. Jumps 20 inches


    MAGGIE. PAL260605. 11/17/2012. Bitch. Australian Shepherd. Breeder: Unknown. By Timothy Mac - Rita. Owner(s): Thomas A. Tatham. Handler: Thomas A. Tatham. Jumps 20 inches


    SIRIUS CANIS MAJOR V YOUNGKEN UDX AX AXJ. WS47829703. 6/25/2014. Bitch. Rottweiler. Breeder: Judity Youngken. By GCH Gamegards Maverick V Brayside UD CGC - Youngken's One Of A Kind V Rogo CD. Owner(s): Barbara Doering. Handler: Barbara Doering. Jumps 22 inches


    OTCH CHARMS D SKY'S THE LIMIT UDX3 OM4. SR68328304. 6/8/2011. Bitch. Golden Retriever. Breeder: Virginia Boyle & Jennifer Boyle-Grant. By CH Sanmann's Two Step - CH Charms Furry Flurry 'N A Hurry. Owner(s): Lisa Bernstein. Handler: Lisa Bernstein. Jumps 22 inches


    OTCH RECKLESS ABANDON VD ROD. MA32305801. 11/18/2008. Bitch. All American Dog. Breeder: Rodney Bermudez. By Balthazar's Mozart de Solebury - Constance-Anga VD Arkiv. Owner(s): Andrea B. Highland. Handler: Andrea B. Highland. Jumps 24 inches


    CH NMK'S GO THE DISTANCE BN RE JH CGC. SR83087401. 6/2/2014. Dog. German Shorthaired Pointer. Breeder: Carol Chadwick. By DC AFC NMK's Molto Bene MH - CH NMK's Kiss My Grits JH. Owner(s): Karen Allen. Handler: Karen Allen. Jumps 24 inches


  • Hyattsville Dog Training Club 9/23/20172017037305

    1st ________ 2nd ________ 3rd ________ 4th ________

    Score _______ Score _______ Score _______ Score _______

    Total Entries in Open B: 8

    258 255 253 ----

    198.5 194 188

    Total Competing in Open B: 4

  • Hyattsville Dog Training Club 9/23/20172017037305

    Utility A

    Ring: 2 Judge: Donald A. Levinson

    CH CAMPBELL'S BLACK JACK CDX RAE OA AXJ NF. RN15946404. 12/18/2007. Dog. Scottish Terrier. Breeder: Corder & Karen Campbell. By CH Hiwood Golden Son of Sam - CH Campbell's Meg's Tawny Legacy. Owner(s): Elizabeth Marvel. Handler: Elizabeth Marvel. Jumps 8 inches


    FABER'S PRIDE & JOY STEVIE RAY. PAL256566. 2/28/2011. Dog. Miniature Schnauzer. Breeder: Unknown. By Unknown - Unknown. Owner(s): Susan Faber. Handler: Susan Faber. Jumps 12 inches


    MACH TEMPEST THE JUMPING JACK CDX BN RE CGCA. RN20726203. 5/20/2010. Dog. Manchester Terrier. Breeder: Paula Hradkowsky. By CH Tempest Sense And Sensibility CD RE - CH Rosewood Sophisticated Lady. Owner(s): Katie Meyer. Handler: Katie Meyer. Jumps 14 inches


    PATAPSCO LEAPING BLAZE CDX RE JH OA AXJ MF. SR56542901. 2/5/2009. Bitch. Vizsla. Breeder: Barbara Glass. By CH Verity Sansouci Riva Sundance SH - CH Patapsco Red Flame Rising JH CDX RE MX MXJ SF AXP AJP OFP. Owner(s): Barbara Glass. Handler: Barbara Glass. Jumps 20 inches


    1st ________ 2nd ________ 3rd _


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