Regional AIDS Training Network Summary of Progress Report May 2010

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  • Summary Progress Report
  • Persons with Disabilities & HIV/AIDS
  • Regional AIDS Training Network
  • ABBA RPC Partners Meeting
  • London May 2010
  • May 2010

2. Summary Progress Research Study Objective of the study Progress update 1. Policy Advocacy for Persons with Disability To determine the extent to which government institutions are addressing HIV/AIDS and disability within the context of national policies and programmes Working on feedback provided for the 1 stdraft report. Abstract has been submittedto NOPE conference, Nairobi(June 16-18 2010) 2. Responsiveness of ART Services to the Needs of Persons with Disabilities in KenyaTo assess the responsiveness of ARV/ART services to the needs of persons with disabilities in Kenya Data analysis ongoing. 3. HIV/AIDS Prevention among Deaf Youths in Nyanza and Western Kenya ProvincesTo establish the extent to which the Nyaweri deaf project has met its initial set objectives and to find out the level of impact created on the deaf communities in Nyanza and Western Provinces with regard toHIV/AIDS prevention, character formation and behavior change. 2 nd draft reports have been circulated 3. Research Study Objectives of the Study Progress update 4. The role of (DPOs) in HIV/ AIDS interventions amongpeople with disabilities in KenyaTo determine the role that DPOs play in interventions aimed at combating HIV/AIDS amongst people with disabilities. The study seeks to identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps that may inadvertently contribute to limited access to HIV/AIDS services by people with disabilities.1 stdraftreport circulated 5. Access and Utilization of HIV&AIDS services by Persons with Intellectual disability and Care giversTo explore the extent to which People with Intellectual Disabilities affected or infected with HIV&AIDS and their caregivers access and utilize services in Health Facilities, Institutions & Organizations for PWIDs and the capacity of service providers in these institutions to provide the required services.Feedback on 1 stdraft completed 6. Situational analysis, mainstreaming HIV/AIDS and Life skills training and development for children with disabilitiesTo analyze the current situation regarding life skills training and development to reduce the vulnerability of children with disabilities to HIV/AIDS among learners with disabilities.60% of data collection complete and interviews with the children planned Study t 7. Addressing the Balance of Burden in HIV/AIDS in PWDs in EthiopiaTo expand the evidence base about the social, economic and institutional factors that place the livelihoods of Persons with Disabilities at increased threat from HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia.

  • Draft report
  • Findings shared at stakeholders April 2010

4. Expected Impact

    • Studies will increase the knowledge and information on PWD and HIV/AIDS inform policyand programming for effective HIV/AIDS response
    • Findings will inform RATNS Training and Capacity building agenda and to help develop new curricula and courses
  • National curriculum for children with disability is expected
  • Tool for mainstreaming and Inclusion of Disability in HIV Policies (RATN is a member of technical working group on Disability and HIV/AIDS Policyand Legislation).
  • Development of research Toolsspecific to addressing weak evidence and challenges of research for PWDs and HIV that can be adopted in future studies


  • Stakeholders workshop to disseminate findings planned for Mid September 2010
  • Publication of papers and policy briefs to complete by December 2010


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