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Reform, Innovation and Better Future Future TV Co., LTD Ms.Zhang Yuxia Slide 2 2 The Revolution in Video Industry Slide 3 3 The Tri-Networks Integration Broadcasting Telecom Internet Content Integration Service Integration Network Integration Terminal Integration Slide 4 Terminal Diversification Accenture Slide 5 User Behavior Accenture User Personization Slide 6 The Trends of Video Industry Revolution The Tri- Networks Integration Terminal Diversification User Behavior Business Integration Multi-Screens Integration Interaction Slide 7 7 The Superiority of OTT TV Integration Internet TV Technology Media Slide 8 8 Global Innovative Practice of OTT TV Slide 9 9 Original Content Innovation The User Behavior Analysis upon Big Data Slide 10 Platform Integration Innovation Platform Integration Slide 11 Network Integration Innovation Integrated High-Speed Network Service Operation Slide 12 Terminal Integration Innovation Home Entertainment Intelligence Terminal Integration Slide 13 Integration Innovation of Industry Chain The User Behavior Analysis upon Big Data Platform Integration Intelligent Home Entertainment Terminal Integration ContentPlatform Terminal ++ Integrated High-Speed Network Service Operation + Network Slide 14 The OTT TV Development in China Slide 15 15 China Internet TV Platform Strategy Content Platform Terminal Network Terminal to Terminal Basic Platform Operation Support Network System Business Model Slide 16 16 Building up the Core Foundation Platform Core Business Operation Supporting Domian System Safeguard the User Video Playing Experience Provide Terminal to Terminal Operation and Maintenance Security Support Personal Services Operation and Maintenance Security Domian System Big Data Domain System Slide 17 Perfect the Experience from Terminal to Terminal Terminal Security System CDN Content Management&pr oduction Broadcast Controlling system Multirate System Multi-Screens Interaction Terminal DRMEPG Slide 18 Industry Operation Support Client Electronic Self- Support Channel CRMOSS Accounting&SettlementUnified Service PortalGrid Support Slide 19 The Commercial Profit Model Value-Added Application Accurate Advertisement VOD Content Subscription The Payment Model on OTT TV Slide 20 Build up the Global CDN System Slide 21 Content Slide 22 Terminal + + ++ + + + + + + Slide 23 5 7 4 Days The Development of Future TV Slide 24 The Video 574 days,Future TV enjoyed 20 million usersrecognition. 574 days,Future TV cooperated with excellent partners to create the better future of China OTT TV industry. Working with TCL, Hisense, Konka, Xiaomi Technology, LeTV and YSTen etc, we strived for the perfect OTT TV experience. With the joint force of over a hundred of elite film and television production companies, our users embraced the diversified audio-visual feast. 574 days thanks to the great support from Tianjin municipal party committee and government. Changes are as infinite as the future. Future TV is aiming at being the world-class Internet TV operating institution, providing flawless viewing experience for billions of TV householders. Future TV Better Life. Slide 25 Thanks