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This presentation is made by me as a part of ongoing effort to increase awareness on Abusive use of plastics and its impact on Global Warming.


  • 1. PLASTICS - BOON OR BANE? By Pratima Pandey Objective To create awareness about Global Warming and (Ab)use of Plastics

2. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009FAMILIAR SIGHT..? 500 billion plastic bags distributed annually worldwide , and less than 3% of those bags recycled. They are typically made of polyethylene and can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade in landfills that emit harmful greenhouse gases. 2 3. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 PLASTICS - WHY SO POPULAR? Water-proof High tensile strength ascompared to paper Light weightMultipurpose Usually comes free withWhy So Popular? purchased goods3 4. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 HOW PLASTICS ARE HARMFUL? Animalsconsume Clogging of the plasticsdisposed in drainages, acivic landfills and water menace 1 million sea creatures Disposed Plastics result killed every year (www. in littering; an No naturalDanger toprocess ofanimal life degradation Contd. 4 5. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 HOW PLASTICS ARE HARMFUL?Human health hazard Phthalates, a chemical used to make plastics pliable, may have hormone disrupting effects on unborn baby boys; also linked to obesity and diabetes in men ( CBC News (2008), URMC Press(2007)) Enters food chain as it is ingested by sea and land animals For more negative health effects, see factsheets/plastichealtheffect s.html#plastichealthgrid Contd. 5 6. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 HOW PLASTICS ARE HARMFUL? Plastics in land fills emit greenhouseFor more ongases which trap heat and contribute to GW, click me! Global Warming (GW)6 7. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 IS THERE A WAY OUT? RR R REUSEREDUCERECYCLE 3 R Mantra from Green Peace Contd.7 8. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 IS THERE A WAY OUT?Using refillable containers and reusable bags Buying in bulkBuying things that dont need much packaging, and buying things in recyclable and recycled packages 8 9. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 INITIATIVES ROUND THE WORLD Click for IndiaClick for UAE Click for Other countries Efforts by mega-marts and retail chainsin this direction can go a long way.9 10. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 INDIA Lalji Tandon, BJP Candidate fromLucknow, for a plastic-less campaign in2009 elections Delhi to outlaw use of plastic bags implementation to be carried out inphases (Guardian (UK), January 2009)10 11. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 UAEGeant supermarket putting nominal charge to discourage use of plastic shopper bags (Gulf News,2008) Gulf News No to plastic bags campaign for creating awareness in UAE in March, 2008 11 12. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 OTHER COUNTRIESRwanda, Bhutan and Bangladesh imposed bans on use of plastic bags (Guardian (UK), January 2009) 7Supermarkets in UK(including Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury's and others) sign up a voluntary agreement that obliges them to halve the numbers of single use carrier bags compared with 2006 levels. (Guardian, December 2008) National phase out policy by Australian Govt in 2002 led to a reduction of 34% from 2002 to 2005 saving 2 billion bags from being producedSay no to plastic bags campaign by Environmental Society of Oman started in March, 2009seeing enthusiastic response (Khaleej Times, March 2009) 12 13. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 REFERENCES Australian Retailers Association (2008), ,accessed April 6, 2009. BBC (2004),, accessed April 6, 2009. CBC News (2008), phthalates.html, accessed March 17, 2009 Khaleej Times (2009) data/middleeast/2009/March/middleeast_March247.xml, accessed April 6, 2009. Guardian (2009) delhi-ban, accessed April 6, 2009 National Geographic warming/gw-effects.html, accessed April 6, 2009 Time (2007),28804,1602354_16030 74_1603179,00.html, accessed April 5, 2009 URMC Press Room (2007),, accessed March 17, 2009 13 14. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 Thank You 14 15. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 WHAT IS GLOBAL WARMING?It is the increase in mean temperature of Earth due to increase in green house gases in the atmosphere, which trap in the suns infrared rays.Greenhouse gases are Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and water vapours. 15 16. GLOBAL WARMING ANDEach one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 CONSEQUENCESIce melting -includesmountainglaciers, ice sheets covering WestAntarctica and Greenland, and Arctic seaiceResearcher Bill Fraser has tracked theDecline of the 7 April 2009 penguins onAntarctica (from 32,000 breeding pairs to11,000 in 30 years)Movement of butterflies, foxes, and alpineplants have moved farther north or tohigher, cooler areasPrecipitation (rain and snowfall) hasincreased across the globe, on average.Sea level rise became faster over the lastcentury (So: National Geographic) 16 17. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 GLOBAL WARMING AND NATURAL DISASTERSNo. of NaturalDeath from NaturalDisasters Disasters400100000337 8300080000 261300 530006000020040000100 2000000 1990 2003 1990 2003 Risk factors: City growth, climate change, environmental degradation (So: International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, UN Agency , reported to BBC, September, 2004 )17 18. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 GLOBAL WARMING A REALITY WORLD SPEAKS Nine out of ten say that action is necessary to address global warming .(BBC World Service poll in 2007 of 22,000 people in 21 countries) Global warming is quot;unequivocalquot; and that human activity is the main driver, quot;very likelyquot; causing most of the rise in temperatures since 1950. (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the United Nations 2007 Assessment report)We now know without a doubt that globalwarming is threatening us with highertemperatures, moredrought, morewildfire, more flooding, and more erosion ofourcoastal communitiestheoverwhelming scientific evidence hasproven this over and over again. We mustact now with the rest of the world to curb 18emissionsBarack 19. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 EFFECTS OF GLOBAL WARMINGWhy go farJust recall the last time we remarked or discussed about the climate change in our area?19 20. Each one can make a difference! 5/7/2009 TO KNOW MORE ABOUT GW.. Important Sources of Information http://www.stopglobalwarm m/od/faqglobalwarming/f/gr eengases.htm Greenhouse_gas http://environment.national nt/ http://www.globalwarming. (Co: facts.php 20


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