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http://www.GoKVAR.comKVAR Advantages * Return on investment is rapid * Power savings are immediate and average from 8% to 25% * Savings guaranteed * $300 Tax Credit on 2009 Taxes and $200 Tax Credit on 2010 Taxes for a total Tax Credit of $500. * Reduces the harmful effects from electromagnetic fields * 12 year warranty - home unit * 5 year warranty - business/industrial * 25 year life expectancy * U.S. Patented, NASA Tested, UL listed, CSA Approved, Cleaner and Greener Certified, RoHS CertifiedCall me today for your unit.Jeff Bell 850-324-4359


  • 1. PAYING EXCESSIVE ELECTRIC BILLS Put the brakes on Rising Electric Costs
  • 2. Think! The new name in Energy Savings
  • 3. KVAR Energy Controller (KEC) The Amazing Electrical Energy Saver For Commercial and Residential Applications What is a KVAR Energy Controller? KVAR is an Energy Savings Device: Capable of fine-tuning the electrical motors and system in Industries, Homes and Offices. This fine-tuning reduces heat generation Our Reduction in Amperage will result in a reduced consumption of electricity (Kilowatt / Hour) Optimizes the Power Factor of the individual load to unity.
  • 4. Industrial/Commercial KVAR KEC Silent Features of KVAR KEC: Saves @15% of Energy on Induction Motors Reduces/Heat and Vibration of Motors Reduces Power Surge of Motors Protect Motors from Voltage Fluctuation Increases Motor Working Performance Legally Slows Power Meter
  • 5. KVAR KEC Power to Save Money Reduces monthly Electric Bill Guaranteed for 6% MINIMUM Return on Investment is rapid KVAR KEC increases the life of you motor by 85% Saves extra expenditure KVAR KEC reduces machinery down time Less downtime for industrial production due to increased service life of all motors within the KVAR system Due to the reduced electric costs, the production costs of the commodity also will decrease
  • 6. KVAR KEC Saves National Resources: By using KVAR KEC in motors can lower the demand of electricity by 15% at national level. As such power production may reduce to 15% from present level If KVAR KEC is used by masses, then fuel cost will be reduced due to lesser power generation. At present rate, the money saved from fuel may be US $275 million By using KVAR KEC, the over load situation of the whole system may be reduced KVAR KEC Improves Environment: KVAR KEC improves the environment due to reduced emission of thousands of tons of harmful gases through less burning of gas and diesel in the power plant. Improves working condition of the employees in the industries due to reduced noise and vibration of machinery.
  • 7. KVAR Commercial Energy Controllers also increases your efficiency of: Power plants Generators Transmission Distribution line capacity
  • 8. How Does KVAR KEC Work? The working technology applied by the KVAR Energy Controller will 1) Reclaim 2) Store & 3) Supply power to inductive motors and loads. All induction loads consumes two kinds of power: 1. Reactive Power (Develops Magnetic Fields) 2. Working Power (Active Power) While Active Power performs the useful work, Reactive Powers only function is to develop magnetic fields around a motors induction winding. A KVAR KEC Unit works on Power Factor Optimizing Technology KVAR reduces the Reactive load without affecting the Electro-Magnetic Field. The power reclaimed, stored and recycled by the KVAR Energy Controller would normally be pushed back through the Power Distribution line. With a KVAR Energy Controller in the system, Reactive Power is provided locally.
  • 9. The KVAR Advantages Motors run at significantly cooler operating temperatures KVAR increases the working lifetime of inductive motors by up to 85% Motors end up operating much more efficiently Power Bills Drop as energy consumption decreases HOW? KVAR Energy Controllers store the Reactive Power needed for the creation of Electro-Magnetic Fields within the inductive load. As the motor operates, this Reactive Power is pulled and pushed to and from the KVAR KEC Unit by the motor.
  • 10. Investment Payback Period Guaranteed Payback with 36 months depending upon the size, condition and running hours of the motor. Patented Proven Department of Energy Studied Product Holds 15 patents including : U.S. Patent #5,440,442
  • 11. SPECIFICATIONS: Energy Saving Range: 6% up to 25%, depending upon the size of the motor, run time and efficiency. Legal Information: Underwriters Laboratory Inc. listed (UL28EP). Canadian Standards Association listed (LR78409-1) U.S. Department of Energy Study (Sept. 1980 DOE/TIC 11339, Category UC38)
  • 12. Applications: (Applicable to almost all kinds of fixed speed AC Induction Motors) Single Phase: Model US1 (31 Combinations). From Fractional HP up to 5 HP Single Phase: Residential up to 200 Amps Service Three Phase: Model US2 (31 Combinations). Fractional HP up to 65 HP Three Phase: Model US3- From 65 HP up to 300 HP Combination of US2 & US3 for up to 600 HP Combination of US2 & US3/US2 fro up to 850 HP Survey and Sizing is required for three phase Application Grades: Industrial, Commercial & Residential Operating Life: It is warranted for five (5) full years against workmanship or any defects and has a life expectancy of twenty-five (25) years. A KVAR KEC Installation will make your Company a friend of the environment and a savior of our natural resources.
  • 13. Electrical Characteristics: a. Phase: Single Phase/3-Phase b. Voltage Range: 220V up to 600 Volts AC Application c. Hertz: 50/60 Hz systems d. Electrical Amperage Rating per Phase: i. 114A maximum on 3-Phase, for US3 Models ii. 76A max on 3-phase, for US2 Models iii. 7A max on single Phase, for US1 Models e. Surge Protection: Withstand Surges to 480 VAC. Better Voltage Regulation f. Technology: Figured out self-healing metalized Capacitor-type invention g. Self Consumption: Low Losses, 0.5 Watt/Kvar h. Interrupter: Maximum 10,000 Amps fault currents i. UL Recognized Pressure Sensitive Interrupter j. Discharge System: To reduce voltage to 50 Volts or less within 5 minute of de-energization k. Operating Temperature Range: -40 C to +90 C l. Wire Rating: 600 Volts m. Withstanding Capability: Without breakdown 40-70 Hz, 1000V plus twice the maximum rated voltage
  • 14. Physical Characteristics a. Flash Point: +182 C to 200 C b. Casing: Hermetically sealed aluminum case with turn plate steel cover c. Insulation: Phenolic insulation bushings d. Size: 6 x 6 x 4 up to 12 x 12 e. General Exposure: NEMA 3R Indoor/Outdoor f. Resistant: THHN, MTW, THWW or AWM. Gasoline & Oil Resistant II g. Component Liquid: Bio safe
  • 15. Installation Flexibility: One KVAR KEC unit should be installed to each inductive load. A single KVAR KEC unit can be prescribed for multiple loads in one panel, provided that all motors of the panel run together with KVAR KEC installed. Maintenance: Free maintenance Fit & Forget Technology Environment Protection: Environment friendly. County of Origin: United States of America Product Warranty: 5 Year Factory Warranty form the date of installation KVAR KEC Power Factor Optimizer and our trademarks are registered with the United States Government Put the Brakes on Rising Electric Costs Use KVAR KEC & Contribute to the Economic Development of the Country
  • 16. Product Recognition: Recognized by World Leading Energy Conservation Organizations: NASA TESTED