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<p> 1. New Site TourLINE OF BUSINESS 1 2. Welcome to Webster Banks New Site TourWeve improved the site with Simpler Intuitive Navigation Improved Screen Layout Clearer Display of Account Information 3. Simpler, Improved NavigationAccess to Account Related Pages in One Simple Menu 4. Simpler, Improved NavigationMove Money with your Webster and Non-WebsterAccounts 5. Simpler, Improved NavigationPay Bills Manage your Payments and Payees 6. Simpler, Improved NavigationAccount Services, Resources and Customer Information 7. Clearer Display of Account InformationSee All of Your Accounts and Total Balances At A Glance 8. Help and SupportWeve Put Help &amp; Support Front and Center &amp; In WhateverMethod You Prefer 9. Related ContentSee Related Content and Support Options Alongside YourAccount Information 10. Special Offers and AnnouncementsPeriodically Well Post Special Offers and Announcements 11. Try our New SiteWe Look Forward to Your Feedback!</p>