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1. RECYCLING IN OUR SCHOOL01/09/2014 2. : ... 3. Oganicwaste collection; Collecting used clothes; Recycling used toothbrushes ; Recycling used oils; Separaration of paper; Separation of packaging; 4. Paper in the blue container.Oils in the orange container.Glass in the green container.Plastic in the yellow container.. 5. The food scraps are collected and sent tothe Treatment Station and OrganicRecovery where they are processed intocompost for soil fertilization.. 6. Devemos sempreque possvelreutilizarmateriais que jno precisamosdando uma novavida ao objeto. Ao reutilizarmateriaisestamos a pouparmatrias-primas etambm energia! 7. we alsocollect usedclothes thatare given tosocialsolidarityinstituitions. 8. With used oils we cando: 9. there is acardboard boxthat alsocooperates forrecycling 10. also separates packages and uses themwith creative ideas transforming them into cute anddecorative things.