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Remo Recover Software(Windows)

The evolution of IT industry has bought many benefits to the world. All the business are being carried out with the help of computers and internet. Many users are working on the system stores their vital data in that and as well as having their own personal PC at home were they saved different types of data like document files, videos, images, audios, softwares and many more. Nowadays, keeping the data safe as become very important aspect. There are bad programmers(hackers) who develop an dangerous virus programs, which may infect their system.

Because of this, user install antivirus software in system to get protection from those viruses. But, in some or the other way virus enter into the system for example, inserting virus affected pen drives or other storage devices to the computers. In turns, it leads to decrease in the system performance. When antivirus program scans the system, it may detect the suspicious files or data and delete those files without any user knowledge. No need to worry any more for deletion of data! Software developers has come up with an solution and built a reliable recovery tool known as Remo Recover Software which is efficient in recovering deleted files by antivirus program or due to other reasons.

Features of Remo Recover: Remo Recover software is best tool for recovering files that has been erased due to antivirus. Supports recovery of files from hard drives interfaces such as PATA, SATA, ATA, IDE and SCSI. Creates compressed zip archives of the recovered data to save disk space.Supports to restore data from different file system such as FAT, ExFAT and NTFS.

Working procedure of Remo Recover Utility: Install Remo Recover and run on your computer. Click on, Recover Files option from the main screen.

In this screen, select Recover Deleted Files option.

Here, you need to select the drive from where you want to restore deleted files.

Once the scanning process is completed, then you will see recovered files that were deleted due Antivirus scan.

You can use save recovery session option to save the current recovery scanning process.

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