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<ul><li><p>Recording Artist Recording Title Price</p><p>30 Seconds To Mars A Beautiful Lie 12" 18.99</p><p>30 Seconds To Mars 30 Seconds To Mars 12" 18.99</p><p>65DaysOfStatic We Were Exploding Anyway 12" 19.99</p><p>A Dyjecinski The Valley Of Yessiree 12" 14.99</p><p>A Tribe Called Quest We Got It From Here Thank You 4 Your Service 12"20.99</p><p>A Tribe Called Quest People's Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm 12" Reissue24.99</p><p>A Winged Victory For The Sullen Atomos I-xii 12" 21.99</p><p>A Winged Victory For The Sullen Iris 12" 21.99</p><p>Abba Gold 12" 22.99</p><p>AC/DC If You Want Blood You've Got It 12" 18.99</p><p>AC/DC Let There Be Rock 12" 19.99</p><p>AC/DC Back In Black- 12" Reissue 19.99</p><p>AC/DC Highway To Hell 12" 19.99</p><p>Adan Jodorowsky The Dance Of Reality 12" 14.99</p><p>Adele 25 12" 16.99</p><p>Adele 21 12" 16.99</p><p>Adele 19- 12" 16.99</p><p>Adrian Crowley Some Blue Morning 12" 16.99</p><p>Agnes Obel Citizen Of Glass 12" 19.99</p><p>Air Moon Safari 12" 16.99</p><p>Al Green Greatest Hits 12" 17.99</p><p>Alan Parsons Project Turn Of A Friendly Card 12" 16.99</p><p>Albert Ayler In Greenwich Village 12" 19.99</p><p>Alela Diane &amp; Ryan Francesconi Cold Moon 12" 12.99</p><p>Alex Somers Captain Fantastic - Ost 12" 24.99</p><p>Ali Farka Toure &amp; Toumani Diabete In The Heart Of The Moon 12" 19.99</p><p>Ali Farka Toure With Ry Cooder Talking Timbuktu 12" 20.99</p><p>Alice Coltrane Journey In Satchidananda 12" 14.99</p><p>Alison Krauss Windy City 12" 21.99</p><p>All Them Witches Sleeping Through The War 12" 19.99</p><p>Allah Las Calico Review 12" 16.99</p><p>Allen Toussaint Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky 12" 18.99</p><p>Allman Brothers The Allman Brothers Band 12" 15.99</p><p>Allman Brothers Idlewild South 12" 12.99</p><p>Allman Brothers At Fillmore East 12" 24.99</p><p>Allred &amp; Broderick Find The Ways 12" 18.99</p><p>Alt-j This Is All Yours 12" 21.99</p><p>Amadou &amp; Mariam Welcome To Mali 12" 19.99</p><p>Amy Macdonald Under Stars 12" 19.99</p><p>Amy Winehouse Frank 12" 19.99</p><p>Amy Winehouse Back To Black - 12" 14.99</p><p>Amy Winehouse Amy - Ost 12" 24.99</p><p>Andrew Combs Canyons Of My Mind 12" 14.99</p><p>Angel Olsen My Woman 12" Purple Vinyl 19.99</p><p>Angel Witch Angel Witch 12" Orange &amp; Red Vinyl Reissue22.99</p><p>Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks Ost - Deluxe Coffee Colour 12"34.99</p><p>Animal Collective Painting With 12" 19.99</p><p>Anna Meredith Varmints 12" 18.99</p></li><li><p>Anthony D'amato Cold Snap 12" 14.99</p><p>Anthony Joseph Caribbean Roots 12" 22.99</p><p>Antony &amp; The Johnsons I Am A Bird Now 12" 16.99</p><p>Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 12" 18.99</p><p>Aphex Twin Syro 12" 22.99</p><p>Aphex Twin Richard D James Album 2012 Reissue 12"14.99</p><p>Aphex Twin Cheetah 12" 12.99</p><p>Aphex Twin I Care Because You Do 2012 Reissue 12"18.99</p><p>Applewood Road Applewood Road 12" 21.99</p><p>Arab Strap Arab Strap - 20 Songs For 20 Years 12" 20.99</p><p>Arbouretum Song Of The Rose 12" 18.99</p><p>Arcade Fire The Suburbs 12" 22.99</p><p>Arcade Fire Neon Bible 12" 19.99</p><p>Arctic Monkeys Humbug 12" 19.99</p><p>Arctic Monkeys Suck It And See 12" 19.99</p><p>Arctic Monkeys AM 12" 19.99</p><p>Arctic Monkeys Favourite Worst Nightmare- 12" 19.99</p><p>Aretha Franklin Lady Soul 12" 15.99</p><p>Aretha Franklin Electrifying Aretha 12" 19.99</p><p>Arthur Russell The World Of 12" 22.99</p><p>At The Drive-in Relationship Of Command 12" 22.99</p><p>Atoms For Peace Amok 12" 16.99</p><p>Augustus Pablo King David's Melody 12" 12.99</p><p>Augustus Pablo Original Rockers 12" 16.99</p><p>Augustus Pablo El Rocker's 12" 16.99</p><p>Augustus Pablo At King Tubbys 12" 16.99</p><p>Augustus Pablo Born To Dub You 12" 9.99</p><p>Austeros Painted Blue 12" 12.99</p><p>Austra Future Politics 12" Red Vinyl 21.99</p><p>Avalanches Wildflower 12" 19.99</p><p>Avalanches Wildflower - Deluxe 12" 24.99</p><p>Avalanches Since I Left You 12" 20.99</p><p>Badbadnotgood Iv 12" 20.99</p><p>Band Of Horses Everything All The Time 12" 10.99</p><p>Barrington Levy Too Experienced -the Best Of 12" 9.99</p><p>Barry Brown Im Still Waiting 12" 19.99</p><p>Basement Jaxx The Singles 12" 19.99</p><p>Bastille Wild World 12" 29.99</p><p>Bastille Bad Blood 12" 14.99</p><p>Battles Mirrored 12" 22.99</p><p>Battles EP C/B EP 12" 22.99</p><p>Beach Boys Surfin' Safari 12" 12.99</p><p>Beach Boys Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary Stereo 12" 19.99</p><p>Beach Boys Good Vibrations 12" 12.99</p><p>Bear's Den Red Earth &amp; Pouring Rain 12" 19.99</p><p>Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique- 12" 20th Anniversary Edition24.99</p><p>Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill- 12" 21.99</p><p>Beatles Rubber Soul 12" 2012 Remaster 19.99</p><p>Beatles Revolver 12" 2012 Remaster 19.99</p></li><li><p>Beatles The Beatles In Stereo 12" Boxset 300</p><p>Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 12" 2012 Remaster19.99</p><p>Beatles Abbey Road 12" 2012 Remaster 19.99</p><p>Beatles A Hard Day's Night - Remastered 12" 19.99</p><p>Beatles Outtakes 1963 12" 12.99</p><p>Beatles Let It Be 12" 19.99</p><p>Beirut The Gulag Orkestar 12" 16.99</p><p>Beirut The Flying Club Cup 12" 16.99</p><p>Belle &amp; Sebastian Tigermilk - 12" 16.99</p><p>Belle &amp; Sebastian The Jeepster Singles Collection 12" Box Set99.99</p><p>Belle &amp; Sebastian If You're Feeling Sinister 12" 16.99</p><p>Ben Howard I Forget Where We Were 12" 22.99</p><p>Ben Howard Every Kingdom 12" 19.99</p><p>Benjamin Clementine At Least For Now 12" 21.99</p><p>Bernard Fevre Cosmos 2043 12" 9.99</p><p>Bernard Herrmann Hitchcock's Psycho 12" 16.99</p><p>Bert Jansch Rosemary Lane 12" 18.99</p><p>Bert Jansch It Don't Bother Me 12" 18.99</p><p>Beth Gibbons &amp; Rustin Man Out Of Season 12" 21.99</p><p>Beth Orton Daybreaker 12" 16.99</p><p>Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve The Soft Bounce 12" 18.99</p><p>Biffy Clyro Puzzle 12" 22.99</p><p>Biffy Clyro Ellipsis 12" Clear Vinyl 19.99</p><p>Big Black Songs About Fucking 12" 18.99</p><p>Big Black Atomizer 12" 19.99</p><p>Big Brave Au De La 12" 14.99</p><p>Big Brother &amp; The Holding Company Feat. Janis JoplinBig Brother &amp; The Holding Company Feat. Janis Joplin 12"19.99</p><p>Big Brother &amp; The Holding Company- Feat. Janis JoplinCheap Thrills 12" 19.99</p><p>Big Moon Love In The 4th Dimension 12" 19.99</p><p>Big Star Radio City 12" 19.99</p><p>Big Star No 1 Record 12" 19.99</p><p>Bill Callahan Apocalypse 12" 18.99</p><p>Bill Hicks Rant In E-minor - Variations 12" 19.99</p><p>Bill Withers Justments 12" 19.99</p><p>Billie Holiday Lady Sings The Blues 12" 14.99</p><p>Billie Holiday Lady In Satin 12" 19.99</p><p>Billie Marten Writing Of Blues And Yellows 12" 19.99</p><p>Bjork Medulla 12" 21.99</p><p>Black Feathers Soaked To The Bone 12" 20</p><p>Black Keys Thickfreakness 12" 14.99</p><p>Black Keys Turn Blue 12" 26.99</p><p>Black Keys Chulahoma- 12" 14.99</p><p>Black Keys Rubber Factory 12" 14.99</p><p>Black Mountain Iv 12" 19.99</p><p>Black Sabbath Technical Ecstasy 12" 16.99</p><p>Black Sabbath Vol 4 12" Plus Cd 16.99</p><p>Black Sabbath Master Of Reality 12" 16.99</p><p>Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 12" 16.99</p><p>Blaenavon That's Your Lot 12" 22.99</p></li><li><p>Blind Shake Celebrate Your Worth 12" 22.99</p><p>Bloc Party Hymns 12" 14.99</p><p>Blondie Plastic Letters 12" Picture Disc 21.99</p><p>Blood Orange Freetown Sound 12" 19.99</p><p>Blue Jean Committee Catalina Breeze 12" 16.99</p><p>Blue States Restless Spheres 12" 16.99</p><p>Blur Parklife 12" 19.99</p><p>Blur Modern Life Is Rubbish 12" 19.99</p><p>Blur Blur 12" 19.99</p><p>Boards Of Canada The Campfire Headphase 12" 21.99</p><p>Boards Of Canada Tomorrow's Harvest 12" 20.99</p><p>Boards Of Canada Geogaddi 12" 24.99</p><p>Boards Of Canada Music Has The Right To Children 12" 21.99</p><p>Bob Andy &amp; Marcia Griffiths Young Gifted &amp; Black 16.99</p><p>Bob Dylan The Freewheelin' 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Dylan The Bootleg Series - Vols 1-3 12" Box Set 59.99</p><p>Bob Dylan Oh Mercy 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Dylan Triplicate 12" 36.99</p><p>Bob Dylan Triplicate - Limited Numbered 12" 48.99</p><p>Bob Dylan The Times They Are A-Changin' 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited 12" 20.99</p><p>Bob Dylan Blood On The Tracks - 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Dylan Blonde On Blonde 12" 16.99</p><p>Bob Dylan New Morning 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Dylan John Wesley Harding 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Marley &amp; The Wailers Live 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Marley &amp; The Wailers Survival 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Marley &amp; The Wailers Uprising 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Marley &amp; The Wailers Legend 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Marley &amp; The Wailers Catch A Fire 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Marley &amp; The Wailers Exodus 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Marley &amp; The Wailers Kaya 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Mould Workbook 25 12" 19.99</p><p>Bob Mould Black Sheets Of Rain 12" 16.99</p><p>Bombay Bicycle Club I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose - 12"19.99</p><p>Bombay Bicycle Club So Long, See You Tomorrow 12" 14.99</p><p>Bombay Bicycle Club A Different Kind Of Fix 12" 14.99</p><p>Bombay Bicycle Club Flaws - 12" 19.99</p><p>Bon Iver Bon Iver 12" 16.99</p><p>Bon Iver 22 A Million 12" 24.99</p><p>Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet 12" 21.99</p><p>Bonnie Prince Billy Singer's Grave A Sea Of Tongues 12" 18.99</p><p>Bonobo Migration 12" 18.99</p><p>Bonobo The North Borders 12" 18.99</p><p>Bonobo Migration - Special Edition 12" 24.99</p><p>Bonobo Black Sands 12" 14.99</p><p>Bonobo Days To Come 12" 14.99</p><p>Brand New Daisy 12" 24.99</p></li><li><p>Brian Eno The Ship - Limited Edition 12" 19.99</p><p>Brian Jonestown Massacre Don't Get Lost 12" 24.99</p><p>Bring Me The Horizon That's The Spirit 12" 14.99</p><p>Bring Me The Horizon This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For 12"12.99</p><p>Bring Me The Horizon Count Your Blessings 12" 12.99</p><p>Bring Me The Horizon Suicide Season 12" 12.99</p><p>British Sea Power Let The Dancers Inherit The Party Limited 12"24.99</p><p>British Sea Power Let The Dancers Inherit The Party 12" 19.99</p><p>Bruce Springsteen Magic- 12" 20.99</p><p>Bruce Springsteen The Collection 12" 80</p><p>Bruce Springsteen The Promise - 12" 21.99</p><p>Bruce Springsteen Born In The Usa 12" Rsd 2015 15.99</p><p>Bruce Springsteen Chapter And Verse - Limited Tortoise Shell 12"24.99</p><p>Bruce Springsteen Greetings From Asbury Park N J 12" Rsd 201519.99</p><p>Bud Powell The Amazing Bud Powell 12" 21.99</p><p>Buddy Holly Greatest Hits 12" 12.99</p><p>Bullet/ Enforcer Back On The Road/ High Roller 3.99</p><p>Buzzcocks Time's Up 12" 16.99</p><p>Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady 12" 19.99</p><p>C Duncan The Midnight Sun 12" 16.99</p><p>C Duncan Architect 12" 14.99</p><p>Can Saw Delight 12" 14.99</p><p>Can Rite Time 12" 14.99</p><p>Captain Beefheart Clear Spot 12" Reissue 19.99</p><p>Car Seat Headrest Teens Of Denial 12" 20.99</p><p>Caribou The Milk Of Human Kindness 12" 18.99</p><p>Caribou Start Breaking My Heart 12" 18.99</p><p>Caribou Andorra 12" 14.99</p><p>Caro Emerald The Shocking Miss Emerald 12" 22.99</p><p>Caro Emerald Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor 12"22.99</p><p>Caro Emerald Deleted Scenes ... Acoustic Sessions 12" 16.99</p><p>Carole King Tapestry 12" 14.99</p><p>Case/lang/veirs Case/lang/veirs 12" 19.99</p><p>Cat Empire So Many Nights 12" 20.99</p><p>Cat Power The Greatest 12" Reissue 16.99</p><p>Cate Le Bon Crab Day 12" 19.99</p><p>Catfish &amp; The Bottlemen The Ride 12" 22.99</p><p>Catfish &amp; The Bottlemen The Balcony 12" 22.99</p><p>Chad Valley Equatorial Ultravox Addendum 12" 14.99</p><p>Charles Bukowski Reads His Poetry 12" 21.99</p><p>Charles Mingus Mingus Ah Um 12" 19.99</p><p>Charles Mingus Changes Two 12" 19.99</p><p>Charles Rumback &amp; Ryley Walker Cannots 12" 16.99</p><p>Chemical Brothers Exit Planet Dust 12" 24.99</p><p>Chemical Brothers Further 12" 18.99</p><p>Chemical Brothers Come With Us 12" 24.99</p><p>Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole 12" Reissue 18.99</p><p>Chet Baker &amp; Gerry Mulligan Gerry Mulligan/chet Baker Quartet 18.99</p><p>Chic Les Plus Grands Succes De Chic 12" 12.99</p></li><li><p>Chicano Batman Freedom Is Free 12" 22.99</p><p>Chimp Spanner At The Dream's Edge 7.99</p><p>Chivalrous Amoekons Fanatic Voyage 12" 19.99</p><p>Christine And The Queens Chaleur Humaine 12" French Language Version, Blue Vinyl20.99</p><p>Christopher Lee Charlemagne By The Sword And The Cross 12"14.99</p><p>Christopher Lee Charlemagne - The Omens Of Death 12" 12.99</p><p>Chubby Checker 16 Greatest Hits 12" 12.99</p><p>Cinematic Orchestra Man With A Movie Camera 12" 14.99</p><p>Circa Waves Different Creatures 12" 19.99</p><p>Clash Give 'em Enough Rope 12" 2013 Reissue 16.99</p><p>Clash Combat Rock - 12" 19.99</p><p>Clint Mansell Moon - Ost 12" 14.99</p><p>Clipping Splendor &amp; Misery 12" Indies Only Clear 18.99</p><p>Clipping Splendor &amp; Misery 12" 18.99</p><p>Cocteau Twins Stars And Topsoil 12" 18.99</p><p>Cold War Kids La Divine 12" 24.99</p><p>Coldplay Ghost Stories 12" 19.99</p><p>Coldplay Parachutes 12" 16.99</p><p>Coldplay A Head Full Of Dreams 12" 24.99</p><p>Coldplay A Rush Of Blood To The Head- 12" 16.99</p><p>Comets On Fire Avatar 12" 19.99</p><p>Conor Oberst Salutations 12" 26.99</p><p>Conor Oberst Ruminations 12" 19.99</p><p>Constantines Shine A Light 12" 14.99</p><p>Count Basie April In Paris 12" 14.99</p><p>Counting Crows August And Everything After 12" 24.99</p><p>Courtney Marie Andrews Honest Life 12" 16.99</p><p>Cowboy Junkies The Trinity Session 12" Red Vinyl 24.99</p><p>Craig Finn We All Want The Same Things 12" 17.99</p><p>Crass Feeding Of The Five Thousand 12" 22.99</p><p>Cream Goodbye 12" 17.99</p><p>Cream Live Cream 12" 14.99</p><p>Cream Fresh Cream 12" Box Set 89.99</p><p>Cream Best Of Cream 12" 19.99</p><p>Cream Fresh Cream 10" Box Set 59.99</p><p>Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River 12" 19.99</p><p>Creedence Clearwater Revival Pendulum 12" 19.99</p><p>Creedence Clearwater Revival Willy And The Poor Boys 12" 19.99</p><p>Creedence Clearwater Revival Bayou Country 12" 19.99</p><p>Creedence Clearwater Revival Cosmo's Factory 12" 19.99</p><p>Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Clearwater Revival 12" 19.99</p><p>Crispy Ambulance Compulsion 12" 14.99</p><p>CRX New Skin 12" 19.99</p><p>Culture Baldhead Bridge 9.99</p><p>Cure The Top 12" 12.99</p><p>Cure Seventeen Seconds 12" 19.99</p><p>Cure Faith 12" 2016 Remaster 19.99</p><p>Curtis Mayfield Curtis 12" 15.99</p><p>Cypress Hill Black Sunday 12" 24.99</p></li><li><p>Damien Jurado Rehearsals For Departure 12" 21.99</p><p>Damien Jurado Visions Of Us On The Land 12" 19.99</p><p>Damien Jurado &amp; Richard Swift Other People's Songs - Vol 1 12" 16.99</p><p>Dams Of The West Youngish American 12" 19.99</p><p>Dan Michaelson &amp; The Coastguards Distance 12" 12.99</p><p>D'angelo Brown Sugar 12" 19.99</p><p>D'angelo Voodoo 12" 19.99</p><p>Danny Brown Atrocity Exhibition 12" 20.99</p><p>Daughter Not To Disappear 12" 16.99</p><p>Daughter If You Leave 12" 16.99</p><p>David Bowie Pin Ups 12" 19.99</p><p>David Bowie Station To Station 12" 16.99</p><p>David Bowie Live Nassau Coliseum '76 12" 19.99</p><p>David Bowie Live Santa Monica '72 12" 24.99</p><p>David Bowie The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust... 12"19.99</p><p>David Bowie Young Americans 12" 16.99</p><p>David Bowie The Man Who Sold The World 12" 19.99</p><p>David Bowie The Next Day 12" 18.99</p><p>David Bowie Changesonebowie 12" 16.99</p><p>David Bowie David Live 12" 24.99</p><p>David Bowie Aladdin Sane 12" 19.99</p><p>David Bowie Blackstar 12" 22.99</p><p>David Bowie Hunky Dory 12" 19.99</p><p>David Bowie Legacy 12" 22.99</p><p>David Bowie Diamond Dogs 12" 16.99</p><p>David Bowie Heathen 12" 19.99</p><p>David Bowie/ Philadelphia Orchestra /eugene OrmandyProkofiev - Peter And The Wolf 12" 22.99</p><p>David Gilmour Rattle That Lock 12" 22.99</p><p>Death For The Whole World To See 12" 14.99</p><p>Deep Purple Stormbringer- 12" Reissue 19.99</p><p>Deep Purple Shades Of Deep Purple 12" 14.99</p><p>Deep Purple In Rock 12" 16.99</p><p>Deerhoof The Magic 12" 12.99</p><p>Deerhunter Fading Frontier 12" 16.99</p><p>Deltron 3030 Deltron 3030 12" 18.99</p><p>Demdike Stare Wonderland 12" 22.99</p><p>Dennis Brown Just Dennis 12" 14.99</p><p>Denny Lile Hear The Bang : The Life And Music Of... 9.99</p><p>Depeche Mode Spirit 12" 24.99</p><p>Depeche Mode Music For The Masses 12" 19.99</p><p>Depeche Mode Black Celebration 12" 19.99</p><p>Derek &amp; The Dominos Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs 12"19.99</p><p>Derrick Morgan People Decision 12" 19.99</p><p>Desmond Dekker This Is Desmond Dekkar 12" 16.99</p><p>Devendra Banhart Cripple Crow 12" 16.99</p><p>Devon Sproule The Gold String 12" 15.99</p><p>Dexys Midnight Runners Searching For The Young Soul Rebels 12"16.99</p><p>Dillinger Answer Me Question 12" 19.99</p><p>Dillinger Escape Plan Dissociation 12" 21.99</p></li><li><p>Dinosaur Jr I Bet On Sky 12" 14.99</p><p>Dinosaur Jr Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not 12" 19.99</p><p>Dinosaur Jr Beyond 12" 14.99</p><p>Dirty Projectors Dirty Projectors 12" 20.99</p><p>Dirty Projectors Dirty Projectors - 12" Deluxe Edition 26.99</p><p>Dj Shadow The Mountain Will Fall 12" 22.99</p><p>Dj Shadow Endtroducing 12" 19.99</p><p>Doctor Zygote Grupo Zygote 12.99</p><p>Doe Some Things Last Longer Than You 12! 12.99</p><p>Doldrums The Air Conditioned Nightmare 12" 10.99</p><p>Don Cherry Music Wisdom...</p></li></ul>