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<p>Independent</p> <p>University, BangladeshExecutive Master of Business Administration</p> <p>Letter of Recommendation(Please print legibly in dark ink)</p> <p>The person whose name appears below is applying to the MBA Program, Independent University, Bangladesh. The admissions committee carefully considers the statements made by recommenders who can evaluate the applicants</p> <p>Performance and personal qualities through direct experience. Please answer the following questions, using this form, in as specific and candid a manner as possible, particularly noting maturity, goals, direction, and initiative. The admission committee is aware of the time and care necessary to prepare this evaluation and gratefully</p> <p>acknowledges your help.</p> <p>APPLICANT: PLEASE PROVIDE A STAMPED, SELF-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE TO YOUR RECOMMENDER, SO THIS FORM CAN BE RETURNED TO YOU.</p> <p>Applicants name: Khandakar Rahad Ahemed</p> <p>Applicants address: House-56, Road-6C, Sector-12, Uttara, Dhaka-1230</p> <p>City/Country Dhaka, Bangladesh</p> <p>Telephone number:01711507394</p> <p></p> <p>I hereby authorise the appropriate person(s) to provide the information requested in this document.</p> <p>Applicants signature</p> <p>Date</p> <p>The Referee:</p> <p>REFEREE: PLEASE SEAL AND RETURN THE RECOMMENDATION IN THE SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPE DIRECTLY TO THE PERSON APPLYING TO THE PROGRAM. THE APPLICANT SUBMITS THE SEALED ENVELOPE AND DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE RECOMMENDATION.</p> <p>Referees name: Abu-Al Md. Kamru Biswas</p> <p>Organisation: Grameenphone Ltd</p> <p>Position: Manager</p> <p>Address:Bashundhara,Dhaka</p> <p>City/Country: Dhaka, Bangladesh</p> <p>Contact telephone number :01711505782</p> <p>E-mail</p> <p>Are you an IUB-MBA program graduate? Yes No</p> <p>How long have you known the applicant? ____4___________3_________YEARSMONTHS</p> <p>Under what circumstances have you known the applicant?I am greatly delighted to write few words about Khandakar Rahad Ahemed my acquaintance with him began in the GPC training session 2007, where Rahad proved himself an exceptional trainee. Our relationship is continuing till at present and he is working under my supervision in GPC Mirpur. During of this tenure, he showed excellent qualities for advanced work - he is hard-working, intelligent, ambitious, and even delightful to work with.</p> <p>What do you consider the applicants most outstanding talents or characteristics?Rahad successfully completed his M.S.S in Anthropology from Rajshahi University with project work where he secured 4th position. Besides this he got board scholarship at H.S.C from Rajshahi Board in session 1999-2000.As supervisor i was fully satisfied with his initiative, perseverance and mode of attacking the problem. He has special capability of perceiving the problem and intense eagerness to solve it. Apart from this he secured best employee award for several times in GPC by his excellent performance. With his strong background, he is prepared both academically and intellectually for advanced studies. I strongly recommend that Khandakar Rahad Ahemed as one of the competent candidates for the EMBA program in IUB he is applying for.</p> <p>What are the applicants chief liabilities or weaknesses? Already i mentioned that he is working with me in GPC, presently he is solely liable for point of sales materials (POSM) and vendor management in GPC Mirpur. Mr. Rahad is tad emotional and need to enhance his skill on administrative mechanism.</p> <p>Please compare the applicant with others you have known during your professional career. For each of the categories below, please place the applicant in the appropriate reference group.</p> <p>1-TRULY EXCEPTIONAL</p> <p>2-EXCELLENT</p> <p>3-ABOVE AVERAGE</p> <p>4-AVERAGE</p> <p>5-BELOW AVERAGE</p> <p>6INADEQUATE OPPORTUNITY TO OBSERVE</p> <p>Intellectual Ability __________ Analytical Ability __________ Maturity __________ Self Confidence</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________</p> <p>__________ Interpersonal Skills __________ __________ Leadership Potential __________ Written Skills __________ Oral Skills Results-Oriented __________ Assertiveness __________ Energy __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ _________ _ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ _________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ _________ _ __________ _________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________</p> <p>To what extent does the applicant demonstrate creativity and independence in thinking? Describe a situation that has demonstrated this. If you have not had an opportunity to observe this, please indicate so.</p> <p>He does reform a sales force team for achieving quarter KPI in GPC with his own exhibit originality and</p> <p>emancipation assessment.</p> <p>2</p> <p>To what extent does the applicant demonstrate the ability to work with and/or lead others? Please give an example of how you have observed this. If you have not had an opportunity to observe such a situation, please indicate so.</p> <p>During 2009&amp;2010 he lead Handset management team and secured anticipated dedication in Audit which is not only directly related with his individual yearly KPI but also for whole team; it was only possible for his dedicated leadership and enthusiasm.</p> <p>The admissions committee would appreciate any additional statement you wish to make concerning the applicants capacity for graduate work and potential for becoming a responsible and successful manager and leader.</p> <p>As a supervisor i know that he has sound educational background; besides this he has good logical potential. For his further improvement i strongly recommend that this EMBA program will help him in many aspects.</p> <p>1-OUTSTANDING CANDIDATE Overall Impression of Candidate _____________ _ Potential for Career in Business _____________ _ ______________ ______________</p> <p>2-STRONG CANDIDATE</p> <p>3-AVERAGE CANDIDATE</p> <p>4-FAIR CANDIDATE</p> <p>5-POOR CANDIDATE</p> <p>______________</p> <p>______________</p> <p>______________</p> <p>______________</p> <p>______________</p> <p>______________</p> <p>________________________________________________ REFEREES SIGNATURE</p> <p>_____________________________ DATE</p> <p>3</p>