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Reclamation 2017

Reclamation 2017Welcoming our Sisters Home

Making Membership CountIn 2015 we made membership count by bringing home 400 Sorors during reclamation period (January 16, 2015-March 31, 2015)

The 2015 Reclamation Banner

The 2015 Reclamation Graphic

Making Reality HappenIn 2016, we made reality happen by bringing 503 Sorors home during reclamation period (January 16, 2016-March 31, 2016)

The 2016 Reclamation Banner

The 2016 Reclamation Graphic

Reclamation 2017Reclamation will commence on January 16, 2017 and run through March 31, 2017. Reclamation is VITAL to the continued growth of the organization. Therefore it is important that we continue to reclaim our inactive sisters because MEMBERSHIP IS KEY!

The 2017 Reclamation Banner

2017 Reclamation Goals

Chapters sizes 5-25 should strive to reclaim a minimum of 3-5 SororsChapters sizes 26-50 should strive to reclaim a minimum of 6-10 SororsChapters sizes 51+ should strive to reclaim a minimum of 11-15 Sorors

Bring our Sorors Home!

Spotlight Special!!

We want to spotlight reclaimed Sorors who have been inactive for 10 or more years!

Please submit a two minute video stating why you wanted to come home to Zeta! orSorors can also submit a photo and a statement of why they wanted to come home to Zeta!

Please Email videos and/or photos & statements to:

Reclamation Best Practices

Best Practice #1Establish a reclamation committee of Sorors who are passionate about bringing Sorors home.

Best Practice #2Create a welcome packet for reclaimed Sorors who are visiting the chapter for the first time. The packet should include:

Signature chapter eventsHistory of the chapterInformation about the chapter committeesInformation about the chapter E-BoardDetails about youth groups, undergraduates, and storks nest if any.

Best Practice #3Present reclaimed Sorors with personalized gifts prepared by the hospitality committee when they attend a chapter meeting.

Best Practice #4Utilize social media and the chapter website to remain connected with inactive Sorors.

Best Practice #5The Chapter First Anti-Basileus or Reclamation Chair should always respond with prompt and informative information when inactive Sorors reach out to obtain information about the chapter.

Best Practice #6Chapters can host a special reclamation welcome home party for their newly reclaimed members.Design a chapter reclamation pin which can be presented to each newly reclaimed member.

Best Practice #7Invite reclaimed Sorors to share their suggestions of some social/community service activities they would like to see the chapter involved in.

Please encourage all Inactive Sorors to visit the National Websiteat: www.zphib1920.orgto complete the 2017 Reclamation Survey. All Inactive Sorors who complete the survey will receive a special letter and newly designed graphic from the National First Anti-Basileus

So let it be known in 2017

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