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  1. 1. Monday, 15th November 2010R e c l a i m Ed uc ati on vol.01 issue.2international o n t h e g l o b a l st r u g g lmovementN o t e s student eDublin: Gardai attacks Demonstration for Free Education one out of the building, after doing sothey attacked by riot police (Gardai)the crowd in front of the ministry usOn November 3rd the Union of Stufree access to education for all! They ing shields, batons, dogs and horses.dents Ireland (USI) called for a understood their block as part of theSeveral protesters suffered head indemonstration against an increase in "Global Wave". juries, one student was knocked unregistration fees (3,000) for uniMore than 2,000 people made up the conscious. A few were arrested.versity students. In the end up to "Left Block" and joined a breakawayOne week later about 700 people took40,000 people flooded the streets. from the main demonstration, which to the streets of Dublin to protest theStudents from Free Education for first headed to the Irish Parliament be police attack.Everyone (FEE) and the Students in fore going to the Department of Fin The next protests against fees haveSolidarity (SIS) network issued a call ance. About 40 students staged a been announced for November 18th.for a clearly visible leftwing pressitin inside the lobby. After somefor further details:ence at the demonstration calling fortime police managed to force everywww.freeeducation.infoLondon: 50,000 resisting the Privatisation of Higher EducationAbout 50,000 people from across theas far as Scotland, travelling a wholesomething which has a high "marketcuffed, 35 people were arrested for aNovember 24th.UK came together for a demonstraday to get to the capital.value" (on the labour market), so theyrange of offences, including criminalDetails on the website of the "Nation in London to protest plans to The cuts are expected to hit the arts are more likely to be able to pay backdamage and trespass. tional Campaign Against Fees andmassively cut public spending and theand humanities hardest, as fundingtheir debts.Currently groups across the UK are Cuts" (NCAFC): www.anticuts.comtrippling of tuition fees (9,000 perfor science, medicine and engineering Towards the end of the demonstrationpreparing for a day of action onyear). Hundreds arrived by bus fromis likely to be protected. Faculties that thousands of protesters took over the are unable to at headquaters of the Conservative Party tract third party (Tory), the Millbank Tower. FiresAbout this newsletter sponsorships arewere lit in front of the building, eggs likely tobe were thrown and windows were This newsletter is part of the communication infrastructure of the threatened with smashed. Hundreds went inside andindependent platform "International Student Movement" (ISM). The ISM closure. Only the occupied the place for half a day. A is being used and shaped by education activists and groups around the individual and sogroup occupied the roof top and reworld who are struggling against the increasing privatisation of public ciety at large, but leased a statement warning that "thiseducation and for free emancipatory education for all. no company noris only the beginning".This newsletter is the result of voluntary work done by a few individuals the state have an Police forces were totally over who are passionate about this issue. The positions expressed are not in interest to prowhelmed by the energy and determinany way representative for any group or the "International Student mote critical sciation. Nontheless there were someMovement" as a whole. ences. At the scuffles and in the end 14 people had same time stuto be taken to hospital. Towards the For further details: dents are put un end of the day remaining protesterswebsite: der increasingwere kettled by police forces in front contact: in Londonpressure to study of the building. Many were hand
  2. 2. November 17th a memorable dayShort notesNovember 17 marks the Internationalconcentration camps; and nine stu ment" and will see protests againstNovember 1stStudents Day. The date commemordents and professors were executed the increasing privatisation of educa A group of activists at the University of Marburg (Germany) hang a banates the anniversary of the 1939 Naziwithout trial on November 17.tion and for free emancipatory educaner right at the Faculty of Social Sciences to inform students about the onstorming of the University of Prague The International Students Day wastion for all at least until the end of going "Global Wave". In the same context the group is preparing the "1stafter demonstrations against the occu first marked in 1941 in London by thenovember around the world. The Marburg Forum for Education", which will take place inside the facultypation of Czechoslovakia. More thanInternational Students Council and"Global Day of Action" unites all theand consists of presentations, discussions, a film room and workshops as1,200 students were taken and sent tothe tradition has been kept up by theprotest actions on November 17 well as a concert with four bands in the evening of November 20th. successor International Union of Stulinked to the "Global Wave of Action dents, which seems to have disfor Education". Check out the box on ~ Global Day of Action ~scolved in the past few years as well. the left side for some of the protests * Monrovia, Liberia: variousThisyearon this groups are organising a rally Novem memor * Lisbon, Portugal: student bodiesber 17 able across the country are mobilising will also day. for a demonstration in the capitalbe a highlight Its crazy * Philippines: League of Filipino of the "Global how we all face Students together with many other Wave of Action the same groups are calling for walkoutsfor Education".symptoms * Italy: various groups and organThe "Global Wave" caused isations call for demonstrationskicked off on October 7by the across the countryandcur * Germany: demonstrations inalready rent various cities, such as Gieen, saw eco Hildesheim, Osnabrck and Mu massivenomic nich (incl. general assembly) + protests sys flashmobs in Bremen for free temdetails: * Skopje, Rep. Macedonia: installeducationaroun ment on campus, a flashmob and ain Aus d the world.November 11th party tria, Italy,the UkraineIts about time that we start acting to For the second time the anarchosyndicalist student labour union "Direct *Poland: Demokratyczneand U.S.A. among others. It is being gether!! Action" and the "Foundation of Regional Initiatives" organised a protest Zrzeszenie Studenckie calls for coordinated on the independent plat ~ one world one struggle ~ as part of the "Global Wave" against the commercialisation of education. flashmobs in about 10 citiesform "International Student Move This time hundreds of students gathered for a rally in front of the Ministry * California, U.S.A.: actions toof Education and Science. prevent the regents meeting at the University of California through a statewide demonstration among others * Banner actions for this day are expected in Yogyakarta (Indone sia) and Ottawa (Canada). Send your reports to learning unit no 42315 for more details: www.emancipat details: