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1. Monday, 1st November 2010 R e c l a i m Ed uc ati onvol.01 issue.1international o n t h e g l o b a l st r u g g lmovementN o t e s student eOctober 7th: The "Global Wave" kicked off !!The "Global Wave of Action for Eduit until the night."While attending a meeting at thecation" kicked off with a massiveAlmost everywhere speeches wereRuhrUniversity of Bochum, activists"Day of Action to Defend Education"held. To give you an example a discussed the idea behind the "Globalin the U.S.A. on October 7th. Tens ofspeech held by Eva v. Dassow on beWave of Action for Education" andthousands of people participated inhalf of the "Faculty for the Renewal decided to express their solidarity onabout 80 protest actions against the of Public Education" during a rally at October 7th. In order to raise awareprivatisation of public education, the University of Minnesota has been ness of the International Studentbudget cuts, the dedemocratisationpublished inside the forum of the "In Movement, two banners were hungwithin universities and constantly in ternational Student Movement": ht and flyers with the joint statement andcreasing tuition fees in 25 states tp://emancipatingeducationforall.oan additional mobilisation text wereacross the country.rg/eva_drassow_speechdistributed at the university.We wishVarious rallies, sitins and teachoutsIn Bochum (Germany) students the very best to all the activists whoDetails on the day of action in the U.S.A.: www.defendeducation.orgwere held. One of the biggest sitinsmarked the kickoff with a bannerorganise protests around the world.took place at the University of Califor drop. The following statement wasnia (Berkeley) with about 600 stu sent in: One world, one struggle!"dents storming a library and squattingAbout this newsletterThis newsletter is part of the communication infrastructure of the indeOctober 8th: Pupils & Students flood streetspendent platform "International Student Movement" (ISM). The ISM isbeing used and shaped by education activists and groups around the worldacross Italy + "Democracy Rally" in Londonwho are struggling against the increasing privatisation of public educationand for free emancipatory education for all.Currently the "Global Wave of Action for Education" is being coordinAlmost 300,000 pupils and students science), which will result in budgetOn the same day people gathered inated, which explains the focus on protests related to that inside this ediin about 80 cities across Italy took tocuts and the increasing privatisationLondon (UK) for a "Democracytion.the streets in protest against new re of education.Rally" which was organised by the The "Global Wave" kicked off with a huge "Day of Action to Defend Eduforms (pushed by Gelmini, the minis At least four activists were arrestedDemocracy Village Peoples As cation" in the U.S.A. on October 7th and will continue with various acter for education, universities andafter an attack on the demonstration sembly (DV PA). The DVPA is alsotions worldwide at least until the end of November. It mainly consists of by police forces among the groups endorsing the inter three elements: an international "joint statement", a "united symbol" and in Milan.national "joint statement" and see itscommunication/coordination on the global level (e.g. using the infrastruc The protests wereaction in context of the "Globalture of the ISM). called for by Uni Wave".This newsletter is the result of voluntary work done by a few individuals one degli Stu About 100 people came together forwho are passionate about this issue. The positions expressed are not in denti (UDS), who music, food, discussions, assembliesany way representative for any group or the "International Student Move also confirmed and a rally.ment" as a whole. that this day of ac For further details: tion is linked towebsite for further details:website: the"Global www.democracyrally.orgcontact: details in Italian: Wave". 2. October 12th: Day of Action across the Ukraine Short notesMore than 20,000 students in 15 cities They call to resist this development Solidarity, Down with social barriment" explained, as well as leafletsOctober 15thacross the Ukraine protested against and want to extend their struggle. ers! and in Orwellianstyle War is calling on students selforganizationMore than 100,000 teachers, staff,the decision by the government to alIn Kiev 2,000 students participated in Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance and struggle were distributed.parents, students and workers tooklow public universities to introduce a demonstration demanding free eduis Strength Knowledge is CommodThe demonstration in Lviv was prob to the streets across Italynew fees. They were organised by the cation for all. Slogans included ity?. A solidarity greeting from theably the largest with up to 7,000 following a day of strike withinleftwing syndicalist union "DirectLiberty, Equality, Student Solidar wellknown author Serhiy Zhadanpeople joining. The building of the re the education sector called for byAction", striving for libertarian educa ity!, Knowledge not for sale!,was read, the international contextgional administration was attacked by COBAS (Confederazione deition and the "Foundation of Regional Universities arent markets! and with the "Global Wave of Action forunknown people who threw smokeComitati di Base) in defence ofInitiatives".Rebel, love, dont give up your Education" and the endorsement ofbombs, tomatoes and eggs. However,public education as a commonOnly last year students prevented sim rights. Some banners stated Studentthe "International Student Move ultimately no arrests were made and good.ilar reforms by staging massprotests. everything ended peacefully.www.cobas.itNow, in late August, the new AzarovIn the Transcarpathian city of Uzhgovernment passed another set of re horod, the protest organized by the October 20thforms that allow university admins to"Foundation of Regional Initiatives"Over 120 students attended aninstall fees for missed classes, for the was attended by about 1,000 young urgent rally on the University ofuse of libraries and gymnasiums as people, an enormous number for theEssex (UK) campus in oppositionwell as internet access among others.smallest of 24 regional centers of theto the further marketization of theThe authorities are about to increaseUkraine. It was definitely the biggestUnited Kingdoms educationthe fees for dormitories and reducedemonstration the city has seen in resystem in the form of proposedthe number of students able to study cent years. devastating cuts and unlimitedfor free, although the Ukrainian ConFacing the rage of the students, prestuition fees. The Internationalstitution (like many others as well) ident Yanukovich initially announcedStudentMovementwasformally guarantees free access to that the government reforms would mentioned, and a list of the recenthigher suspended. However, this was re global events taken as inspirationUnlike the Ukrainian far right blam vealed to be a lie to calm down the re for future some people in the government as volutionary students. The campaignUnUkrainian, independent studentagainst commercialization of educa October 20thactivists emphasize that the problem tion isnt over. The struggle contin PEMBEBASAN was among theis not in personalities but in the sysues!leading actors calling for proteststem itself. They see the introductionfor free education and againstof new fees symptomatic to the curfor details:increasing prices for basicrently dominating economic system. during the demonstration in in Indonesia! They mobilised for these protests as part of the "Global Wave" inGeneral Assemblies/Demonstrations across Austria various cities such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Samarinda.More than 20,000 students, profess was reoccupied by more than 800 caimed for about 12 hours. The folAt the JohannKepler University in Activists declared the day of action inors, parents and rectors took to the students. Why "RE"occupied? Be lowing morning the remaining Linz a resolution was passed by the Austria as part of the "Global Wave".streets in Austria as part of a day of ac cause the exactly same lecture hallsquatters were escorted outside by the 1,000 students who attended the gen details: www.unibrennt.attion including general assemblies at was already squatted for almost 3police. Once on the streets about 60 eral assembly rejecting any sort of tuall 21 public universities in the counmonths by thousands of students in protesters gathered for a spontaneousition fees and restrictions to the learning unit no 42315try. About 15,000 protested in capital the fight against tuition fees, budget demonstration to the ministry. Theyaccess of higher education.Vienna alone.cuts and for free emancipatory educawere immediately surrounded by po 3,000 people rocked the streets in theThe "Audimax" largest lecture hall tion one year ago. lice forces and eight students had city of Graz, 1,500 in Innsbruck andof Austria at the University of Vienna This time the "Audimax" was rel their IDs recorded.1,000 in Linz and Salzburg each.