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  1. 1. Recipes for Healthy Homemade Dog Treats My dog LOVES peanut butter, and I bet your dog does too. I began making my dog these peanut butter treats for our walks at the park, and would also give them away to other dog owners. Soon everybody wanted me to make extra treats I could sell to them. The other dog owners kept asking how much I would charge for the recipe. I'll occasionally sell some of the treats, when I'm not too busy, but I do give out this recipe freely. Fellow pet owners really appreciate it, and I think you and your dog will too! Note: These cookies also include fish oil, which is a which diet pills are the best great way to sneak some nutritious items into your dogs diet. Fish oil will help make your dog's coat healthier, leaving it soft and shiny. When you buy peanut butter for this recipe, I highly recommend getting the organic peanut butter. If you are near a store that allows you to grind the peanut butter yourself, this should be your choice, or use a food processor. Many shelf brands contain unhealthy additives and oils.


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